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Others arrive to show interest in Ellen.

The proximity of a non-related prime male is what puts a bitch through her first heat. Since you never came in contact with one, you never went into heat. You probably met Ron right out of high school, or even sooner. He was more than likely controlling you from the instant you met. This control also stopped your heat cycle. When Dominic came in contact with you, he asked me immediately to explain you. I couldn't. When I first saw you, I knew that you were different. I urged him to be open with you, but he hasn't. Your first time with him, you probably don't remember much. It's normal. The first change is a shock to the system. You had to be aware of the full transformation to know who you are. I've always prided myself in being able to judge an individual. You'll soon be frustrated. He's good for the time you get him, but he's flighty. He wants a mate without the need to service one. That's why he leaves. His curiosity overrides his sex drive and then I'm left with a sex starved bitch that I couldn't satisfy in a thousand years. You are an Alpha female and need a pack to run. The way you adapted my play girls is proof of that. You can stay here and be Dominic's plaything when he feels like bedding you, or you can have your pick of any male in a pack. Unlimited possibilities of pleasures."

"I'm fine here," she argued. "Dom was more affectionate this time."

"Did he tell you that you would change?"

"I didn't ask him."

"You'll attack him again. Or maybe me, if you're not happy."

"What makes you think that more sex would make me happy?"

"You know I can read your thoughts. Right now, you're wondering why I didn't want to lock up with you."

She looked away from him and shoved her chair from the table.

"I don't want to have children with you. If I did hook with you, you'd have my kid as sure as rain is wet. Do you realize how many kids I have on this earth? Well, not many, but I know a lot of girls, who got pregnant. I never wanted this line to continue. I had to get them to have abortions before the baby was old enough to change them into wolves. Before that, I had to eat them. El, I'm not much into eating humans, since I was one. You can see how important it has been over the decades to keep from leaving progeny. Dominic was hidden from me until his mother was too far gone. I loved her by then. How could I kill her for wanting to have my babe? That ten years was okay. A perpetually pregnant woman was not...."

"It takes ten years...."

"No, no. Not for a born bitch or one changed by blood. If she had asked to be changed, her metabolism would have sped up. It takes about the normal human time. Don't worry. You'll do fine and have lots of help in the pack to care for it."

She seemed thoroughly shaken, so Ryan stopped speaking to her for a moment. She stroked her neck silently as the information was sorted through.

"You want me to ...fuck a bunch of other guys. You want me to leave him for a bunch of unnamed strangers."

"I'd be sending you to the pack in Louisiana. I know a lot of them. I'd be going there with you. I miss being with the others. Besides, I'd lock with you there. Then you'd see I wasn't as useless as you thought last night."

"You could just have done it with me then. Now, I'll never fuck you."

"I had to make Dom believe that I wasn't enjoying myself."

She laughed and got up to go. He pulled her close and shoved his tongue in her mouth. He could see in her eyes that she'd felt nothing. He let her go.

"I know what you're saying," he sighed and went to get the paper.

The door bell rang. No one knew where this place was. Dominic raced down the stairs before Ryan could open it. He looked out at a tall thin white guy. He pulled a baseball cap lower over his face so that Dom had to open the door. Dom obliged and asked, "May I help you?"

"Yeah, I've come for," the man smiled, "Ellen. Yes, Ellen Beauvais. I mean Franklin. Ellen Franklin."

"You've got to be joking," Dom laughed in his face.

"Oh, no.

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