Rita is abducted on her way home from work.

Holding her pigtails like reigns he forced his big cock deep into her mouth, and down her throat making Rita choke and gag. One of his hands found her breasts, squeezing and twisted her left nipple until it hardened against the latex. He then did the same to her right nipple, and alternated between them both keeping them erect as he fucked Rita's wet, sloppy mouth.

His hand moved down over the tight latex corset, and between her legs he found her warm mound and began to rub it firmly through the latex. Rita began to squirm as her body betrayed her, his touch and hand turning her on and making her wet. Rita fought to control herself as his fat, thick cock filled her mouth at a controlling angle and she felt helpless as she began to get wet as his finger pressed on her slit and clitoris through the latex.

Blindfolded still she grunted at every thrust of his hips, forcing his thick cock passed her lips and down her throat. She could feel it stretching her throat, knowing on camera there was a moving lump on her throat being recorded. Minutes passed of this fast, rough and controlling fucking of her mouth and throat.

Then she felt him unzip the suit at her pelvis, exposing her pussy and unzipped it fully between her legs and up exposing her ass to him. Feeling the cold of the garage touching her warm wet pussy, he began to rub her through her thick but maintained bush that framed her womanhood.

She felt him shove her down on his cock as she had slowed her pace from his touch, and she began to gag on his cock with her tongue out pressed against his thick, invading shaft. Her nipples were hard and erect like steel, protruding against the latex for her abductor to see; his handy work.

She gave up to him, her body aching and numb from sensations she let him fuck her mouth in darkness, as she felt the sudden penetration of his middle, ring finger inside her wet, gushing cunt. She imagined how his big, fat cock would feel and stretch her ass and cunt out. She found herself moaning at the thought, as she gushed more of her juices onto his fingers.

She suddenly felt his big cock plop from her mouth, she wondered where he was as he released her pigtails and she felt him push her down on the mattress flat on her back. Rita found herself yearning for her masked abductor's big cock inside her, and with a twinge of guilt she wondered how he would fit his rod in her ass, as she was a virgin anally.

She was scared, but in her past relationships she hadn't had this passion, of a man to take her which for her personally she yearned for. She had been with violent men, but not passionate men. Then she felt it.

He pressed his thick, fat bulbous cock-head against her warm, wet slit and pushed in sliding inside her and filled her fully, his balls slapping her mound as she gasped at the thick cock buried inside her. Even in darkness she could feel his thick cock buried inside her, as he threw her legs over his shoulders and began to fuck Rita hard, with slamming thrusts as his balls slapped her mound again and again.

He fucked her for quite a while, Rita in darkness could only pinpoint he had been fucking her without a break for almost ten minutes having only slowed or re positioned her body with an actual pillow he must have got for her making it easy to fuck her at a knee level and exposing her ass to the cold that touched and tickled her crack and ass.

He stopped for a brief moment, Rita wondered why he had done this but soon found out why as he shoved a red ball gag into her mouth and strapped it in place behind her head free of her pigtails. She could not believe the stamina this young man possessed, but he could fuck for King and Country she felt.

He slipped out of her pussy still erect, and ready for more as he flipped Rita onto her stomach on the mattress.

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