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Wife finally gets revenge on her abusive husband.

Devon and Leon are good guys. But boys will be boys I suppose."

"Please just call me Lisa, I am not dead yet Deion."

"Yes Lisa you are still very much alive. I am sorry if I have offended you."

"That's ok, please excuse me while I change into something a little more appropriate."

"What you have on works just fine for me," said Deion with a mischievous grin.

"I'm sure it does, but I am sure it wouldn't fly with my husband who will be arriving soon. Sometimes I swear he would much rather keep me hidden at home 24/7 ."

"Well I can understand why Lisa, you are obviously a very gorgeous woman and your husband is just trying to protect you."

"No Deion you don't get it, a girl like me hasn't been allowed to have any fun in years." Just then I turned towards my dresser and let my bathrobe fall to my feet exposing my naked backside. I could see in the mirror as deion's eyes were fixated on my ass. A noticeable bulge began to form in his jeans as his black cock began to harden.

"Would you like me to step out for a moment." Deion said.

"Why," I responded, "am I making you uncomfortable?"

" Absolutely not, I just thought maybe you would like some privacy."

I then turned toward the dresser and slipped into my thong bikini. "If you will excuse me I am going to lay out by the pool. Just come and get me when you have an estimate in mind."

As I began to lay out on my lawn chair I noticed that the two men on the roof had taken off there shirts. Leon was probably 6'2" with a very broad build with chiseled 6 pack abs and very wide shoulders. Devon was probably around 6'5" with a very lean build and he also had a set of abs that could drive a woman wild. Both of them had very noticeably large hands and I could not get over the way the sun glistened off of their sweaty bodies as they worked on the roof. I then noticed a wet spot beginning to form on the crotch of my bikini bottoms as I slipped my hand down between my thighs and began rubbing my clit in a slow circular motion. As I began to pick up the pace I heard the back door slide open and looked over my shoulder to see Troy and Deion walking my way. I quickly put a stop to what I was doing and went back to my sunbathing.

Leon and Devon began to make their way down the ladder. When Troy got next to me he turned to Deion, "please excuse my wife she seems to have forgotten how to dress when we have guests," he said as he threw my towel over me. "So what's the damage fellas."

"Well sir the leaking starts at the roof and continues through you attic into the house. We noticed multiple spots with a good amount of rot in them. Judging by the damage we see, we would recommend a full roof replacement."

"What are we looking at for price," said Troy.

"Well judging by the size of your house and the time needed to complete it you are looking in the area of forty to fifty thousand to complete it."

"Yeah, you can take that estimate back to your hood and shove it up your ass. Lisa, please show them the door."

As I walked the three men to the door I turned to them, "I apologize for my husband, he can be quite the bigot lately. Please come back in a half hour and we will see what we can work out. The job is yours if you will please come back."

" Yes Lisa, we will see you soon," said Deion.

When I returned to the house I asked Troy to sit down and told him I was sorry for the way I was dressed by the pool. "I have a treat for you, so just sit here and relax." I then went to the shed and got some rope and duck tape. I then bound troy's ankles and wrists to the chair and then slowly slipped off his tie to use it as a blindfold. I then dropped his pants to his feet and began to slowly lick the tip of his little cock. "Do you want me to suck your cock baby?"

"Yes, it has been way to long."

I then shoved his cock all the way into my mouth.

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