The conclusion to Mokie's Odyssey.

"I got news for you, honey," said Jenn. "These guys aren't looking for a wife tonight. They are looking for a slut who will do anything. This slut will do anything, take anything, lick anything, swallow anything...there is absolutely nothing off limits with this whore.

So, shall we start the bidding at $100?"

"I'm in for $100," said the redhead's beau, raising his hand. His girl removed her hand from his cock and crossed her arms over her lace-clad breasts.
"Make it $200," said another in the back of the room.

Bidding escalated quickly as Mokie remained on all fours and awaited her fate. Looking up through the slits in her mask, she saw her classmate again, and knew that he recognized her. She hoped that he would be her hero, somehow, and when he bid $400, her pussy started gushing in anticipation.

However, he was quickly outbid, and did not bid again. As the number rose, Mokie considered that he must have come from a modest upbringing, and could only bid what he could afford himself, while everyone else here was bidding their parents' money.

The number rose to $800, which was far more than either Mokie or Jenn had anticipated. One guy raised it to $900, then another to $1,000. But before it went any higher, the $800 bidder made a proposal.

"What if the three of us give $800 each. That is $2,400 for you. After all, what is the point of getting a girl who will do double penetration if there is only one cock for her?"

"Gentlemen, do you agree to that?"

The other two nodded their agreement, preferring to share her than to lose her entirely.

"Well, gentlemen, we have a deal. Slave, present yourself to your owners for tonight."

"Wait!" a stern voice yelled from the corner of the room. Jenn turned to see an athletic man in just his boxers, who until this point had been leaning against the wall by himself.

"Can you up the ante?" Jenn asked, excited at the prospect of making even more money.

"No," he said as he walked up to Mokie, who was trembling in her high heels as her janitor room fling approached. He peered through the slits in her mask and deep into her eyes. He was certain it was her. "Just confirm that you consent to this," he said.

Mokie's angst increased at the question, sensing a genuine concern on his part, a compassion that had not been available to her during this week of hell. But whether from fear or her extensive training, she betrayed herself.

"I do consent," she said.

He looked crestfallen at her affirmation, and simply nodded and backed away.

"Thanks for that, loser," said Jenn, rolling her eyes. "Now can we please let the festivities begin?"

The three men sat side by side on the couch, and Jenn handed the one in the middle Mokie's leash. She stepped back to enjoy the debauchery unfold as Mokie sank to her knees in utter compliance.

"Pull my cock out and get to work, slut. I am going to fuck you raw right here in front of all of these people."

Mokie slipped her hand into the slot of his boxers and withdrew a decent sized cock at full staff. She obediently encased it with her lips and bobbed up and down. The guys on the ends of the couch pulled her hands to their cocks and ordered her to jerk them off while she sucked their friend.

Mokie quickly relieved herself of any thoughts of her potential hero. Her pussy was gushing at the thought of how many times these guys would get her off tonight.

Jenn worked her way towards the back wall, hoping to watch the scene in relative solitude, but she was in for a rude awakening. The guy who had asked for Mokie's consent grabbed her harshly by the upper arm and dragged her into an adjacent room with a yelp.

"What the fuck, asshole?" she demanded.

Safely out of audible range from the rest of the house, he whispered, "I know there is something wrong here. I saw it in her eyes. You have something on her, I know it. She does not want to be doing what she is doing out there."

Jenn took a second before replying. He had no proof, but he was certain, and she knew he was right. She opted to try the denial route.

"As I explain

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