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She gets herself hot waiting for him to come back.


"When will you be here?" she asked.

"Around six," he said.

"That's perfect!" she replied. "The back door is open for ya! I'll see you then."

"Can't wait. Bye!"

She thought it was really sweet that he wanted to go out to dinner. She opened the closet door in her bedroom and grinned devilishly as she looked through her assorted teddies, and bustiers and other fun little lacey things, until she came upon something that she just knew would be perfect. It was four o'clock in the afternoon. Plenty of time. She drew herself a bath, with some bubbles, and soaked herself clean for half an hour. She ran her hands up and down her silky smooth legs, rubbed bubbly soap up and down those long shapely legs, and then bubbled up her belly and chest and her wonderfully round, perky breasts. She spent a happy few moments toying with her nipples, getting them hard, feeling the slight, sweet tingling running through her body. Her mind wandered back to the events of the night before. She leaned her head back, getting comfortable, closing her eyes, letting the water soak her, and she became even more happy with her own plan for the evening.

She got out of the tub, dried off, and threw on her little pink silk robe. She combed out her hair and tried to decide which perfume to spritz on, finally deciding on the little bottle she got from Victoria's Secret. She rubbed lotion into her skin, from her toes, up those legs, her round, tight ass, her belly and her breasts and her arms and her neck and then she spritzed on the perfume. It was almost five, and now she couldn't resist getting into her little outfit. The top was a tight red lacy halter top, and it really only covered the fronts of her breasts, and came down just past her butt. Each of her legs she slowly slid into her fishnet stockings, pulling them all the way up to her thighs, not even bothering with a garter for them, as they were very tight and she wasn't planning on walking anywhere in them. The stockings were black, with red lace at the top. And then she stepped into a pair of red, puffy pumps, with a good tall spike heel, and walked the two steps from her closet to her bed and laid down in the middle, her head on a pillow, her mind racing with the possibilities of the next two hours. She looked at the clock next to her bed; it was quarter after five. She wondered if he'd get to her place on time.

She wondered what he would do when he saw her. Would he be quick to tear off his clothes and jump on her to ravage her? Or would he tease her, slowly, taking her in? How should she lay? She stretched her hands over her head, stretched out her body, enjoying the feeling of the lace all over her body, the fishnets wrapped around her legs, the cute little shoes on her feet.

She suddenly reaLizzyed just how wet she was rapidly becoming between her legs. She slid a finger down to check, sliding it over her lips, finding them wet, and hungry. The night before had only given her an appetite for more of this man, and she was already ready for him. She wondered if he would like it to find her totally soaking down there, and she started to slowly, gently rub her clit, little circles, back and forth, moving her around gently, finding the good spots (of which there were many!), remembering the things he had done to her down there with his tongue, and her other hand reached down, and a finger from that hand slid just a little bit inside, just past the lips.

She instantly reaLizzyed that her fingers would not be enough to satisfy her, not right now.

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