She gets the "last" massage of her life.

Her body was so small it would almost seem like an impossible task to make every spot on her body feel good. But he was planning on doing just that.

His plan was starting to work as she began to become hazed in the lusty feelings for this man that had such fingers.

After he was done with her back he told her to flip over and smiled when she did so without a care in the world, looking up at him and boasting out her petite body, her large breast wiggling softly behind the cloth of bra that barely held it in, only holding a size C in, the breast seemed like they were about to snap the poor material in half.

He smiled as he saw it and looked at her eyes, the lusty glaze seemed to be protruding and watching the small bulge in his pants. He smeared the juices of the perfumed essences on her body and began to rub it with softness but such sensuality that she was holding in her soft moans from his fingers. He got her shoulders, stomach, and her chest and actually got part of her breast, but that wasn't in the main part and he wasn't quite sure if she was ready just yet.

He walked to the bottom of the massage table and reached foreword, pulling up the towel around her waist and pulling her pants down. He left her panties on but kept the towel over it so that he could see the dark stain though the white, cotton, little girl panties, and even see a small shimmering pool under that.

He smirked and reached forward, rubbing her thighs very softly with his hands. He felt something against his crotch and looked down to see her foot, pressed against his bulge. He groaned out softly as she started to press with her heel then toes, making love to his balls with her foot. He was watching her face and she was enjoying it so much, almost like he was playing with her breast. He smiled and heard her moan out with such sexuality as he moved his hands all over her thighs and legs.

He groaned out for almost twenty minutes straight, her feet having been playing with his balls the entire time. After those twenty minutes he finally moved to the side of her, looking down at her and smiling.

"You're done Ashley," He said softly, smiling, "Unless you want me to continue."

She smiled at him and sat up, reaching behind her small frame and unclipping her bra, the bra shooting off of her body and landing on the ground with her shirt and pants. "Do my breast please." She asked softly, looking up at him with the most innocent look he had ever seen. He smiled looking at her and nodded, placing his hands on her breast and softly rubbing them with his rough fingertips. She moaned out softly and pressed her Large breast against his fingers, letting his thumbs swipe over her nipples as his fingers played with the skin of her breast like strings.

She continued to moan out, her eyes closing... she loved his fingers so much... She opened her eyes and watched as his head lowered and his mouth engulfed her nipple, she moaned out loudly. "Oh god..." She breathed out, his lips feeling so heavily on her nipple. She gasped with a moan as he nibbled on her tender but hard nipple. She felt his other hand slowly slide down her stomach and over her perfectly shaped pelvis. His hand pushed the towel that guarded her sex away.

His fingers touching the cotton panties he smirks and slowly begins to pull away the worn down cloth, liquid leaking all over the table. He smiles and runs his fingers oh so smoothly over the dripping slit. "You're dripping..." He whispers to her.

She smirks at him, "Your rock hard."

He looks down and smiles at her.

"Then will have to do something about both of our dilemmas... won't we?" She smiles and looks over at one of the many tables that had the leg area split open.

"What are those for?" She asks, pointing over towards them, her mouth almost dripping, wanting that huge looking dick in her mouth or better yet, in her pussy.


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