Diving instructor gets more than he bargained for.

There was no way that that athletic body would fit into a size small wetsuit. Her husband booked a double XL suit, and that would hamper her movements under water.

"Sandy, we have a slight problem," I said, and explained the situation to her, but she didn't seem too upset about it.

"Well if I can swim in this bikini. I could take diving lessons in them too."

I didn't say anything, but I knew what the outcome would be. That top was far too small, and once the diving gear was strapped on, whatever she hoped to cover, would not be anymore. I should have probably explained that to her, but the little shit on my shoulder with the horns and pitchfork got the last word.

She seemed to be a fast learner, and I did not have to repeat myself once, as we ran through the basics of diving. After about an hour, I decided that she was ready to try out the gear.

I started strapping her in, and stood behind her, to check her gauges. She backed up, and bumped her ass into my crotch.

"Oops. The gear is heavier than I thought," she said, as I grabbed her around her hips to steady her.

I could feel her soft skin under my palms, and pulled them back quickly. I double checked her gauges, and asked her to turn around. As I expected, the straps of the gear, pulled her bikini tight over her chest. There was no way that they would hold her tits in when she jumped in the pool. Squatting down, I had all intensions of making sure the gear was properly strapped around her waist and legs.

Next thing I knew, I was face to face with her bikini bottoms. I could clearly make out her camel toe as the material stretched over her crotch. Acting like I was pulling on the straps, I looked up and asked her if they were too tight.

"They feel perfect," she responded without looking down.

I looked down again, and she fell forward this time, bumping her crotch into my face.

"Damn this gear is heavy," she said. I got up, and could feel myself blushing. She just looked at me and gave a sly smile.

I moved her to the edge of the pool, and told her to sit down, with her feet in the water, so I could fit her flippers.

"We don't want you falling all over the place now, do we?" I said, giving a soft chuckle.

It was her turn to blush. I got in the pool, and moved in front of her. I took one of her feet in my hands, and extended her leg, to slip the flipper on. In doing so, her legs parted, and gave me a clear view of her bikini bottoms pulled tight against her pussy. With every movement she made, the bottom seemed to creep deeper into her folds. By the time I got to her second flipper, we both knew the explicit view I was getting. But still she made no move to correct it. One of her lips has crept out from under the bottoms, and was clearly waxed smooth.

I instructed her where to stand, to practice the backward fall, that she would be doing from the boat, when I took her and her husband for their diving trip. She did exactly as I instructed, and did the fall perfectly.

As she surfaced, I applauded her, and gave her some tips on what to remember on the diving trip. I next showed her how to prepare her diving mask, and how to submerge. As I dipped below the water, I could see that her bikini top had indeed moved. Just as I hoped, her breasts were clearly visible, and her nipples stood out like two hard little pebbles.

Quickly I surfaced, and told her that it was her turn. She did exactly as I instructed, and submerged herself under water. I moved closer to her, just incase the first time might freak her out. After about ten seconds, the surfaced with a big smile on her face.

"It seems that your cock finally noticed my tits," she said. " Surely took it long enough."

She moved closer to me and started rubbing my dick through the wetsuit. "I just wish you weren't wearing these." And with this, she leaned forward, and kissed me full on the mouth.

Not wearing my gear yet, I yanked off my mask, and fiddled under the water, to pull my wet suit bottoms down.

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