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Swinging couples swap and play - and question.

Penny and I never used that word, and this was just beyond bizarre. So I froze up, and Tara reached down and grabbed my hand and forced it against her sex, really brutally using my fingers to frig herself with, and I sort of joined in, but all the while what she had said was ringing in my ears. I kept thinking "She wants me to. Do it! She told me to!" but I was scared, wiltingly scared.

"Well, Mike came, right in her throat, I don't think she even had to swallow, and when he slumped onto the bed she looked down at me and had my hand in both of hers and was really pumping herself with my fingers, and she said "Come on Sean, come up here and fuck me, please!"

"She grabbed my hair and pulled me towards her and grabbed my cock, which was half soft, and started tugging on it. She was frenzied, and not gentle, and it just wasn't working for me, and I remember looking down on her and saying "I'm sorry, Tara, I don't know what to do, I've never done this before!" and it was like someone had hit her on the head. She just froze, stunned, eyes wide, and looked at me.

"What?" she asked, "Do you mean...? You haven't done it with Penny?"

"No." I said, almost in tears. I was blushing, embarrassed, frustrated, angry, all sorts of things that don't make for great sex, but in the warmth of her suddenly still hand my cock was beginning to swell. "We never did it."

She looked incredulous, and said "But you went out together for years!"

"Yes, and she's still a virgin, and so am I."

Tara looked at me so gently then. She let go of my cock and put both hands on my cheeks and drew me to her mouth to kiss me. As we moved I ended up between her legs, her open, soft, smooth, naked legs. My cock of course was against her crotch, my balls hanging down to touch her open, wet and warm pussy, my shaft resting in the fur on top of her springy mons, my chest touching her upright nipples. I remember feeling all of that, and the touch of her thighs and her calves and her heels as she wrapped her legs around mine, and she ran her hands softly and gently over my arms and back. She lingered on the kiss, and when we broke it she held my head again a few inches from her face and looked into my eyes and said "I want you Sean. Would you do me the honour of letting me take your cock into my pussy?"
I was hard then. I didn't say anything, but I lifted my body to let her hand run down over my chest and stomach and take my cock and point it down. I felt the tip touch her there, and she raised her legs and I felt it just begin to open her lips, to start to enter her. She held me, and looked into my eyes again and said "Push it in, Sean. Push it into me."

I did it, slowly. She flexed and wiggled a little, and eased my way, and she moved her hands to my hips and pulled me deep as she raised her legs, and I felt it all the way inside. And then she kissed me again, with both hands on my head and neck, and she rocked me gently as she took her time. I felt her flex and squeeze me inside her, and her tongue found mine and then her hands dug into my back and she pushed her hips up towards me.

My hips knew what to do, even if I didn't. I pulled up a little, and then pushed in again, and then again, and again and before I knew it I was taking long, hard, swift strokes, and it was like nothing I had ever done before. And she helped me. She was tuned into my rhythm, concentrating on my experience, and knew that it wasn't going to take long. I have to say that she was really good. And, well, even though I was filled with all sorts of mixed emotions, about Penny, and Mike, and Tara, grief and lust and sorrow and fear and regret and desire, she swept them all away. She felt like velvet over a firm pillow, smelled sweet and musky, and her eyes burned with passion and need and wanting. She wanted me to come in her, to feel me pump into her, to be the girl who took my virginity. She wanted me to desire her and pay her the ultimate tribute of my seed in her body. And what a body. It was like sinking into a bath of warm honey.

So I came, oblivious to Mike, lost i

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