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Resort owner finds love with a guest.

When I opened it, there standing in front of me was our next door neighbor Anne.

"Is your mom home Alan?"

"Yeah we were watching a movie on television, come on in."

"Hi Anne how are you?" Mom said.

"Fine Jade, I was just bored being on my own and thought I would come over for a chat."

"Where is Fred tonight?" Mom asked.

"Oh he is over at his brothers helping him decorate the house with Christmas lights. God knows how long he will be over there. Last time it took them half the night to put all the lights on the house."

"Alan go get the bottle of wine in the kitchen and get a glass for each of us." Mom told me.

When I brought the wine and glasses into the living room mom and Anne were sitting on the couch talking girly stuff. I sat the glasses down on the table, opened the wine, and poured us all a glass. As I sat down on the easy chair Anne piped up.

"My Alan has really grown into a lovely young man over the last year. He looks almost like his..." then stopped in her tracks.

"Like his father you were gonna say Anne?" Mom asked.

"Yeah like his father. I remember when Fred and I would come round and we would get together for a card night or go out for the night" Anne said.

"Yeah we had some good nights the four of us." Mom smiled. "Well that was until I caught him with his pants down and between that slut of a secretary's legs."

After about 2 bottles of wine I had nodded off to sleep, mom and Anne were still talking and drinking. The next thing I knew was my zipper was being pulled down and a hand was sliding in and taking my cock out of my pants. Thinking it was mom I just lay there and let her take my now hard dick out and let her play with it.

It was when she took me in her mouth that I felt something different. I could feel metal against my cock, when I opened my eyes there in front of me on her knees was our neighbor Anne with my cock in her mouth and her hand gently squeezing my balls. I shot a look at mom and she looked as though she was asleep.

Anne was a really good cock sucker, almost as good as mom. She had the head of my cock in her mouth flicking her tongue over the tip and sliding it down the underside of my cock. The stud on her tongue was teasing the underside of my cock and I let out a low moan.

"Oh yes Anne suck that cock, suck me dry" I moaned out.

She looked up at me while still sucking my throbbing monster into her throat.

Anne was taking me deep into her mouth and as I hit the back of her throat she gagged a little but soon had me in her throat and was sucking for all she was worth. With the tongue stud rubbing against my cock it wasn't long before I could feel my sap boiling in my balls and heading up the shaft of my now throbbing prick.

"Mmmm yes Anne suck it, here is my Christmas present for you."

No sooner had I wished her an early Merry Christmas than I was shooting my spunk down Anne's throat.

Anne's succulent lips milked my cock dry. She smiled up at me.

"Thank you for my Christmas present Alan, its the nicest present anyone has ever given me."

She then stood up between my legs and raised her arms above her head taking her top with them. Then unclasped her black lacy bra and let it drop to the floor. She had a great pair of tits, they must have been at least a 38d. Her nipples were a dark pink and an inch long. She dropped her skirt to the floor followed by her matching black lace thong.

My dick was already starting to twitch again at the site of my naked neighbor standing in front of me pulling on her erect nipples.

"I see you like what is on show."

She smirked as she noticed that my cock was regaining its hardness. Anne then moved towards me and straddled my thighs, her shaved pussy just inches from my now fully hard cock.

I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it as I tweaked her other nipple.

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