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A foray into cfnm.

"Let's cross that bridge when we get to it, alright?"

I just nodded.

He did what he wanted, and got away with it.

I got what I thought I wanted, and paid so much more.

This dichotomy unnerved me.

He wrapped me in his arms, and bought me in close, so I was sitting in his lap, my back facing his chest. Slowly, he started rubbing and pinching my breasts. His fingers rolled my nipple, pulling and squeezing however he liked it. His other hand snaked down to my pussy and he inserted on finger in, as his thumb pressed on my cilt. I moaned and fell back into him, and felt his cock push into the small of my back.

"It's better when I do it, isn't it? This is how you should play with your pussy..."

I whimpered, reaching for his hair, and started kissing his neck, his lips, unabashed. What else could I do, but to be a slave to him? I was that weak...

"More," I whispered. His eyes smiled at me. "Watching you that day was one of the most painful moments of my life. You didn't know shit," he said mockingly. He dug in deeper than I could reach, and I pushed my hips up to meet his finger.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I panted.

What was I sorry for?

"You have so much to be sorry for," he purred. "Writhing and moaning like that... And I had to control myself while watching you have a fun time." He added another finger, and pumped even faster.

"I'm gonna fuck you until your holes are graping wide... You're gonna be my personal fuck toy, little rabbit... You are the most interesting thing I've had for a while... And the things I want to do to you..."

It was as if he was talking to himself. I felt like I was unleashed. It felt like our souls were naked, saying to each other, this is me.

I give. I receive.

There was nothing more true about ourselves than that.

Already my walls were stretched. I couldn't believe how wet I was. The sheet below me was wet, and I still felt myself gushing more and more cum. My mind was in pieces, and my body was just a slave to his hands. I made noises I thought I'd never make, softly moaning and crying and panting and squealing. My hips rocked as if I had been doing this forever, and just wanted deeper and bigger despite the stretching pain I felt inside.

He inserted two more fingers, and I screamed- he was forceful and painful and I looked down to see his entire hand dig deep into my pussy and I felt his fingers against my walls. His thumb tickled my cilt- my cilt that seemed to have grown, throbbing red hot in anguish. I grabbed his thighs beside me and begged.

"Please, please..."

"Please what?" he asked softly.

"Make me orgasm," I said desperately.

"Oh? And what will I get from that?"

"Anything, anything, please...Master," I finished, as I closed my eyes.

He continued pumping at the same speed for a while. He slowed for a moment, and I cried.

"Are you in pain?"

"Yes," I cried. I really was. If he didn't finish me, I might just break...

"You... You're mine, aren't you?" he said quietly.

"Who else would I belong to?" I responded, before I could think.

Suddenly he picked up he speed, and I gasped in delight.

"Not even to yourself?" he asked.

"...no," I whispered, just before my I fell into the throes of pleasure.

I felt a ringing sound in my head, and my vision seemed to be blacking out. I was lying against him, but again I wasn't really there. For about a minute we stayed still.

His hands then made up to my mouth and he inserted his fingers inside.

"Look at the mess you've made... All this cum from this tiny pussy." He tutted, and rolled his fingers around my mouth. I started sucking automatically, enjoying the feeling of his fingers fighting against my tongue.

Maybe this is what being an animals feels like. No thoughts, just... being.

"What a horny little bitch you are," he said, with a note of glee. "I know I choose well, but you're proving yourself beyond my expectations."

Suddenly he pushed me off his chest.

"On your knees, on the floor," he said from the bed. He got up to remove the rest of his jeans.

I half rolled off the bead, still dizzy, still longing.

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