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The pleasures of outdoor life.

There's not any pictures or anything." It was true. The walls were completely bare and the only furniture in the den was a couch next to an end table, an old recliner, and a table that was probably meant to be used as a desk. The carpet in the room had seen better days, probably when Reagan was President.

"Is Evan some sort of minimalist? He doesn't even have a tv."

"I think he has his tv with him," I said. "Maybe check out the bedroom while I get the laundry from the closet. The bedroom's the door on the right."

"I can't wait," Sammi said completely monotone. "The excitement in here has got me absolutely wet with anticipation."

Sammi opened the door. "At least something's actually been done in here," Sammi called out.

She stepped in the room and I came up behind her. The room was also sparsely furnished with a dresser next to the door and a queen bed, nightstand and lamp facing the door. There was an attempt at decoration, though.

"I have that same Alice in Chains poster," Sammi said, pointing at a poster hanging above the bed depicting a severed head on a stake in the middle of a desert. "And also that Cocteau Twins poster." Sammi paused, "...and that Dilate poster." Sammi swiveled her head, looking closer at the few framed pictures hung on the walls and sitting on the dresser.

"These are my pictures," Sammi said confused. She turned and looked at me. "What's going on?"

"Well," I started, pausing to figure out how to proceed, "I had your mom take some stuff from your room and send it to me. A week ago when I said I was visiting my grandparents I actually came up here."

I continued, "This isn't actually Evan's apartment. It's ours."

Sammi's eyes were wide as she tried to process the new information. "I don't understand. What do you mean 'ours'?"

"My scholarship from the school only covers my tuition and books. I was using money from some little scholarships I received and some savings that my grandparents set up for me in order to pay for my room and board on campus. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I could use that money better than for a dorm room. So I contacted the school to cancel the dorm, got my money back for it, and paid the deposit and first six months rent on this place. Then I made the plans for today's surprise.

"I know it's not fancy...really it's barely good, but all of the utilities are covered and it's furnished. This way we can be together sooner. You were going to work to save up for college and a place to live, so there's no reason you can't do that here. I can work somewhere part time for our food, gas and stuff, and for the next six months, you can save everything you make."

Sammi looked around the room again, the realization that this was her apartment setting in.

"I'm sorry the furniture isn't better," I apologized. "You were clearly not impressed."

Sammi wrapped her arms around me and hugged me hard. She lifted her face towards mine and mashed our lips together. She sucked on my mouth, and my tongue jabbed between her teeth. Sammi sucked hard on my tongue, swirling hers around the tip. She broke away and planted multiple little kisses, wet and tender, on my lips and face.

Sammi pulled her head back, her arms wrapped around my shoulders.

"It wasn't the furniture. It was more that it didn't look like a place where someone had lived for a year. I guess that's because he hadn't." Sammi looked into my eyes. "But that it's ours...I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

"It's awesome; it's everything I need. You're everything I need. No one has ever been as thoughtful towards me as you. I love you."

We kissed again. Slower and softer this time.

"I still can't believe this is my apartment. Our apartment. That we're actually going to get to be together. That we're going to live together," Sammi said. Looking around the room, she added, "I can't wait to decorate this place."

Suddenly Sammi pulled back and slapped my chest.

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