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The housesitting adventure continues.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AH! AH! AHH! AHH!"

She was squealing past the obstacle in her mouth, still sucking on it hard, pumping the shaft and massaging the balls, coaxing the orgasm that surely Cliff must eventually have, coaxing out that lovely white cum she knew he'd let her have. Squealing with that fantastic weapon pumping pure pleasure into her pussy. Her big Jack's cock reaming her from behind, his quads slapping the back of her legs, his hands gripping her thighs, his hips crashing into her buttocks, their sweat mingling with each impact, her shuddering each time the last couple of inches of him deeply penetrated her, him slipping ALL IN with each thrust, she began to climax again. Climax with a wonderful big dick at each end of her, each torturing her by holding out its own climax ...

But not for long ...


"Ahhhhh ... Jo ... Jo ... JO! GOD, JO! JOOOOOOO!!! YES JO!" Jack chimed in.

Jo came a mere instant before Jack did, and she released Cliff from her mouth as she screamed with Jack's cock forced all the way in as far as it would go, screamed with his thick thick 8" in to the hilt as he pulled her tight to him and let fly inside her monsoonally. He yelled in pleasure and she went crazy with that wonderful feeling of his white hot cum jetting deep inside her, time and again, feeling him bucking with each blast of his lovely wonder-stuff, pushing himself in and pulling her back to him harder, impaled helplessly, slave to unbelievable climaxial ecstasy. Jack let her go at last, feeling his 5th or 6th spurt of cum would be his last, and easily withdrew from that soaking wet, well fucked, and now cum-filled hole, and sat back relaxed, not yet starting to soften.

Jo wasn't done yet, as she pushed Cliff over, and span round, leaping onto him again, planting her pussy on his face and once again swallowing his cock eagerly, still horny, and started to deep throat him, playing with his balls and ass cheeks roughly, like an insatiable animal.

Jack couldn't believe what he saw, Cliff eagerly sticking his tongue into her sopping maw when he'd just shot his load inside her! Made him feel a twinge of horn, but it still seemed weird. It wasn't long with a finger probing her tight little virgin asshole and Cliff's tongue sucking and caressing her swollen clitty, she started to cum again, she'd always had a high sex drive, and was very glad that she was blessed to be able to orgasm again and again and again ... and as he hit the spot, she started to cum a storm, and Cliff was unable to control himself, with his face suddenly drenched in an amazing, delightful combination of Jo's juice and Jack's diluted spunk, and eagerly lapped up the combined climaxes, it finally pushed him over the edge. He burst forth a floodgate of steaming cum himself.

He came deep in her mouth, blasting a tidal wave of his pent-up excitement right onto her eager tongue and into the back of her throat as she still worked her mouth, lips sealed tight, up and down his glistening shaft as her fingernails dug into his tender ass cheeks. His whole body bucked and shook as he shot again and again and again, Jo swallowing as much as she could, and cleaning up the rest, licking his end, his shaft, his balls, his butt cheeks, his ass - until not a single drop was left.

They both at last relaxed, And as Cliff lay in a comatose state of pleasure-induced shock, Jo took Jack's just starting to soften dick in her mouth, and licked and sucked all over it, trying to see if there was any cum she'd missed. She loved to lick her own juices off of a cock after she'd just been roughly fucked with it. Jack never complained when she did that either.
Soon he was cleaned up, her tongue was tired at last, and both cocks were softening comfortably, and they all felt a fantastic after-glow.

"Fuck." said Jack.

"Fuck." said Jo.

"Fuck." said Cliff.

They all laughed and cuddled up together in a big, hot, sweaty bear-family-hug.

"Not bad for starters .

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