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My wife talks to her friend Karen.

As I slowly moved my lips up and down Steve's cock I could hear him tell Marc and Chuck, "He's good at this, better than my wife is. You're going to love it."

The knowledge that I had two more cocks to suck before I was through increased my passion and grabbing Steve's balls in my hand I began sucking harder and faster on his cock. At this Steve dropped his hand to my shoulder holding me steady and began pumping his hips, fucking my face hard, driving the head of his cock deep into my throat. He seemed to enjoy the feel of me choking on his cock and the more I gagged the harder and faster he pumped it into my mouth.

I could hear Marc and Chuck moving up to stand by us as I sucked Steve's cock in front of them. As they neared I could see that both had their pants open and were stroking. Marc let out a load grown and said he was cumming. At that I felt hot sperm splash onto the side of my face. I dropped Steve's cock and turned to Marc in time to receive his second load on my face. Swallowing his cock I took the last two or three shots of cum from his cock, sucking until he softened in my mouth. While sucking his cock I realized just how small he was, about 4 __" long and thin. After the throat pounding Steve was giving me Marc's small cock felt perfect in my mouth.

Before returning to Steve's cock I looked over at Chuck to find him stroking a piece of meat at least 2" longer than Steve's although not quiet as thick. As I took Steve's cock back into my mouth he grabbed my head and drove his cock as deep into my throat as he could. No longer content to fuck my face he seemed to now want to rape my throat. His cock seemed even longer and harder, the head rigid and stiff on my tongue as he screamed out and started to blow his load deep into my mouth. Gagging and spitting up cum he held my head steady on his cock as he continued to slide his cock in and out of my mouth.

Gasping for breath, cum running down my face and off my chin, I turned to Chuck. Seeming to understand Chuck told me "It's ok, this won't take long" as I slide as much of his 9" cock into my mouth as possible.

True to his word it was not long before I felt his cock grow harder and the head grow bigger in my mouth. The vein started pulsing along my lower lip and with a moan he began pumping a third load of cum into my mouth. As I swallowed his cum I forced more of his cock into my mouth letting him feel my throat muscles squeeze the cum from his cock as I gagged and choked.

Sitting back on the floor I slowly wiped the remainder of Marc's cum from my face as I looked up at the three men. Steve was busy stroking some more life into his cock and I told him that I couldn't suck anymore cock right now, my throat was to sore. As I got to my feet he complained that he got the system up in 20 minutes and thought that he should get a bonus.

Laughing I said, "Not today, I have nothing more to give."

At that Marc ran his hand across my ass and asked, "You sure you have nothing more?"

Steve's cock seemed to spring to life in his hand and both Marc and Chuck's facial expressions turned to looks of hunger and I began to wonder how much say I really had in the matter. I explained that we had no lube and I could not take them without it. At that Chuck asked if I could take Marc without lube. "Maybe" was my only response. I was torn between my twin desires, one to leave now and the other to further please these men sexually. The more I thought about the three of them fucking me, the harder my cock became. With trembling hands I opened my belt and began stripping down. Off came my pants, then shirt, socks and boxers. Turning to Marc I dropped back down to my knees and began sucking his cock again to get him not only hard but also as wet as I could.

I swallowed his cock to his balls and keeping it in my mouth began licking the head and shaft.

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