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Teenage stud's party with all his female relatives begins.

She looked around and when she saw who it was she said, "Oh, him! He's seen it and he's had it. He's the grad student that I told you about."

The grad student was the guy she had fucked the weekend before she asked me if we could open our marriage. This tryst had opened the discussion about both of our fun times with others. It also led into a very torrid, weekend long fuck session.

As we continued to dance I stage whispered, "Oh yeah! You fucked him one time just before we opened our marriage." This started a strange and titillating conversation.

"No... I fucked him several times."

"What? I thought you'd only fucked him once."

"No, I fucked him... oh, I'd say at least five times."

"Five times? I thought he was the guy that had purchased you a bikini and then started making out with you. You ended up naked and getting fucked. You said you were enjoying it. Then you saw your wedding ring and made him stop...

"Yes, that's right and then I gave him a blowjob because I felt guilty. Then we talked for a while and I fell a sleep. He cuddled me and got another hard on so he started fingering me. It felt so good! He then slipped his cock into me from behind...

"And as you told me, since it felt so good you didn't stop him and he came in you."


"So you only had sex with him one time, right?"


"So why did you say you'd fucked him at least five times?"

"Because, I did."

"But you just told me you'd only had sex with him once."

"That's right. I only had sex with him once, but I fucked him five times. See?"

"Huh... no."

"He started to fuck me once and I stopped him. A little later he slipped his cock into me from behind while we were lying in the spoon position. It felt really good so I didn't stop him. After he came I felt guilty about fucking him, so he pulled me to him and held me.

"While holding me he got another really nice hard on. It looked really hard so I thought 'what the hell, I've already fucked him once... why not?' and I got on top and guided him into my pussy. He gave me another nice fucking.

"Then we took a shower and went out to eat. It really turned him on to know that all I was wearing was my sundress. He kept feeling me up and fingering me. Other people were watching and it felt so naughty I decided to do him again.

"We came back and started making out. I sucked his cock until he was really hard and he fucked me for the third time. He then cuddled me and I started stroking him. As he started to get hard I took his cock back in mouth and really worked him.

"He flipped me onto my back, spread my legs and fucked me again! After he came we lay there with his cock still buried in me and we fell asleep. Sometime during the night he slipped out but was ready to go again in the morning.

"We took a shower together and then he had a quick breakfast while I sucked his cock. He got a really nice boner and took me by my hand and led me to the bed. He pushed me down on all fours and mounted me from behind and fucked me doggy style.

"When he was done I slipped on my dress and came home to wait for your phone call. So... I only had sex with him that one time... but I fucked him... I think, five times. See?"

"I think I got it. You only had sex with him once. But while having sex with him you fucked him five times."


"But you also gave him... what... four blowjobs?"

"No, just one."

"But you said you sucked his cock, what... four times?"

"Yeah... something like that... three or possibly four times."

"So a blowjob is different than sucking his cock?"

"Yeah! Duh! A blowjob is when I suck a cock and the guy comes in my mouth and I swallow it. Sucking a cock without a guy coming is just foreplay. So I gave him one blowjob, he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. I also sucked his cock a number of times to get him good and hard so he could fuck me."

The song was over so we went onto the back deck to continue this titillating conversation. I pulled her close and held her. I told her, "Your logic is weird but what turn on!"

Her little dress was hiked

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