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He comes back and takes her again.

I got up and rinsed my mouth out with some left over tequila and a bottle of water, and walked over to the window. What I saw was mesmerizing.

Sexy Mary was walking slowly up the path from the pond. She was completely nude, and looked stunning in the soft morning light. She had a small towel in her hand and was walking very slowly, working on drying her curly red hair. Her big tits swayed gently with each step she took, and when she paused to towel off her hair they jiggled. The whole thing seemed to be happening in slow-motion, and it was spectacular.

She got two-thirds of the way up to the camp and I heard Penny call out to her from the pond. Mary turned toward her, revealing her perfect milky white ass to me. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Penny said something else to her and Mary quickly turned her head back toward me, looking over her shoulder. A wicked smile crossed her face, and she turned her body back toward me, looking directly into the window at me. I was busted. She knew I was watching. She very casually resumed her walk and went through the door into the screened porch. My heart was pounding and my cock was hard, but at least I was dressed and I tried to act casual.

A few minutes later she emerged into the main room, dressed in skimpy skin tight 'boy shorts' underpants and a tiny little cut off t-shirt baring her midriff that said JUST DO IT across the front. Her tits jiggled with every slight movement she made, and her hard nipples protruded against the fabric.

"Hi there," she said with a smile, acting like nothing had happened.

I tried to act natural, and half stammered out "Good morning."

I could see through the window that Penny was now making her way up the path in a very similar way to Mary, also naked and drying her hair. Penny looked stunning as well, her tanned athletic body glistening in the sunlight. Mary and I watched silently, me not knowing quite what to say. Mary broke the silence.

"As you can see it's a bit of a nudist camp around here. You should jump in the pond, it's a wonderful way to wake up." And then she added, "No clothes allowed on the walk back and forth though. And obviously none in the pond." She smiled and winked one of her twinkling green eyes.

After a few minutes Penny entered from the porch, now dressed in a similar short white t-shirt, but with white cotton bikini panties. She looked radiant. They both did actually, like they had a very fulfilling night, the memory of which I was just then running over in my head. I was fascinated by the fact that they were lovers, and I was there in the middle of it. The thoughts rattling around in my brain made my cock swell.

"How's your head sweetie," Penny asked, snapping my brain to attention. "We were worried about you."

"Oh, no big deal I guess" I said. "I sort of forgot about it, what with all the beautiful scenery around here this morning to take my mind off it."

"She is hot, isn't she?" Penny said, looking at Mary.

"You both are," I said. "I guess this place really is heaven after all."

Penny broke into a huge smile and took my hand and led me out onto the front steps. She turned me around and there, above the door, was a new hand painted sign - CAMP HEAVEN. We both laughed and fell into each others arms, and I kissed her.

Mary was making coffee on the little gas camp stove and started frying some bacon.

"Why don't you go for a quick swim while we're cooking," Penny said.

"Don't forget the rules," Mary quickly added.

I smiled, walked over to the bed with my back to them, and proceeded to undress. They were silent and I could feel their eyes on me as I removed the last of my clothes and turned toward them. My cock was half hard, and Mary looked at it with a growing smile and bacon tongs in her hand.

"Now that makes me hungry," she said.

"Yes-siree!" Penny said, and they both giggled.

I was getting harder by the second, so I quickly turned away, walked out the porch door and casually made my way down the path.

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