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The best way to cum while you go.

She swung them back up between my legs, letting them clang back against the steel rings on my cock. She did this several times, like a little girl playing with a toy swing.

"Very nice outfit. One of the nicest I've seen. Of course it doesn't hurt that you're hung like a horse." Huntress stroked the naked end of my cock as she said this. "I wonder what it would be like to have those steel rings stuck up my cunt?...maybe you wouldn't be that lucky. But, tonight your job is serve and service the sisters of Kappa." Huntress licked her lips as if in anticipation of a good meal as she said this.

"Now its very important that you do not disappoint me, embarrass me by not servicing my sisters properly, or fail to follow every direction that I give you. If you do as you're told, you might even enjoy yourself and survive the night with limited damage. But, I warn you! If you fuck up in any way, you'll wish you had never been born!" so saying, Huntress hit me with another wave of electrical shock, but this time using the maximum setting.

My bowels went loose. If not for the big steel anal plug up my ass, I believe that I would have shit myself. Strangely, the electricity only seemed to make my cock harder. Perhaps it was the portion of the electrical shock that went up through my steel ass plug to my prostrate. My cock tingled with the after shock, hard as hell and throbbing. The steel rings on the lower portion of my cock made sure that I was not going to ejaculate, but strings of cum leaked from the purple distended head of my cock anyway.

Huntress reached down and got a gob of the slimy cum on the palm of her glove. She took the sticky mess and rubbed it all over my face. My nostrils were filled with the poignant smell of my own cum.

There was a knock on the door. Huntress went to door and opened it. Standing outside was a girl dressed as Miss America. I strained my head back to see. The Miss America superhero outfit consisted of a red eye mask, a red tube top, blue pumps and a red/white stripped skirt with a blue belt. Huntress had a brief discussion with Miss America and then had her sign the register.

Miss America entered the room. She walked around me, running her hands up and down my sweaty body. The stink of my sweat and cum were replaced by the smell of her perfume and hot pussy. Miss America reached down and began to stroke my cock. She wrapped her hand around the steel rings encasing my cock and began to pump them. Because of my swollen cock, her stroking of the steel rings only caused the rings to pinch the skin of my cock. The rings were so tight that they barely moved. Using her other hand, Miss America tugged and squeezed my balls as they extended from the steel rings encasing my sack. Reaching up under her skirt, Miss America coated her hand with her pussy juice. I glance up and noticed that she did not wear any panties.

With her hand coated with her cunt juices, Miss America began to stroke the exposed half of my cock. Her soft hand wrapped smoothly around my swollen shaft, coating it with her hot fragrant cunt juices. Up and down she pumped my cock. I could feel my orgasm growing, the waves of sperm building in my balls.

But the frustration! With the steel rings around my balls, there was no way that they were going to pump up my cum. Also, even though my cock ached and begged for release, the tight steel rings around my cock shaft assured that I would not have any release.

I was going nuts. I had to get off. My nuts ached so badly, they hurt. My cock was so swollen and purple, it looked ungodly distorted, almost black. Big drips of cum leaked from my cock head.

Miss America knelt and took my cock into her mouth. She was a pretty brunette with big hazel eyes. She looked up into my pain filled face as she suck on my cock. Her mouth was soft and warm. She flicked her tongue around the cock head, then up and down the underside of the shaft.

I cried into the cock gag. Oh god, please make me cum! I shook my head, fighting the gag, trying to speak, trying to beg!

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