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The civilized side of the job.

e there was simply too many times to remember?"

"Umm... too many times to remember Mistress."

"So did you make any attempt to obey me at all?"

Again I hesitated, trying to think of a good answer.

"Answer me slave!!"

"Yes Mistress!"

"Well it doesn't sound like it to me slave..."

"No Mistress...I know, I'm very sorry Mistress."

Mistress allowed her hand to drop lower and she circled my balls with her finger and thumb, pulling them down as she used her other hand to palm the head of my cock.

"Don't cum slave, or you will be in even more trouble."

I somehow managed to fight back the urge to shoot my load all over myself and she eventually relented and let go. She straddled me and then stood up, lifting her leather skirt to show me her beautiful, wet pussy.

"I bet you've been thinking about my pussy constantly this last twelve days haven't you slave?"

"I always do Mistress."

She smiled, squatted down over my face and rubbed her dripping wet lips over my face, grinding her clit against my nose. The gorgeous smell of her cunt filled my nostrils and I stuck my tongue out to taste her.

"No slave, you don't get to do that unless I say so!"

I retracted my tongue as she continued to grind herself against my face, and I focussed on inhaling her amazing scent. My cock throbbed, untouched until she gradually worked her way down my body and I felt her soft, wet lips slide along the underside of my cock. She let out a long sigh as she felt my shaft between her sodden lips.

"So close slave..."

I groaned as she reached down and used my cock like a dildo, rubbing the head between her lips and against her clit. Then she held it upright and slid it about an inch inside her sopping hole.

"Do you want it deeper?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress. Please..."

"Shouldn't that be 'if it pleases you Mistress'?"

"Yes Mistress, of course...if it pleases you Mistress."

She went back to rubbing the head against her lips and then suddenly forced herself down on it, so that my cock was buried right to the hilt inside her. Almost as quickly she lifted herself completely off me, I had been inside her for less than a second.

"Did that feel good slave?"

"Yes Mistress," I groaned.

"Thank me for allowing your slave-cock into my beautiful, powerful pussy."

"Thank you Mistress..."

"No, say what I told you to say."

"Thank you for allowing my slave-cock into your beautiful, powerful pussy, Mistress."

"My slave-cock slave?"

"I meant your slave-cock Mistress!"

"That's better..."

She grasped my cock again, her juices making it even more slippery than the lube.

"Now slave, I have another question for you...."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Very soon I'm going to give you a choice slave, and I want you to think very carefully before you answer, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

Her hand moved a little faster on my cock, her grip a little tighter.

"You're not going to cum are you slave?"

"No Mistress."

"Remember to tell me if you get too close!"

"Yes Mistress."

"Now....as I said, you have a choice to make, and it won't be an easy choice I'm sure. But it's one you have to make all the same..."

She used her fingertip to tease the sensitive spot underneath my cock head as she spoke.

"I know how much you love to eat my pussy and make me cum, so I'm going to give you a choice. Either you can spend the next four weeks free to play with your cock and make yourself cum whenever you want... or, you can spend the next few weeks eating my pussy and making me cum whenever I want you to. The catch is you can't do both, so if give you four weeks of freedom, then you don't get to taste my pussy once until that four weeks is up. On the other hand, if you choose to eat my pussy, then you don't get to touch your cock or cum at all. Any questions?"

"Yes Mistress...if I choose to eat your pussy, will you still tease me?"

"Oh yes slave, I'll tease you, I'll tease you a lot. You won't go hardly a day without being seconds from coming, but I won't let you cum, not until the four weeks is up..."

My cock jerked in her hand as she spoke.

"Are you close sla

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