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A jungle woman is born.

Dale and Erika had slipped away from the group, onto the other bed in the room.

After the story Alex noticed Dale and Erika on the other bed, Dale's towel had fallen open, and they were making out. It might not have been very classy, but we all started to watch as one of Dale's hands massaged Erika's tits, and the other started to explore exactly how short Erika's short shorts were.

Alex asked me truth or dare in a hushed voice and I replied dare thoughtlessly. He then said something, but I didn't hear it, as I was too busy watching as Dale's hand got in Erika's shorts, pushed aside her panties, and he started to play with her clit. Alex repeated the question, still very quietly, so that the couple in the corner didn't hear. He said "I dare you to take off your shirt and bra and go join them."

I swear that one moment I was sitting fully clothed and the next my shirt was on the floor and my bra was in my hands. I looked at Dale and Erika, and they seemed very into what they were doing. The towel that Dale had been wearing after jumping in the pool had become nothing more than another small blanket on the bed, Erika's clothing was still on, if you could call having her t-shirt sitting above her 34D breasts around her neck, and her bra hanging off one arm. I ogled Dale for a minute and wondered for a moment what his reaction would be. His chest was nice, no hair, and a nice 6 pack. His cock was a decent size, probably 7 inches, and nice and thick.

Again it seemed like I blinked and things changed. I was on the 2nd bed sitting beside Erika, my left hand was on Dale's thigh, my right hand was wrapped around Erika, lightly playing with her nipple, while I was going in to give her a kiss. Erika tilted her head and our lips met. There was nothing delicate about this kiss, it was an instantly tongue tangling, gasp for breath kiss.

I pinched her nipple, and moved my hand up higher on Dale's leg, so that I could feel his cock. Her nipple was tight and pointy, his cock was so hard it was like silk wrapped steal. I was not left out, and soon felt a hand on my tit and another going up my leg.

I'm not sure if the game of truth and dare continued and one by one the rest of the participants were dared to join, or if they just decided that what was happening on the 2nd bed looked like a more fun game, but the next time I looked at the 1st bed, I saw nearly nude bodies entwined.

There was a brief pause, where someone decided that we should push the beds together to make up one big bed. While the guys were moving the beds around the girls stripped each other out of our remaining clothes. The girls climbed back on the new and enlarged bed. Erika and I pushed Janice down onto the pillows, Erika started to nibble on her right tit, while I started to nibble on her left. I started to tickle Janice's knee, and Erika emulated it on the other side. We slowly worked our way up to Janice's pussy. Erika started to rub her clit, while I was tracing my fingers around her very wet pussy lips. I pushed a single finger into her pussy and Janice's eyes rolled into the back of her head, I add a second finger in beside the first making her writhe on the bed. A little while later I feel Janice's hand pulling my hair, moving her head towards my face, so that she could kiss me. Almost as soon as I'm kissing her she starts to scream her orgasm into my mouth.

The guys applaud our effort, and although I'm not sure if this was exactly their thought but I figure that they thought it was time to make the show a little more interactive. Janice was zoned out from the massive orgasm, and asked for a few minutes to recover. Erika decided that she had some unfinished business with Dale, and pretty much hopped right on top of him and started riding him cowgirl style.

Darren and Alex looked at each other and then at me, then Darren asked Alex if he was willing to share.

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