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Passion erupts when online lovers finally meet.

Obediently I lean across and pry your manhood free. You're already rock hard. I pull your foreskin down and begin to lick the head of your cock. I can taste precum, a lot of it. You always were a great producer. My tongue moves down the rest of your shaft. Licking, exploring. And then moves to back to the top, where I stop momentarily before slowly putting your cockhead in my mouth and sucking gently. You gasp.

"Nobody sucks my cock like you do, my whore." you say, groaning.

I know better than to reply; I have my mouth full. I then take your whole cock into my mouth and suck furiously, moving it and out. I keep up the pace, feeling you get harder and harder. You pull the car onto the side of the road. You can feel my wet, hot mouth against your manhood. You've always loved your slave sucking you off. I slow down a little, knowing how close you are. Your body relaxes a little. Without warning, I increase the pace. I can feel your whole body stiffen as you whisper furiously "Make me cum, my dirty little slut."

I speed up a little more. Your cock begins to jerk in my mouth. Your hand roughly grabs my head and you yell with pleasure. A minute later my mouth fills with my master's essence, and I swallow every drop like a good girl. You lay back and smile as I straighten up.

"Hello my darling." you say after you've caught your breath "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too baby." I reply

Your eyes roam my body and I can almost feel the heat radiating from them. By now I'm soaking wet. My thighs are slick and my body longing for you. You place a hand on my knee and move it upwards. I spread my legs for you, master.

"Oooh." you remark as your hand finds the wet patches on my thigh

I close my eyes and swallow hard, barely able to control my longing for you to touch me. You move your hand away. I hear the sound of a zip being done up.

"Let's take a walk," you say

I open my eyes and get out of the car with frustration. But whatever master says, I have to obey.

It's a lonely road, nobody around for miles. The sun has begun to set, painting the sky a brilliant orange. You come round to my side of the car and take my hand. And we stand there, leaning against the car, watching the sky. I turn to hold you and as my body presses against yours I feel your manhood, hard again. Your hand is on my ass and you slowly move it down before sliding it up my skirt. Your fingers meet bare skin.

"You're such a slut, you know that?"

"I know. Your slut."

You move your hand between my legs, feeling my already wet folds. I move against your hand. Your fingers begin to play with my clit. I moan in pleasure. Then unexpectedly, you ram 2 fingers up my dripping cunt. I gasp. You begin to move them slowly in and out. I'm so tight; I can feel so much. I'm already so built up. I'm so close. You start increasing the pace and I gasp as I feel myself begin to slip over the edge.

"Scream for Me." you whisper in my ear.

I release a shrill scream as intense pleasure shoots through my body. I flop against you, gasping for air. You pull your fingers out and half-carry half-drag me to the front of the car. You place me on the bonnet and open your jeans, holding your cock in your hand.

"Spread, my bitch."

I obey exposing my soaking wet pussy to you. I'm still out of breathe but you don't care. You roughly force your cock into my pussy, filling it completely. I moan and close my eyes. You pull the foreskin back and roll your eyes at the feel of my heat and wetness against your hardness. And then you begin to move. I barely register you lifting up my top and playing with my nipples. All I can feel is your cock. Moving so slowly, too slowly. I try to move faster but you pin me down.

"Please, master. Fuck me." I beg you

You look down at me and stop completely. "You don't want it badly enough."

Those words are enough to make my cry. "Please. I beg you, master."

You smile but say nothing and do nothing.

"Who are you?" you finally ask

"Your bitch, your slave, your whore, your slut, your fucktoy. All that and more, master, owner."

"Good girl.

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