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A barbarian takes the queen in front of her husband.

do you say, Professor? Can you help a girl out?"

Don chuckled but looked to Tascha. He knew they were trying to make time toward the river, and didn't want to slow things down if the others weren't ready for a break. However, Tascha was merely watching with a smile, as Amy dropped to her knees in front of Don and reached up under his kilt for his organ, which was already thick in anticipation.

"Sex break!" Nicole shouted, laughing, as she tore off her own top and then grabbed for Shelonda. Don watched as the two dark-skinned girls fell into the leaves while they stripped each other's clothes off.

In front of him, Amy had pushed his kilt up and was already working her warm, wet mouth up and down on his shaft, which was responding by quickly hardening for her. Don dropped his staff, water flask and pouch on the ground and pulled his t-shirt off, and then undid his kilt, letting both items fall on the leaves. Now naked, he concentrated on the wonderful sensations of Amy's tongue and lips on his cock. He held her head in his hands as he fucked slowly in and out of her mouth.

Looking up momentarily, Don saw that Nicole and Shelonda had already gotten themselves into a 69, and that Tascha was standing over them watching, with her left hand up under her skirt and her right clutching at right breast. He looked back down, then, to watch Amy's pretty face as she sucked enthusiastically on him. She looked up at him with unmistakable pleasure glittering in her eyes.

Out of the corner of his eye, Don noticed that Tascha was undressing and had knelt down next to the other two girls, though she was now watching Don and Amy.

Remembering some of the other things Tascha had enjoyed watching, he bent down and said to Amy, "Get on your hands and knees for me."

"Fun!" Amy said with a grin as she let go of his cock and turned around in the leaves. She bent over and presented her behind. Kneeling, Don grinned over at Tascha, and pushed Amy's skirt out of the way. Without any preliminaries, he took the fat head of his cock, wet with Amy's saliva, and pushed it into her very hot and willing pussy. Taking Amy's waist in his hands, he immediately set to fucking in and out of her vigorously.

Amy grunted happily and shoved back against his thrusts. Tascha watched for a few moments with a smile on her face and her hand busy between her legs, but then finally bent down to run her hand over Nicole's back. Soon, she was laying with the other two girls in a happy confusion of legs and arms, pussies and tits, laughing, wet mouths and playful fingers.

With a happy grin on his face, Don concentrated on giving Amy a proper fucking. He admired the view of her upturned backside and his thick cock-shaft sliding in and out of her, as well as her strong back and her strawberry blonde hair all messed up. He felt her fingers reaching back to play with herself as he fucked her, and it wasn't long before she was gasping out in a long, loud orgasm.

Don thought he must still be depleted after his night with the crone, and from the single orgasm he'd had earlier with Tascha, because he could tell he was nowhere near ready to come. He leaned over Amy's back, kissed her shoulder, and said, "Why don't we go over and join the others?"

"Good idea, Professor," she breathed.

The other three welcomed them cheerfully, and it wasn't long before Don was looking down into Nicole's face as he slowly but firmly screwed her, while Tascha was in the middle of a little daisy chain -- hungrily going down on Amy, while Shelonda pleasured Tascha with her own lips and tongue. Aside from the rustling of leaves that they were all causing, they were all making enthusiastic sounds of pleasure and carnal joy. As a result, nobody noticed the additional rustling as a number of things moved slowly through the leaves toward and around them.

Don was holding Nicole's wrists up over her head (which he had learned really turned her on) and felt some of the vines under the leaves brushing against his knuckles.

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