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Sarah, the color guard captain, wants to fuck her instructor.

Not the loving gentle relationship wives would appreciate.

After a delay and some choosing of words: My reaction is do I bottle this up and talk it over at the right moment with Chris or do I look for some form of revenge? Is revenge ever smart and how do I keep my revenge to myself and my private moments? My head is rather spinning.

Sarah looked Mario strongly in his eyes to assess his reactions.

Mario: being a man I understand some of how he is thinking. If you really love him, you may wish to bury this while he grows up, but that means you have to accept or reject. Rejection is probably divorce or revenge as you put it while accepting his promiscuity.

Sarah: We have been married six years and the first five were fantastic. The last 7 months we have just had to survive through them while among other things our careers went into overdrive. I don't want to get anywhere near a divorce court. That probably means private revenge is the way to go, does it?

I am sorry that I am blurting out like this, but I trust you understand.

The first reds went down easily while the chat continued.

Sarah: What did you mean by a "proposition"?

Mario: Maria and I have an open marriage and she has her lovers that I know about without interfering. I have in the past done the same, but not now when my firm is expanding. I think Chris has been one of her lovers, but our agreement is we don't talk about our dalliances.

Mario looked back at Sarah.

Sarah I am approaching you to be my mistress. Yes you can have your career back in Houston and you can have your life totally outside of our situation, but every now and then I would love the opportunity to get together and do what mature adults do to each other in the privacy of their environments. I want to seduce you, make gentle caring love to you and have as much sex as we can manage together when we can find the time. You would be totally safe and you would never be at risk of disease or being exposed. You can consider this your revenge if you like, that is up to you.

My firm would sign up the contracts with Chris and Houston, but that may give us more excuses to get together.

I will go and get another drink and let you think this over. No pressure at all. If no is the answer, then we will go our separate ways and respect each other. If yes, then maybe with Chris downtown we may commence our adventures?

Mario rose and went to the bar, returning with two Chateau Neuf de Pap pinots.

They sat saying nothing and just thinking over what had been proposed. The sipping took a seeming eternity with each other looking each other over and considering. The drinks were finished and Mario returned with another.

Again the quietness.

Sarah: Why me, when I am sure you could have almost any woman you would choose? How could we make it work and how do we keep our emotions in check? Am I foolish to consider revenge and is this just a typical Italian lover's need?

Mario: You are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women I have met. You are a caring and loving woman who has been hurt and needs reassurance of a sensitive man. You have a great body that oozes sex appeal. I am sure you love sex and I am willing to accommodate your every taste.

He paused.

When you or I travel and are near each other we seek each other's company and enjoy whatever time we can manage. I am sure Chris will be doing a lot of travel, so I doubt that will be a problem, just I have to find you by you telling me when and where. We just have to be adult and if you want it to stop, it stops immediately no questions asked.

He looked again at Sarah.

No revenge is probably a bad word. I prefer you seek to be wanted as a woman with needs. If you have needs outside our bedrooms, then that is your business solely.

Italians regularly have lovers. It is part of us. We appreciate beautiful things more that many others.

I would give you money to buy whatever clothes and lingerie you wish and stay in places you would never otherwise enjoy.

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