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Fulfilled sex on a car...but was it real?

"I thought you could use some company and a reward for being such a dedicated provider."

She stalked over to his desk, pushing the door closed as she went. Reaching the desktop she continued towards her shocked husband by crawling up on the desktop and gliding towards him on all fours like a cat.

Carol snagged his tie and pulled his face down to hers, kissing him softly, and darting her tongue between his lips. She pushed him back against his chair and his knees buckled. Dave dropped into his chair and Carol followed, crawling down from the desk onto the floor still on all fours and pushed his chair back up against the window. She undid his belt and unzipped his slacks, pulling his shirt up and away as she nuzzled his crotch.

Dave sat there still in shock as his wife proceeded to remove his quickly hardening cock from his briefs and lick down the shaft. She placed the glistening saliva coated flesh between her breasts and used the soft warm globes to jerk him off; licking at the head of his cock each time she finished a stroke. It took her less than a minute to bring him to an explosive climax, his cum shooting from his cock, like a water cannon, arching up and over her head to splash down on her hair, her face and dribble across her tits.

Dave collapsed in his chair in post coital bliss as Carol licked up some of the cum still oozing from his semi hard cock.

The clapping from the doorway froze the couple in place.

"Very nice final performance. Of course you know that you have violated about fifteen company policies and rules not to mention several laws."

Standing in the doorway was Dave's boss Ms. Reynolds. Carol slowly got to her feet. There was nothing she could do or say, Carol knew she had just blown Dave's career. She couldn't even cover up her nakedness as her coat was lying on a bench on the other side of the common room.

Dave just sat stunned. He didn't even remember to cover his rapidly shrinking cock. There was no point, he was finished. Fired. Blacklisted.

Reynolds walked around the desk trapping Carol and Dave in place. She looked down at the semen covered papers on the desk and shoved them off into a trash can at the end of the desk. She sat against the edge of the desk and looked Carol and Dave over just as if they were a hanging piece of beef she was considering buying.

Her gaze went to Dave's lap and her smile got wider and crueler. She turned to Carol. Her finger scooped up some of the cum from Carol's breast and she lifted it to Carols lips. Carol opened her mouth not really sure what was happening but knowing whatever it was she had no choice but to cooperate.

"Lick it."

Carol looked into the woman's eyes and began to lick the sticky goo from her finger. The woman found another slimy splatter on Carol's cheek and scrapped it off, again bringing it to Carol's lips to be cleaned.

Dave started to sit up and Ms. Reynolds spiked heel on her shapely foot landed in his crotch.

"Sit puppy. I'll get to you in a little while." She emphasized her order with a twist of her heel in his ball sack.

Carol started to protest but one look into those cold green eyes and she closed her mouth without a sound. Ms. Reynolds hands began to squeeze and twist and play with her breasts and Carol found herself enjoying the sensation. She had always liked it a little rougher than Dave liked to dish out and the combination of being caught, of having this strange women taking control and the roughness with which she was being handled had Carol's body reacting before she knew what was happening.

The woman's hand drifted down and pushed its way between Carol's legs. One finger then two pushed into her cunt and the woman's thumb pressed down on her swollen clit. Carol began to moan and hump the invading fingers, which suddenly withdrew.

The boss grabbed the back of her hair and used it to move Carol beside Dave's chair. One quick jerk and Carol lay sprawled across Dave's lap.


Carol felt the woman's hand reach under her belly and she heard Dave gasp.

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