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A wife is punished for being flirtatious.

"I can wait."

She smiled, and her gaze fell on the bulge in my jeans.

"Can you?" she said coyly.

"Actually I have an idea that might pass the time."

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

With that I stepped over to her and kneeled down on the floor as if in supplication to a Goddess. Using only my lips, my hands behind my back, I began kissing at her ankles above the short white socks she still wore. Exploring every inch of her smooth skin, I moved up her calves until I could smell those panties getting closer and closer. In my mind I was doing this to my cousin lying on her bed, and it was her pungent crotch I was kissing my way toward.

Jenna didn't quite know what to make of this yet, but her breathing was becoming quite audible now.

At last my tongue reached the edge of the silk panties, and I worked my way inward to the crotch. The aroma of moist, sweaty pussy was overpowering here, and I gently lapped at the spot, tasting a days worth of secretions.

A slightly surprised gasp escaped Jenna's lips. I had sniffed my share of panties up until now, but this was the first time they'd been attached to an actual girl. The realization that her bare pussy was mere inches away from my face suddenly sent a wave of excitement rolling through me.

"Mmmm...well I guess we know Thom likes panties," she purred.

I just moaned. She took her right hand out of her crotch and ran it through my hair. "Me, too."

I didn't give too much thought to what that might mean. Instead I reached out a hand and cupped the crotch of her panties, taking one long, slow lick of the slick surface as I looked up and into her sparkling green eyes. Her tongue had involuntarily slipped out, and she licked the corner of her lips, as if tasting her cunt right along with me.

What followed seemed inevitable. I had never tasted pussy before, but my desire to get my mouth on Jenna's slit was irresistible. I pecked at the inside of her knees and her inner thighs on the way up, but I was in a rush to get to where those thighs met, and where one of her hands still blocked the way.

I was now over the open toilet bowl, and could smell the pee she had recently unleashed. She hesitated in moving her hand away, and just before I went to move it myself, she whispered, "Wait...there's more."

As she raised her fingers a few inches, revealing a beautiful mound of short black hairs protecting a glistening pink labia, I saw a thin stream of whitish-yellow piss squirt out. Every instinct told me that this was not supposed to be an arousing experience, but it was an unbelievable rush.

Jenna was moaning softly, as though this were sexually pleasurable for her as well, and I found it unexpectedly so for me. Just as the small stream was ending and the last drops were ejected, I shocked myself by diving into her wet cunt with my tongue and slurping those droplets up, at the same time making my first contact with the soft folds of a girl's pussy and tasting the salty juices waiting there.

Jenna shifted slightly forward on the seat and leaned back. Her wet slit was now offered up to me in its full glory. Both of her hands were now threading through the hair on the back of my head as I slid my tongue further from her clit (or what I at least assumed was her clit) down to what seemed like the edge of a deep reservoir. I had found the sopping opening of her pussy, and as her hands guided me, the tip of my tongue wiggled up inside her, and I was rewarded with more sweet nectar than I could have imagined.

Her panties were preventing her from spreading her legs, so I lowered them over one stocking-ed foot and the flower of her sex opened even further. By now her thighs were trembling and was whispering, "Oh, Thom...Oh, yes" over and over.

My cock was absolutely stymied in my jeans, and it was getting uncomfortable, so as I licked her, I undid the top button, then the zipper, enough so that I could get a hand down my pants and pull my pole out of my underwear.

The way she was moving told me Jenna might be getting close, and I stroked myself as she writhed under my ton

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