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Reuben and Josh show our heroine a good time.

When he checked my left hand I made sure I flexed my wrist slightly and in his haste he didn't notice so it was a little looser. Ricky turned and started to walk out the door and I asked him to kiss me.

He stopped abruptly and turned back toward me. Leaning in he kissed me. Yep something was up. His kiss was different too. I played along sliding my tongue in his mouth caress his lips with mine and as we broke a part I whispered softly "I trust you Ricky." His body stiffened and he rose looking at me for a few seconds.

When he looked like he was going to turn and go out the door again I asked "Well?"

I startled him again causing him to reply, "What?"

Smiling I went on, "I don't hear zipper being pulled down."

Looking toward the front of the apartment through the bedroom door he answered. "I want to make sure I am clean for you, I was active at work today."

Good answer, sometimes we girls like the smell of man especially if you are really turned on it can add to the fire of the moment. But when I am doing it just for them, clean is good. As he walked back down the hall I could hear his footsteps and he passed the bathroom door.

I had shut my eyes when he left to concentrate on the sounds in the apartment so when the air conditioner kicked on it startled me a bit. The vent directed the cool air over me where I was sitting and my nipples perked up in the cold, making me looked aroused. If it turned out this was just Ricky wanting to be kinky I could get that way, but if it wasn't God help him. I felt the pressure in the room change telling me someone had either opened the front door or the balcony door, from the quickness of it I was sure it was the front door. Ricky and I had fucked on that balcony a few times. First laying down, then sitting in the chair, and finally on a really dark night when it was late he talked me into doing it standing up. I didn't lean over the rail. That was just to scary for me as high up as we were but I did lean over a chair a few feet back. The danger did add to the sex and when we had both cum with grunts and yells we heard someone clapping and whistling across the way.

Hearing voices snapped me out of my reminiscing. Yes there was two voices, Ricky's I knew the other I didn't recognize yet but it sounded familiar. I heard parts of a broken conversation.

Ricky: blowjob only...

Unknown: No I wanted Pussy...


unknown: Fuck

Ricky: ............that's it, I get it and I don't owe you shit.

Unknown: OK

What the fuck? Ricky was using me to pay off some kind of a debt. I started to pull my left had off the chair arm and end this shit right now. I was going slap both of these cock suckers and tell them just what a piece of shit they were. Hell had I not spent the first 3 weeks of our sex life building up Ricky's self esteem about his cock. He was all apologetic that it wasn't long like the ones in the porno movies. It was about 6 inches I guess I never measured but it was a fat thing and it filled me up good and since I have a shallow vagina he could tap my cervix when we were doing doggy or me on top. Ha the only thing he was going to tap now was his fucking hand. Then it hit me, revenge, how to get even with him for betraying my trust. He wanted to pimp me out OK, let's see how he likes this.

I head someone go in the bath room and a few minutes later I heard two sets of foot steps come down the hall and then they entered. I could make out Ricky and he was still dressed looking like he had an I phone in his hand videoing this like it was a family event or some shit. The other person was a little taller than Ricky but similarly built and he was naked I couldn't make out facial features yet but I could see him from the waist down and he was sporting wood. It was thinner than Ricky's and maybe a little longer but not much. As he crept forward I could finally see it was Calvin, Ricky's brother.

I waited until he was right up on top of me and in a fearful voice I called out "Ricky is that you?"

It startled both of them for a second before Calvin motioned

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