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Beautiful, rich Susan seduces 18-year-old girls.

And reluctantly she did the same.

They stared at each other a second. Then, he took his hand from his dick, and put hers on him.

She squeezed out a plea to him. "At least put a condom on."

"I don't have a condom."

She rolled her eyes. "Jason."

His hips descended, and the movement caused her eyes to blink wide. Her hand gripped tighter on him. Her eyes left him and stared up at the ceiling.

He brought his hips higher up the bed and her hand angled his dick just down. It felt like her legs eased wider.

When he felt the wetness of her on his cockhead, he moaned. Her hand made an adjustment, and he was centered on her. Her palm slid further down his shaft.

He held himself right over her, while his face moved to hers. Her eyes darted back from staring away. She watched his lips close to hers. He kissed her and let it stay a long moment.

When he brought his lips from hers, she was still looking to him, and her hand moved him forward. They looked deeply in each other's eyes, as he entered her. His penis plunged right past her lips and her warmth shot electricity through him.

They both heard him moan hard.

She pulled more of him to her, and he grunted. Once he was almost completely inside her, her hand let go of him, and she put her hands on his back. Her knees raised up and to her sides.

A delicate breath from her brought one quiet word. "Okay."

He leaned forward and he pushed from his knees. He didn't stop until his base was firmly against her pussy, and he was fully inside her.

Her mouth opened and stayed apart, while he eased back and forth a few times. Her face moved up and down in time with his body's shifts back and forth.

He loved how wet and warm she felt on him, and how her lips stayed to him as he swayed over her. They kept watching each other, and she looked like she was about to say something.

All that came was a soft mumble. "Yeah."

After a while, he slowed down even more, and he brought himself to where he was almost out of her. He paused there, and then he felt something that instantly thrilled him.

Her hips pushed back on him, causing him to be back into her. She rocked back and forth herself, and he loved it. A quick, self-conscious look crossed her face, but she didn't stop it. She kept pushing back and forth from under him, and he restarted his own thrusts.

He found a rhythm of meeting her pushes with his own stabs, and her head bobbed at the force of it. Seeing her absorb it spurred him harder. He shifted more weight onto his arms, and his hips picked up their pace.

He worried about how her body was now jerking about, but one throaty blurt from her relieved him.


He felt his balls tightening. He decided to go from a steady pushing to outright pounding against her. The slaps of their skin filled the air.

She started a kind of humming sound and cried out. "C'MON!"

She started crying louder. "Oh, oh, oh, OH!"

He was very close. He stopped holding back at all, and he fucked as hard as he could.

Her body was jerking up and down the bed, and her fingernails dug into his back.


She sucked a deep breath and then let another scream rip. "AAAAHHHHHH!"

Her scream still in his ears and her pussy lapping at his cock, the most intense, ecstatic waves ever slammed him.

"OOOOHHHHHHHHH!" He heard himself crying out, never having done so before. "OOOHHHHHHHHH!"

He clenched his eyes, and his body jerked about. Spasms ravaged him over and over, and he was cumming over and over, digging as deeply into her as he could possibly get.

He was still pushing out grunts when he finally started to orient.

He opened his eyes, and he was still propped above her. She was panting and staring straight up at him. They looked at each a long moment.

He eased low to her and they kissed.

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