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Party at The Meadows - Pt. 2 of 4

She nearly took my girl out of the evening. I turned it around, though. You better not do that at the concert. I gave them some tickets...- -

Dan let the phone slip out of his hand and drop to his lap.


The moment Joanne got out of the car, she knew the night would be trying. Gary scolded her for getting out of the car before he could open the door. He'd been trying to be chivalrous, but she knew how inconsiderate he really was. She looked up at the theatre marquis. Jeremy was the main event. She'd known he would be in town for the concert he'd given Jesse tickets to. She wasn't sure what to do. Gary had no idea who Jerry Carter was. She had to think about how to handle this.

'He didn't recognize me, before. It's not like he'd stand up and point me out, right? He doesn't remember. I'll just go and try not to ruin this date for Gary. The boy is trying.'

He'd came over to ask her out in person. He'd even brought her flowers. Gary held out his hand to her and nodded toward the entrance. Joanne took his hand and let out a slow breath.

* Daniel sat backstage as Jerry downed the rest of his soda.

"Hey, I never did thank you for the writing credit," Dan smiled.

"That song was choice. The minute they heard it they had to have it. I was just lucky to be there when it came to you." Jerry tossed the empty can and straightened up in his chair.

"Too bad I didn't know who I was writing it for."

Jerry balled up a napkin and tossed it expertly at Dan's forehead. "I told you that Candy was a whore. You just thought I was jealous." He suddenly lit up, "I'd like to thank you for all of the legs you've opened over these years."

Dan felt his face warm. "That's not why..."

"Yeah, yeah. That's not why you wrote it. You wrote it because you were hard up and you thought you were in love. Well, look how wrong you were. Just use the song for what it is. A strange magnet."

Dan sighed, "Fine, Jer."

"Why don't you go out and enjoy the show. I'll line something up for later, if you're interested."


He went through the keys and smiled to himself as the theatre responded with enthusiasm. He leaned into the mic and said, "Thank you, Ladies and gentlemen, for your warm welcome. I'd like to start out with a song from my first album. The writer is in attendance, so I won't play around with it...this time. This one goes out to a special lady I used to know."

The intro was very familiar to Joanne, which made her cringe in her seat. She'd heard the awkward beginnings, not the polished flower that it was now. She'd heard that song all the way through about twenty times that summer. Jeremy's voice was just as low and caressing as he wove a spell of longing that gripped the room. She struggled to keep from falling back into how she was back then. Her eyes watered with the effort not to cry. When he finished, the uncomfortable hush exposed his satiated sigh. The crowd applauded. She was the only one that saw through him.

"If you find her, let me know," he chuckled lightly as he moved on to the next song.

"Angel?" Gary placed a hand over hers and looked at her with concern. She could feel the frown pressing down on her face.

She put on a smile for him and said, "It was so beautiful."

"This is just the beginning," he smiled as he gave her hand a squeeze.

Joanne had to admit that Jeremy could definitely play a piano. Through the entire evening, he joked and sighed his way into the audience's confidence. When he finally got up and walked offstage, she absolutely wanted to leave, but Gary didn't get up.

"You gotta go to the bathroom?"

Joanne looked back down at him and said, "Well, yeah. But, I thought we'd be going..."

"No, we're going to meet him, I got a great deal."

A great deal. She didn't agree. Joanne went to the bathroom and worked to get her emotions under control.

She looked at herself in the mirror as she washed her hands. 'He doesn't remember. You just walk in, say hello, and...' "It's nothing. You smile at him and go. Gary's happy, we go home."

"Oh look who's here," she heard a familiar voice behind

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