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A young woman's journey into the erotic joys of Submission.

She had a question in her eyes and I nodded my assent. She got down onto the floor and I spread my knees for her. She propped her elbows on my thighs and took me hungrily into her mouth. It was obvious that she hadn't had much experience sucking cock and I was more than willing to help teach her what she needed to know.

"Hon, take me out of your mouth. Now, put your fingers around the base of my cock," I offered. "Good girl. Now, lick me. Lick along the vein that runs up the underside of my cock. Stroke me while you do that."

I stroked her hair, wondering briefly how she wore it when she was "en drab". I drove this thought out of my head, wanting to enjoy her fully as the girl she was being for me. "Good, now take me into your mouth again. Slower, this time."

She was more deliberate this time, thinking of how things must feel for me, rather than how she was enjoying the sensation of a cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue butterflying around the head before snaking it down and around me. She took me deeply, choking herself a bit.

Despite what some guys may like, I've never been turned on by the sounds of gagging. I pulled her back a bit and told her, "If you can't take it all, you're going to have to work at it slowly."

She looked up into my eyes and began taking me deeper and deeper, pressing her tongue delightfully against me all along the way down.

Behind me I heard a familiar and unnerving sound, a key going into the lock on Marcy's front door. Her girlfriend had come back early, just seconds away from me busting my nut in Marcy's mouth. My hard-on faded as Marcy jumped back, a panicked look on her face.

"Quick! Hide!" she said, trying to pull me off the couch toward the back of the apartment.

As soon as Marcy's girlfriend opened the door, I knew we'd both be in plain sight. I managed to get my pants back up but knew there was no sense in trying to hide. More than anything, I was dreading the impending social awkwardness as Marcy and her girlfriend were undoubtedly going to get into an argument, forcing me to leave as graciously I could under bad circumstances.

"Mark, what's going on?" came the small voice. I was surprised to hear such a tiny sound coming from her as she was a fairly big girl. Short, plump, brunette, and loaded up with packages from her shopping expedition.

"Angel, it's not what it looks like!" he cried. Despite my better judgment, I laughed out loud at this ridiculous statement.

"Oh, don't lie to me, Marcy," she said icily, "It's exactly what it looks like, I'm sure." She dumped the packages at the door and stormed over to Marcy and slapped her across the face. Marcy began crying and Angel began taunting her, "That's right, sissy, cry. Cry like the little bitch you are."

Angel turned on her heel to me. "And you! Was she good? What did she do for you?"

Feeling no need to be coy I said, "She sucked my cock."

I could see by the look on her face that I had taken Angel by surprise. She looked from me to Marcy and back, "How was she?"

"I've had better, but she's got promise," I said, enjoying where this conversation was going. Angel was throwing out a vibe that told me we were on the same path.

"Did you like sucking him, Marcy?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Marcy lowered her head and whispered, "Yes."

"Then get down on your knees and do it some more. I want to see how you do it."

Marcy's face fell. She looked between Angel and I, her eyes pleading for help. Neither of us were giving her any. Instead, Angel pointed at my crotch and I began undoing my pants again.

As I stood there, hand on my cock, taking in Angel and Marcy, I wondered if this was fulfilling some kind of mutual fantasy for them. It even crossed my mind that Angel's "early return" might have been planned all along. It all seemed too convenient. And, moreover, Marcy could have refused but there she was now, getting down in front of me, replacing my hand with hers, and taking the head of my cock into her mouth.

Angel moved to get a better perspective.

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