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Back to the past.

..unless it gets turned up."

"Turned up? Oh master, it was all I could do to control myself when the doorbell rang. I'm not sure I could stand it if the shocks were any stronger." I pleaded.

"Then it looks like it's going to be an interesting night...for all of us." he said kissing me on my blushing cheek. "Now finish getting ready and I'll go see if Phil and Tina are ready to go."

He went to check on Phil and Tina and I walked over to the mirror. I guess I'm getting more experienced at being teased and tortured, because the tingling in my pussy and the butterflies in my stomach when I took each step didn't take me by surprise. That isn't to say that the vibrator buried in my little hole wasn't exciting me, I just knew each step was going to add to my torment.

I also realized that when I get really excited, either while Keith is doing something to me or when he tells me what he is going to make me do, I call him 'master'. We talked about this and he was a little concerned at first, but I explained that when I was really into what was happening to me, calling him 'master' just seems to come out, and saying it out loud just gets me more excited, like I'm admitting out loud my submission to him while, at the same time, taunting him to do more to me.

I finished checking myself in the mirror and headed downstairs. Again, going up or down steps with something shoved into your pussy is an unnerving experience not to mention how it exposed my legs and little pussy. By the time I reached the bottom of the steps I was gasping and my nipples were like little rocks. I knew Keith appreciated my predicament and the show my body was putting on for him by the smile on his face.

Phil and Tina came down a minute or so later. Tina's little red dress -- and I do mean little -- was really cute on her sexy body. It was a one piece dress with straps over the shoulders and cut low in the front showing a lot of Tina's generous breasts. The skirt, which only came down to just above mid thigh, flared out a little at the bottom making it flip up as she walked. I could tell as she came down the steps that Tina wasn't permitted underwear either.

Phil told me how nice I looked and Keith told Tina she was beautiful. Their compliments were heartfelt, but I somehow got the feeling that they each knew what to expect and they had our whole submissive night planned.

Phil went to warm up the car and Keith went to bring in some extra firewood leaving us girls to talk. "I told you they were going to torture us all weekend." Tina said with a smile.

"Well, considering all they've done to us so far tonight can't too bad." I said hopefully.

"I think tonight is going to be more about humiliation than it is about torture." she said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, well you don't have a vibrator shoved your pussy." I said with a giggle.

"Ummm...yes I do," she said with a look of concern, "and a plug up my ass, too. I think they really intend to push our limits tonight. I hope you're up for having strangers get a good look at your body...and maybe even more."

Before I could ask her what she meant, or maybe even knew, about tonight's dinner, Keith came in carrying a load of wood. He put it down by the fireplace and said, "Come on ladies, time to go."

He helped Tina on with her coat, a brown furry one that came down to her knees. Then, he held up my coat, the full length white furry one he bought me, and helped me on with it covering up my barely covered body. We walked out onto the porch, and the temperature had really dropped. It was below freezing already and I hoped that the guys didn't have any more outdoor 'activities' planned for this evening. Considering how flimsy our outfits were, we were both grateful for the warm coats.

Phil was standing outside the car and opened the passenger door for Tina and Keith opened the rear door for me.

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