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A BBW escort finds love.

"What's your name?"

"Hoshi." The massive arachnid girl bowed.

"Well Hoshi, how about you pay me sixty silver pieces and he is yours for the night?"

I gulped hard. I was being pimped to a monster! She pushed me to the Ushi-Oni's arms, and I yelped a bit, making Zsa-Zsa giggle.

"Both first timers? You both get some drinks and enjoy each other. Punch is on the house, other beverages extra."

"Okie!" The Ushi-Oni took out a purse from her belt and poured the silver, money for my virginity.

"Be kind to him, alright?"

"YES, YES!" her voice was shrill but cute.

But she was so gentle, I have to admit. Her claws were soft, careful not to hurt me as she held my arm cutely. She leaned on me a little, hugging me as if she'd lose me in the crowd. Zsa-Zsa left our presence, eager to pimp out boys to the monster girls who needed a bit of guidance.

"Hey..." She turned her head to face me. "What's your name?"

"Tyler, miss Hoshi." I smiled, finally gaining a bit of courage and held her arms.

Why not?

She was gentle, not like the cruel looking Dark Elves who loved to spank and flog girls and boys: not that they minded, most even liked it. Just not me. One of the dark elves loved to use boys like a man, penetrating them with a strapped on dildo that looked like a male member.

Just not me neither!! I begged Zsa-Zsa not to employ me like that, and she respected it ever since.

But this one was...soft. She was gentle, kind and shared her drink with me.

"Hey hey, uh..." She stammered over her punch, confused. You see, Ushi-Oni aren't too smart. But they are different, kind, and passionate once the Sutra came off. She pursed her lips, about to press on mine.

"Kissy kissy?"

Oh god.

I aughed. Sorry, but it was too much for me. At least she wasn't angry, but looked hurt when I laughed. I felt like an ass right there and then.

"Sorry." I held her hands. She looked up, eyes twinkling under her sad mien. "So sorry. Didn't know...You are just..."

"Lack confidence? Others say.."

Her cow ears drooped. Aww...

At least that was defused fast. Her joy returned in a flash, a happy smile.

"Okie. Kiss now?"

"Sure, Hoshi."

I nodded, pursing my lips and waiting for hers. That's when I got my first kiss on my job, and a soft pair of lips masticating mine. She was so cute, eyes closed, so I closed mine too.

We hugged to the music, kissing like a young date couple who didn't know shit.

Around us, some monster girls laughed and cooed at the newbie couple making out, us kissing like kids fresh from school. Hoshi held me in her arms, gently squeezing me and setting me on her lap.

"Awww..." An orc girl giggled. "Look at them!"

A dark elf smiled, sipping wine. "SO CUTE!" Some of the Lamia and Harpies clustered, watching us kiss.

"Aww they look like both first timers! So cute!"

Hoshi didn't stop kissing, hugging me until I felt her muscles pressure my spine.

"Kissing is so good!" She squeaked cutely, looking at me with a loving eye that glowed with pink demon love, hearts in her pupils. "Kiss more! Now!"

I chuckled, caressing her ears and pinching them between my fingers.

"Kuu..." She squirmed when I caressed her flicking ears. "Meanie...don't do that..."

"But I love it..." I smiled, kissing her again. "Mmm..."

"Y-you like my ears? A human knight called me an ugly cow...and called my ears dirty cow flops..." She sniffled, eyes teary.

My heart melted. How can I mistreat a demon girl when I was myself beaten to death by farmers? I hugged her deeply, kissing her nose and cheeks until she giggled.

"You are very beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise..." I embraced her with my heart beating fast. She could kill me with those claws, demonic arms and legs.

But it was worth it. It was worth giving happiness to a young girl who wanted a bit of love. I snuggled close to her, hugging her giant arms.

"I wuv you..." The Ushi-Oni cooed kissing me. "Can I take you? Like...now?" She was making puppy eyes, which I could not resist.

Heart beating fast, I took her hand and led her to the building, where already, 24/7 moans and

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