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An Ex-Lover comes back into her life.

"I only cum for daddy," I choke out.

Again. Again. Again. "I only cum for daddy...I only cum...for daddy...I only cum for daddy..."

The spanks come hard against me and my ass is reddening. My pussy is swelling. Tears well up in my eyes. Pain hurts, but it turns me on and daddy knows it.

We've reached around 20 spanks and I feel like I can't take it anymore. Daddy hasn't taken a break. I'm squirming in the chair and he holds my hips down, pinning me, and suddenly thrusts two licked fingers deep into my pussy.

"Mmmm, fuck daddy..." I moan. The contrast between the pleasure and the pain is amazing.

"Don't forget whose pussy this is," he growls. He's working me with his hand, two fingers inside me, and he rests his thumb on the tight pucker of my ass. I gasp.

"It's yours, daddy. It's all yours. All of me."

He pulls back and spanks me again, even harder. Then harder. Maybe he's trying to make me cry. It's working.

"I only cum for daddy," I moan over and over until it blurs together, the tears, the pain, the pleasure, the endorphins, the carnal attraction and love I have for daddy pouring out of me. And then it's over and he's holding me, stroking my hair, telling me I'm a good girl, his perfect little slut.

My chest heaves and I gaze up at him through tousled hair. He's shirtless now, just in jeans, his defined pecs and abs showing the work he puts in at the gym. Fifteen years older than me and he still has the body of an Adonis. He has piercing greenish blue eyes, full lips, a square jaw, and a cleft in his chin. He is intense and beautiful. This is the face I look at all day but have to pretend I'm not fucking. I realize I'm staring.

His hand is moving around an object. It's the daddy coin, as he calls it. He'll flip it to help decide which of my tight little holes to take tonight. I'm ready for both, but it fills me with a rush of desire and a little fear to know I don't have any say in how daddy uses me.

"Stand," he commands. I do. He hooks the clip of a leash onto my collar. He's holding the leather strapped end and the metal chains rest cold against my flat, toned stomach.

"Now crawl," he says, pulling the leash behind him. I follow on my hands and knees. It's humiliating, but I don't care. I need daddy to fuck me so badly. I'll do anything.

He leads me to a mattress on the floor beside a mirror. "Get in your submissive slut position," he says. Within seconds my face is pressed against the sheets, my arms outstretched ahead of me, my lower back arched, and my ass raised for him. We have practiced this position often. I've seen some of daddy's other sluts assuming it in pictures. It's both hot and angering to know that he can get beautiful girls to degrade themselves for him, despite knowing that I'm special. His favorite.

There's a metallic clink as the coin falls to the floor. I hold my breath as I wait to hear my fate. He's going to make me wait. My pussy clenches and a wave of need rolls over me, a need to be filled, fucked, owned completely, to cum over and over on daddy's cock.

I hear the sound of his belt pulling through the loops of his jeans and the zip of his fly. He stands behind me and passes his belt under my stomach, holding each end in one hand.

"Heads, babygirl," he says gruffly as he plunges his cock all the way inside my pussy. I almost scream. He's fucking me so hard, hitting me deep inside, that secret spot that makes my eyes roll back in my head and my mind go empty, thinking nothing but how much I need this.

"Yes, daddy; fuck me, daddy..." I'm begging for what I'm getting. It feels incredible.

He slows and drags over my vibrator, plugged into the wall by the mattress.

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