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Wives discuss experiences with other women.

Mom let my cock slip from her mouth as she fell back dead passed out. I scooped her up and carried her to her bedroom. I dropped her on her bed.

I was about to leave her there when I thought maybe if I undress her she might think someone else got cum all over her face and neck. I got her undressed and covered her naked body with a sheet. But not until I took a good look. Mom was a really good looking woman and she had a sexy tight body for a lady forty years old.

I took her skirt and placed it down stairs along with her shoes. I put her bra on the floor by the door and scattered the rest around her room. I hoped this would confuse her enough so she would not remember what she did to me.

I don't know how I did but I fell asleep and did not get up until I heard Mom moving around.

I came down to breakfast and much to my surprise Mom looked almost normal. She looked a little ragged out and her hair was not done up too well. But I did not say any thing.

I did say "Well how was your date?"

She kind of froze for a millisecond and then said with her back to me "It was fine. I had a good time."

I said "Are you going to date this guy again?"

She said "I'm not sure. We'll see."

The conversation was dropped there as the phone rang. Mom went into the Den to answer it there.

The conversation was much like I had hoped it would be. Mom was almost yelling at her lady friend Iris. Mom said some thing like "I don't remember a thing after my third drink. Did that son of a bitch put something in my drink?"

She said "Well who brought me home?"

Someone else had to have followed you. For Gods' sake Iris I had dried cum on my face." Pause "You're god dame right I know the taste of cum. Well someone had a cock in my mouth. Christ Iris; I can not remember a thing." Pause "No never again. Not with that SOB." The phone was slammed down as I rushed back to the table and resumed eating.

Mom had some how regained her composure when she returned. I asked with tongue in cheek "Is there anything wrong?"

Mom said "No." rather sternly and almost ran up stairs.

I ate and went out the back door with no place in mind. I ended up at the back of the parking lot near the old High school. I sat there resting and thinking.

The second note I placed in Mrs. Pond's mail box. The mail boxes were in a wall at the entrance of the building. Neatly folded I slipped it through the slot.

"My dear Mrs. Ponds. Thoughts of you fill my head all weekend making this weekend one of the most pleasant I've ever had. I know I'm young and yet my feeling for you are so strong I feel more adult than ever. I see you in my dreams, we're dancing and you're in my arms I am so thrilled. I am so aroused I get a full erection and can only dream of making love to you over and over again. I dream of licking you to a wild climax. I dream of watching you take my cock into your mouth before I lay you back and ram it into you sweet cunt. I want to fuck you so bad my cock hurts with the very thought of you naked before me.

I know you're a small woman but I believe you could easily take my long hard cock up you tiny ass as well as in you delicate cunt. I want to fill you with my liquid love. I jerk off thinking of your beautiful body. I'm sorry for being so bold but this is how I feel... I'll love you forever from afar...

I still had six hours before sun down. God I wanted to be there when she first opened this note. But there is no way I could watch her during the day. I'd be caught for sure.

So I went home to wait for sun down.

Mom was on the phone again with her friend Iris. Mom was saying "Just forget it Iris. I don't what to think about it anymore."

My bedroom door was open.

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