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Titties and sand. Story #2 boob bouncin Barbara.

My make-up was simple, with dark eyes and dark lipstick, but little else.

My black purse sat on a table near the door, along with my keys. I picked them up on my out. Walking down two flights of stairs to the parking lot I hit the button to disarm the alarm on my car and admired it from afar. Every time I see my car it makes me smile. Bradley had bought the little green convertible for my 23rd birthday, and I always thought it fit me perfectly. What a great little car.

I got in and tossed my purse on the passenger seat. Adjusting the tunes until the volume was just right, I was off. The drive across town was a quick one, traffic was always light this time of night and I made all the lights. My favorite club was just off the main strip, with valet parking out front. I gave my keys to a handsome young valet named Vinnie, and the doorman held the door open for me.

Slowly I made my way to my favorite spot at the bar, one where you could see everything that was happening in the place, and took a seat. No sooner had I sat down than Randall, the very hunky and very gay bar tender set a tall pink drink in front of me.

"How are you tonight, my love?" he asked with a smile.

I giggled and tried the drink. It was perfect, of course. "So much better now that you brought me this," I replied.

"It's my pleasure doll. On the house, naturally," Randall said, and went to get beers for two couples at the other end of the bar.

Drink in hand, I crossed my legs and turned to survey the situation. Several couples were sprinkled through out the club, and about a dozen more were on the dance floor, grinding and gyrating to the house of music of the very talented DJ. I caught the eye of the DJ and he waved. I lifted my drink to him and smiled, then returned to scanning the crowd.

Not far from me at a small table, I noticed three men, all in their late twenties, professional-looking and kind of handsome. One of them noticed me noticing him and smiled at me. I smiled back, holding his gaze a long moment, then turned back to the bar. With my back half turned to him I waited, knowing it wouldn't be long before he was at my side.

He was quicker than most, I discovered with pleasure.

Manning the bar stool next to me, he turned to me with a very nice smile, broad, with good-looking teeth. "Hello there," he said.

I pretended to be startled to see him there, as if I had been so engrossed in though, I hadn't noticed his approach. It was all part of the game. "Oh! Well, hello there!"

"Are you here alone?" he asked.

"It seems as though I am. I was to meet a girlfriend, but she phoned to say she can't make it," I lied.

"Ah...well, lucky for me then," he said with another flash of that smile.

"Perhaps." I took a sip of my drink and glanced back at his friends, who were now busy trying to pretend they weren't watching us.

"I'm James," he said.

Looking back at him, I offered him a smile in return. "Val," I said.

"Val. What a beautiful name. Val, would you care for a drink?"

I looked down at my half empty glass. "I could probably go for another," I said, and took a long drink.

"Great, so could I. What's that you're drinking?" Before he could get the words out, Randall had placed fresh drinks in front of us.

"He's very good," I explained with a wink.

"I see that. Do you come here often?"

"Occasionally." I nonchalantly reached one hand down and adjusted my skirt, letting it sneak up my thigh a bit. It didn't take James' eyes long to feast on the newly exposed skin.

"What do you do for a living?" he asked, not taking his eyes off my thigh.

"I'm a graduate student."

"Very nice."

"What do you do, James?" I leaned over to listen to his answer, knowing full well that, just for a moment, he had a clear view of my ample breasts.

"I'm a..." In the face of my assets, he seemed to lose his train of thought, which made me giggle a little. It's always so much fun to mess with their minds a bit. My mother taught me that.

"A what?" I asked, tracing my finger over his knee.

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