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Janice knew the rules of The Game very well...

"Please will you fuck me" she begged. "I can't take it anymore; I need to feel you inside me NOW."

He smiled. It was easier than what he imagined. He walked over to the TV and switched it off. He took the blindfold out and put it over her eyes. She couldn't see anything. "I'm not going to give you release that easily, my dear" he said. And he could see some tears running down her face. She was so beautiful when she was helpless and frustrated.

He took out a remote controlled vibrator and placed it inside her soaking pussy. It took all her concentration to keep it inside her as she was so slippery. He didn't switch it on. He kissed her lips and then he moved down to her nipples. He sucked on then and bit them. He knew that he could bite them quite hard as she was so aroused that she didn't feel much pain. He switched on the vibrator only for a couple of seconds as he could hear her breathing becoming very heavy. Then he stopped. He took the vibrator out and slid in two of his fingers. Again her pussy muscles gripped his fingers. He gave her tits a hard slap.

"I told you no movement is allowed. If I have to tell you again you will not be allowed to cum today. Do you understand me?"

She nodded. "I'm sorry. Please may I cum, Please will you give me the release that I need?"

"NO" was all he said.

He removed his fingers and she could hear him moving about in the room. Not sure what was to come next. Then she felt an ice cold Ice cube moving over her nipples. She gasped for air from shock. Then it was gone. She felt it again on the other nipple but the moment it was gone she felt hot dripping wax where the ice have just been. It was a strange sensation as the wax hardened instantly. Then the ice cube was sliding on her lips. When she wanted to lick it, it was gone. She waited in anticipation but nothing happened. Then she felt the Ice cube being shoved into her pussy in one swift move. She was shocked at the thought but then she concentrated on the sensations. It was cold and sent a shiver up her spine. It also made her pussy ache and numb at the same time. She could feel the ice melting rapidly and the ice cold water dripping out of her hot pussy. Mixing with her pussy juices. Then she felt him liking and nibbling her clit. It felt heavenly.

Her orgasm was building and she started to breathe heavily and then he stopped. He took another ice cube and moved it around her pussy once or twice to cool her sex down. She was frustrated but realised that he is going to tease her for a while. He kissed her passionately and she felt the feeling returning to her pussy. She felt how she was starting to get so wet again. He moved away and she could hear him taking his clothes off.

She smiled and thought to herself that her release was near. He moved closer to her so that she could feel the warmth of his body. He stood by her pussy and moved his cock head just round her clit. He could hear her breathing getting heavy again. He continued this for a little while longer and just as she was almost at the point of no return, he stopped. She pulled on her restraints.

"Please will you just fuck me, I can't take it anymore"

He just moved away quietly and stood against the wall and watched her. She was lying there, bound, helpless and frustrated. He wanted to send her over the edge so badly but he knew that he was preparing her for the best orgasm ever. After she had calmed down, he stepped closer and inserted her dildo into her soaking pussy. She lifted her hips as to try and fuck the dildo. He held it still and allowed her to fuck it a couple of times just to get her worked up again and then he pulled it away.

She was lying there on the bed.

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