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Talia and I take a walk on the beach and discover The Grotto.

She rubber the back of my hand all over her pusssy now and kept it between her legs ass during dinner! I could feel her getting wet and then I felt her place one of my fingers on her pussy slit. I slid it down the entire lenght and into her fat soft small pussy lips.

I asked: "How long is dinner anyway!"

Jeff knew what Medoka was doing with my hand and said: "To long Budson! But you have to stay for all the servings! It's protocol!"

I moaned as she pushed my finger harder and deeper into her cunt and then into her hole! We ate and laughed and had a very good time. But, my cock was hard and Medoka ate as she continued to rub her pussy with my hand and fingers. With the robe untied, she was able to get my hand under her pussy and let me play with her cunt during the entire meal.

Both Jeff and our host were having the same thing done to them or something simulr. I saw Jeff's cock being stroked. he was hard as a rock as he ate!

After the meal, Jeff told me that he would see me when I met him in the morning. All three couples went their separate ways to their own rooms.

Once inside my room, Medoka dropped the robe she was wearing and stood there letting me check her out. She smiled and said: "You like Medoka, Budson?"

I smiled and said: "Very much Medoka, I like you big time!"

She laughed and undid my robe as she smiled up at me! Then she took my hard cock and squeezed it as she stood on her toes to kiss me! God she was so small, her head was as tall as my breastbone. She could stand under my arm if I held it out straight!

She slid the robe off my shoulders letting it drop on the floor. Standing there with my hard cock jumping up and down, Medoka immediately circled the shaft with both of her small soft hands and began stroking it back and forth as she stood on her toes taking my tongue and sucking on it like she had sucked my cock before dinner.

I moaned as she smiled again and dropped to the floor kneeling in front of me. She moved her beautiful oval face towards my dick head and cupped my balls with one hand while her tongue flicked out and over my growing cock head again. She ran her tongue over the mushroom head and then under it! Her lips kissed the head as she ran her tongue down the length of the shaft and then back up. She held my shaft up so my cock head was pointing at the ceiling. She than began to lick and suck the growing shaft from its base up to the tip of my fat purple cock head.
I moaned when she smiled at me and with a very evil look in her eyes and put her mouth over the head and began sucking! Her mouth slowly covered the all of the head of my cock and she bit gently just under it! With only the head of my cock in her mouth, she used her tongue and began to lick all over the sensitive head. I moaned and my cock jumped with each new sensation!

Medoka sent so much stimulation into my cock from the head down the shaft and into my body that I knew I was going to cum again quickly!!

It was the best sexual stimulation I every had in my life. She then slowly slid her lips down and took about 3 inches of the shaft! Now she began to pump her head up and down as her mouth sucked hard and tight on my cock! My hands went to her beautiful soft jet-black hair and moved it out of the way so I could watched this beautiful, young oriental woman sucking my cock! She looked up with those lovely brown eyes and smiled as she sucked and sucked on my cock while her hands rubbed my balls and ass. After a few minutes she began to rub under my balls between my nuts and ass hole.

I could feel her hands as she stroked and stroked me and under my balls. Her mouth never stopped sucking. I could see her small cheeks caved in as she worked on me hard. As my cock grew longer and thicker in her mouth, Medoka smiled! She knew I was really worked up and would cum very soon. She teased my with her tongue, licking under the shaft as her mouth never left the shaft or cock head. Once she got me as hard as I could get, she popped the head out of her mouth and smiled up saying: "Medoka do good job Budson?"

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