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Is this the equivalent of an apple for the teacher?

It's a hard job. You have to be rock solid. You have to keep the whole team balanced."

Kate was nodding at him and smiling. She loved it when he opened up to her like that and even started rambling a little. He was a very interesting guy, and she was very attracted to him, and she wanted to know more about him. She loved that he knew he was good at things and that he was proud of it and that he took such pleasure in it.

"It makes sense that I'm good at it. I've always been the organizer like that, the one who had to keep it together."

It was everything Kate could do not to take him in her arms right then and she would have if she thought for a second that she could keep it clean. She didn't want to start molesting him or anything when he was trying to talk about his past like that. But he was so sweet and muscular and he smelled so good. It made her head swim.

"You had a pretty rough time with your mom growing up, huh?"

Chad looked up at her and nodded. He turned on his back and then he sat up suddenly. He sat there with his knees to his chest looking out over the lake and the valley and the camp far below.

"So what's going on with you and Professor Phare, huh? Are you guys breaking up or something?"

Kate shook her head and laughed a little. She was surprised he'd asked her straight out like that, but it made sense when you thought about it. She sat up next to him and pulled her knees to her chest too. The crescent moon looked like a curved sword it was so bright and sharp against the dark sky.

"I guess you could say that. We'll always be close, and we don't know exactly how it will play out, but yeah, you could say our marriage is pretty much over. It's been coming for a long time and I'm glad he visited because we had a very honest and direct talk this morning and we both agreed that we need to move on."

Chad looked at her out of the side his head and nodded. He wasn't sure if he could ask the next question.

"Did he really have an affair with Elise? Sorry, I shouldn't have asked, its just Elise told me this morning and it kind of upset me. I don't know why but it made me feel angry for some reason, hurt almost."

"It's okay. I understand, believe me." She rolled her eyes at him and took a deep breath. "Yes, he did have an affair with Elise, and he's probably still having it to be honest. They're probably having it tonight in fact. Does that disappoint you? To hear that about Brian? You looked up to him a little, huh?

Chad was nodding and looking away from her a little. She could tell he was really upset. Brian had really hurt him by fucking Elise like that! She scooted over behind him and got on her knees and started rubbing his shoulders. She did it almost without thinking. It was so natural to react him to that way when he needed her like that, almost automatic, like a reflex. She worked the muscles between his neck and shoulder blades for a minute or so and then she sat down on her bottom right up against him and held him between her legs. She leaned her head against his back and held him around his chest with her arms and started rocking him a little. She'd never done that to a guy before but it seemed so natural and familiar to her all the same.
"Don't be too hard on Brian. It'll make you crazy if you build people up in your head like that and then get all disappointed when real people can't be perfect. Brian's not a bad person. He just wants things that he's not supposed to want, and he's an alpha so he can pretty much always get them. You're a primatologist, right? You can't really blame him when you think about it that way."

She got back on her knees and started working his shoulders again.

"What do you think Mahalia and Brad are doing right now, huh?" she asked him. She was enjoying the feel of Chad's muscles in her hands as his shoulders and neck started to relax. "How do you think they're feeling?"

Chad thought about it for a second.

"I think Brad's

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