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The official proposal....and an unexpected phone call...

He was surrounded by 8 or so thugs and was standing over the thug that Batman & Canary had followed there. They could just hear him speak through the glass.

"They just let you go?" Two-Face was asking. It seemed that the good side of him was talking.

"That's right, boss," The thug stammered. "They told me not to come back here but I didn't listen. I-"

"You came right back here and let them know exactly where I am!!" Two-Face yelled, suddenly much angrier. "How fucking stupid can you be?"

"I-I'm sorry, boss," The thug flinched. "I guess I wasn't-"

"Shut up!" Two-Face raged, slapping the thug across the face.

The thug cowered on the ground. "Please, boss, please don't kill me! It'll never happen again, I swear!"

Suddenly, Two-Face seemed to relax. "Oh I'm not going to kill you," He said, pulling a small silver object from his pocket. "The coin might kill you. I'm just going to pull the trigger."

"Time to go," Canary muttered. She screamed loudly, her voice shattering the glass of the skylight. Two-Face and his men dropped to their knees in agony as Batman & Black Canary dropped down to the floor.


"Well that went pretty well," Tommy said. Canary smiled in agreement. And indeed, it had actually gone better than well; Batman & Black Canary had decimated Two-Face's operation and captured the man himself.

After they had busted in through the ceiling, the fight had gone very fast. Tommy was unused to fighting so many men at the same time but he was able to hold his own while Canary more than did her share. Tommy had helped out in one important way: Two-Face had recovered and had a gun pointed at Black Canary's back until Tommy had stuck a well-placed batarang in his hand. The mob boss screamed and dropped his gun. Canary's kick knocked him unconscious. From there, they tied up the mobsters and tipped off the police.

So yeah, overall it had gone very well. And things with Canary were going swimmingly, Tommy thought; she had invited him back to her lair, Gotham Clock Tower, to celebrate their victory. He sat uncomfortably on the edge of the bed Canary had set up here, trying not to stare at her.

But it was hard not to stare at Black Canary. She was smart, she was funny, she was beyond beautiful. Tommy felt like he had learned as much just trailing her tonight than he had during numerous training sessions with Batgirl. Batgirl had treated Tommy like a burden, a tool that she needed to use until the REAL Batman came back; Black Canary treated Tommy like a person. He missed that.

Tommy shifted uncomfortably on the bed, well aware that Batman didn't look cool in the light. Canary herself had surprised Tommy by taking off a wig. He didn't understand why she wore a wig; her real hair was slightly shorter but just as blonde. He figured that no one was going to look at her head when they could stare at her ass or tits, anyway.

Canary stretched her arms up high and then leaned over a mini-fridge, giving Tommy a great look at her ass. He crossed his legs and held his breath without realizing it. She grabbed 2 beers out of the fridge and popped the tops off. Extending one to Tommy, she sat down on the bed next to him.

"Here's to another bad guy off the streets," She said, holding her beer in the air. The two crimefighters clinked bottles and took a drink. Tommy sipped his while Canary craned her neck back, taking a long swig.

"So, uh... tonight was fun," Tommy said. The only problem with being treated like Tommy instead of Batman was that Tommy was horrible at talking to women.

"Yeah, it really was," Canary agreed, not really looking at Tommy. His eyes strained, trying not to take more than periodic glances at her cleavage. "After everything that happened with Ollie, it felt good to go out and focus just on crime. And you're a good partner. Very good." She casually placed her beer bottle on the ground.

Tommy blushed and was about to ask who Ollie was when Canary suddenly turned and kissed him.

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