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Three friendly couples experience intense feelings.

But I wanted to take a moment to extend the pleasure as I gaze at him. He was incredible. I don't care what they say about length ... you can be ten inches but if you are as thin as a pretzel, what's the use?

Martin ... god damn! I'm not sure how thick he was but it was enough to make my mouth water. He was going to be so fucking tight inside of me. My lips were going to get a workout just from stretching around his girth.

I loved the way his cock looked as my fingers reached out to touch it ... to stroke it. The head was thick and smooth, turning a delectable shade of purple from the blood throbbing up through his length. And he was beginning to ooze precum from my deliberate teasing.

I dipped my forefinger into the small pool glistening on the head, using it to spread the thick sticky substance around on his head. I was rewarded with a deep groan and his fingers trying to push my head closer. I glanced up with a grin. "Eager, baby?" I whispered in a soft husky caress.

He could only groan as his hips thrust forward. I knew what that meant.

My tongue darted out against the head, lapping at the sticky cream he was starting to create like it was the icing on a hot cinnamon bun straight out of the oven. My fingers curled around the base of his seven and a half inch cock, tightening to apply pressure and hold it still. I wanted to lick it like a giant lollipop and knew it was going to drive him over the edge.

I knew he wanted me to take it in my mouth. I could feel it in the pressure of his fingers in my hair, pushing my head closer to his ultimate goal. I could sense it in the ragged breathing that washed over me as he stood above my kneeling form. I could see it in the small thrusts of his hips that fought my hold on his throbbing member.

But he was going to have to wait. I wanted him crazy.

My tongue swirled around the head, lapping at the drizzle of precum that had leaked out, a soft murmur of appreciation drifting from my lips. He had just the right combination of sweetened salt that made me want more. Glancing up at his face twisted in a sensual grimace of need, my tongue pressed to the underside of his cock, right along that huge vein that pulsed blood into his engorged head and slowly drug it downwards to where my hand was wrapped around his girth.

"Oh god," was my reward and I saw his eyes glass over. It wouldn't be long.

Then again, upwards my tongue drug over his pulsing, throbbing flesh to swirl around the head once more.

"Take it," he gasped, his hands pushing my head downwards. "Cyn, take it," he pleaded.

Oh, I would but not just yet.

I smiled, raking my teeth gently over the head that made his whole body jerk and a sharp gasp escape from his lips. I was going to love driving him to the brink of insanity.

And then again ... the slow dragging of my tongue down to where my hand gently squeezed and then released around his girth, this time stopping to lick his shaven balls, a soft purr rumbling from my throat that sent shivers of delight through him.

"I can't ... take ... much more," he groaned. And I knew he couldn't.

Capturing one ball in my mouth, I toyed with it, my tongue batting at it, rolling it gently in my mouth. His breathing was ragged, coming in faster and I could feel his balls beginning to swell. I knew I had to hurry if I was going to capture the impending release that was building within him.

Dragging my tongue back up the length of him, leaving behind a slippery coating of my saliva, my mouth descended on the thick, swollen head that was throbbing unmercifully. I heard his cry of pleasure as my lips locked just beneath the ridge of the mushroom-shaped head, suckling gently at first and then increasing my pressure as my hand started to stroke him.

His fingers tightened almost painfully in my hair, pushing my mouth further down on him as he groaned, the sound rumbling from his chest like a fog horn lifting from the darkness. "I'm going to cum," he said, his voice in delicious agony.

I braced myself for the explosion that I could feel swelling and chur

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