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I describe what it takes to make me happy in a relationship.

My cock is beginning to stir in its confines of my pants, and I rub it with my left hand.

I continue to bring the whip down on your behind, faster and faster. Leaving your bottom redder and redder. You start to moan loudly, so I stop.

"You like that, Tanya? You like me whipping your smooth, fuckable ass?"

All you can do is pant. Your bottom is hot from my abuse as I caress you reddened behind. You start to complain that you are feeling sore. I ignore your complaints and knead your ass cheeks harder. I rip your pantyhose completely off so that all that is left on you are the legs. I kneel behind you and take in you hot musk from your pussy. I can plainly see your lips as they envelope you g-strings gusset. I run my tongue over your lips, dragging a saliva trail all the way up to your asshole. I pull your g-string aside and plunge my tongue into your tight little hole.

You resume your loud moaning as I rim you ass with my tongue. I take my index finger and push it into your pussy. I start my rhythm into your pussy hole. Fingering you harder and harder, pushing my tongue in further and further. You grip the desk harder as the first wave of you first orgasm hits your pussy.

I pull back from tonguing you as you flood my hand with your cum juice. I rub you juice into your ass hole and pussy.

"Fuck this!" I say as I stand up, unbutton my pants, pull them off and rip my shirt off.

You look behind you and all I see is a wicked smile on your face.

"You'd like this cock in your pussy wouldn't you, you cock hungry slave!"

I grab my cock and place it against your ass hole

"Well it isn't going in there yet!" I hiss as your expression changes to one of shock.

Inch after inch of my cock slides into your ass as I grip you hips and push myself into you up to my balls.

I hold it there, feeling your ass clenching and unclenching around it. I start to pull out when you start whimpering.

"Don't.... not yet..." you say through gasps of pleasure.

I'm intrigued by this so I do as you ask. You move your hand to your pussy and start to rub your clit. Your actions become faster as your ass clenches my cock harder and harder. After a few moments you gasp as you cum over your fingers. You bring them up to your mouth and seductively show me you tasting your own cum.

'That does it' I think as I thrust my cock deep into your ass making you scream out loud.

"Take my cock!" I hiss as I pump you ass hard. All you can do is grab the desk and push back onto me.

I can feel my cock twitching as I ream you ass, stretching it with every thrust. All you can do is repeat over and over again "Fuck me, Mickie! Fuck me, Mickie! Fuck my ass hard!"

I unload my cum into you bowel as I pump your ass for all it's worth. You lean on the desk, place your hands on your ass cheeks and pull them apart, trying to get me further into you.

I collapse on you, spent and sweating. Through heavy breaths I kiss your face.

"You might like to know that, that wasn't it. There is more"

"I wouldn't let you stop" you say with a smirk.

I straighten up and pull my cock out of your abused bottom. I smack you cheeks.

"It's not up to you to tell me when I can and can't stop. Remember, you are mine."

"Yes, Master" you say sarcastically. I grab the whip and give you one hard swipe.

Your scream and laugh at the same time.

"Ok! Ok....I'm yours. Do what you want" And with that you turn over onto your back and present your pussy to me.

You dip your index finger into your ass and bring it up to your mouth. You taste it, licking the white goo off your finger. I look down to see my cum oozing from your spent hole.

Cock in hand, I place it at your pussy entrance. As I slide it in, I grab your clit hood ring and tug it purposely. With every tug, you jolt your body towards mine, making my cock enter you further and further.

"I'm going to shoot my spunk all over you, you fucking gorgeous bitch!" I gasp as your cooch milks my cock hard.


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