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A young woman's journey into the erotic joys of Submission.


"Oooh...Kyle, you're so mean. Oooh...don't...oooh...stop, please! Oooh, the things you do to me. I stop being a good Japanese girl the moment I met you. If my parents ever found out what a nasty slut their daughter has become...and with a haole boy... they'd disown in the blink of an eye. Oooh, you wicked, wicked haole boy!"

"Pull up your skirt, Mona, high above your waist and spread your legs for me. Go on. Do it for me."

"No...I don't want to. Please don't make me. Oooh...no. People will see...oooh... please, no!"

"Mona. My raised-Jeep is so high, most people can't see in. And my windows are heavily tinted...and steamed with our hot breathing. I'm not going to stop fingering you sweet pussy so don't close your legs. You know that they'll just open again because you like me touching you...stroking you. Yeah, your clit is so stiff that I can feel it sticking out through your sopping wet panties. Mona, if you don't lift your skirt like I say...you're going to have a big wet spot on the back of your skirt. How will you explain that to your very suspicious parents?"

"Oooh, you're such a horrible bastard, Kyle, for making me pull up my skirt. What? No! Don't...come on...don't pull down...oh, Kyle...my panties!"

"But, they are drenched with your pussy juice. See. Look how easily I can slide a finger into your slippery slit. See how you're flooding my hand with your twat juices. God, it's good to see that your cunt lips are still clean-shaven. I loved shaving you smooth last weekend. Come on...you love it. You look so goddamn hot, Mona! God, my cock so hard just looking at you...feeling you!"

"Oh, Kyle...you always have a hard-on..."

Only around you, Mona. I love how you look so innocent on the outside...such a good Japanese girl...conservative and demure. But, on the inside, you're such a closet slut who loves bad boys and hard cocks...especially white ones, don't you? You love me touching you...squeezing your steamy cunt...fingering your stiff little clit...like the way I'm strumming your love button right now..."

"Oooh...oooh...yesss...you, bastard! There, are you happy that I confessed to being so damn easy when it comes to you? I just can't help myself. Oooh, don't you dare stop - oooh - damn it...don't stop...please..."

"Spread your legs, Mona. Come on, wider. You like that, don't you, when I finger you like this? Yes? How about if I suck...hmmm...on a titty...while I tug and tweak the nipple of the other? Do you want this? Come on, Mona, tell me...tell me, now!"

"Yesss...shit, yesss...oooh...oooh...don't stop! Faster...oooh...I'm so hot...shaking all over! Oh shit! I going to come. Oooh, yesssg! You fucking bastard, I'm right on the edge! Don't stop, damn you! I'm going to come. I'm coming...don't stop! Arggh! Arggh!! Arggh!!"

"Yeah, baby...yeah...that's it! Hump my hand! You're so fucking wet that you're drenching my hand! Don't hold back, Mona! Come...right now! That's it! That's it!"

Oh, God...shit...arggh...arggh...oooh...oh, my god..."

"Now, look how big and hard you've made my cock, Mona. See how it is sticking straight up in the air. It wants some relief, Mona. Right now - you know what to do, don't you. That's it! Oh, yeah, that's it! Mona is such a good little whore...suck it...suck it good.

"Yeah...jerk my pole...yeah...just like that. Do it, babe. You know you want to have me slide in and out of your mouth. Oooh, do you want me to come? Huh, do you? You want to suck me off, don't you? And have me shoot down your throat. Jeez, you could make a bundle of money with that mouth of yours..."

"Yes, baby, yes. I love how you fill my mouth with your big fat dick. Oooh, how I want to feel your hot white cum in my mouth...to taste the salty sweet of your semen before swallowing all your creamy spunk. Come, Kyle, come for me!"

"I want to come.

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