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Why women go to the restroom together.

They hadn't seen us come in, so we took that as the perfect opportunity to try out our new love potion.

"What do you think, big boy? Ready for this?" She smacked her cheeks and they made a thwack sound as they wiggled around under her skirt.

I wasted no time in getting her to her bedroom, picking her of the ground and charging to the white walled room, basking in the murals that stretched from floor to ceiling. She laughed in surprise when I threw her onto the bed, climbing on top of her and pinning her down to the mattress.

Her pupils were dilating with excitement and I could only guess that mine were doing the same. With no space between our bodies, I briefly soaked in the moment before taking control and kissing her like I had been dying to all day.

Our lips connected, pink tongues flicking against each other and daring to venture across the bumpy surfaces we connected with. Her legs locked behind me, a position I was becoming very used to, and she grabbed a handful of my shirt to keep me from moving away from her. Like that was something I would ever want to do.

I ground the bulge in my pants between her thighs, letting her skirt ride up so only the thin cotton panties she was wearing separated me from her plump honey pot. I tugged at her shirt and it came off like a loose thread. Knowing I would struggle with her bra, she undid it for me so I wouldn't have to wait to get my hands on her exquisite chest. I kept waiting to get tired of her tits, but it wasn't happening. I was obsessed with every inch of her body and somehow knew I wouldn't ever find this amount of satisfaction with anyone else.

My palms against her melons and squished them together, making the jiggly flesh flatten out around my hands and try to fill the spaces between my fingers with delicate, milky white breast. Her nipples protruded so sharply that I would've sworn they were leaving little round, dime sized marks in my hands. I pinched them subtly and tuned them until I got the perfect pitch emitting from her, like a quiet, shrill squeal. The vibrant pink points moved wherever I wanted them to, following my direction as I used them like anchors to clap her mountainous tits together.

Pulling back was difficult, but worth it. I was primed to fuck that tight little rosebud, and the wrath of Thor couldn't have stopped me at this point. Her eyelids were shut tightly, no doubt mentally preparing herself for the rollercoaster of pain and pleasure that was coming her way.

I pushed back from her chest and sat myself up on my knees, quickly navigating my hands to her panties and tearing them off her legs in a fury. She knew what to do next, spreading her thighs to give me unbridled access to her entire lower half. I touched her legs and rubbed my rough hands across the irresistibly smooth skin.

Before I moved onto the main course, I wanted to tease her with something I knew we were both dying for. I lined my cock up with her hole, which was practically gushing wetness, and started to slowly push forward so I could let her spread evenly around the bulky rod invading her muffin.

I sunk balls deep into heaven and felt my entire body start to unwind. Cassie was a drug that wiped away all the stress and emotion the day had thrown at me, leaving nothing more than a burning passion that I was ecstatic to share with her.

Each inch I fed to her was greedily swallowed up by her slippery tunnel, pulling me closer and closer to her cervix until I couldn't go any further without feeling the spongy wall blocking my path. Her toes curled, her back arched, her fingers tensed. If I didn't have to be so focused on pumping her with my battering ram, I surely would've been just as lost in nirvana as she was.

We moved as one body, never taking the time to think about our movements, but simply living in the euphoria that was cascading around us to the tune of stifled moans and sighs. Cassie was panting heavily and begging me silently to cum inside of her, forgetting that we had much bigger plans awaiting us.

I pulled out the bott

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