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A story about Incest.

She teased me onwards for a while, smiling up at me like the naughty girl she was, before engulfing my member as deeply as she could. As if trying to swallow it whole. As if her mouth was her pussy and what I'd just licked and pleased was less important to fill than her throat. She started moving my dick in and out of her mouth, riding me with her mouth, drooling all over my member. I couldn't care less about getting wet.

I felt like I was about to explode when she stopped. Pushing me down again she just smiled at me and soon I had her riding me with her true cunt rather than her mouth, both of us moaning in unison. She bent down, her bosom pressing against my chest, and raped my mouth with her tongue. She'd just been sucking my dick but somehow it felt just right to mash the mouths that had just been at each others' groins together. Her tongue filling my mouth like my member had just filled hers. Digging my fingers into her bum I started to grind against her, up into her. She rose up a bit with a smile, giving me a splendid view of her twin peaks and the valley between them. I just had to kiss and caress them, feel them in my hands and between my fingers as my tongue played on and with her nipples. She dug her fingers into my chest and shoulders. Moaning at me to keep going as we ground our groins together and I feasted on her breasts.

She started riding me harder, faster. Pushing my pulse and pleasure sky high. Smiling at me like the predator she was, baring her teeth as if preparing to tear me to shreds. She lounged at my neck, kissing it at first and then nibbling on it. A bit of pain assured me that she had just left her mark on me. I didn't mind, I'ld gladly let the whole world know that we two were lovers, that we had slept together, fucked each other. Counter-thrusting more and more my own desires were going through the roof. I wanted to push into her quicker, harder. More and more and more.

I wrestled her over on her back, rising up a bit between her legs. Her legs soon crossed around me and her hands on my buttocks as I fucked on. Grinding my groin deeper into hers. Then I knew what I had to do. I helped her over on her side on the bed, still standing above her. Now I could play with that pearl of hers more easily. Sliding a few fingers there until she moaned in response. Playing with her clit, my absolute favourite toy. Well, next to her cunt of course. She caught my neck when I bent down to kiss her, holding me there for a while.

"Take me from behind. Fuck me, now." She ordered looking straight at me. She must've been a mind reader for that had been my plan all along. Lying down behind her and entering from behind, one hand on her clit as I rocked her world. Kissing and nibbling on her neck. She spanked me on my right thigh a couple of times, egging me on. But it's hard to go fast lying down so I helped her up on all fours, holding on to her and staying inside of her. Nothing was going to make me leave her warm comfortable cunt now. Bending forward and pressing myself against her back I reached around and played with her breasts. Growling a bit as the lust filling me up inside made me feel thoroughly animal. Nibbling on her neck, taking love-bites out of her lovely neck.

Rising up and taking a good hold on her hips, pulling her towards me as I thrust inside of her. Again and again. Like a beast in heat. Just grinding and thrusting and fucking. Sliding a hand around to her clit, her fuck-button. Making her moan, watching her grip and bite the sheets through a haze of horniness. Pressure building up inside of me, I can feel it building inside of her to. We're just two animals, doing what we have to, what our bodies tell us we must do. Doing it for pleasure, for desire, for pure lust. Fucking each other until we explode.

I'm loosing control of my body, I could hardly stop now even if I wanted to.

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