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She cleans his house - and disobeys.

"Ed, I love that you have been so considerate of both Mandy's and my feelings. Too many people think only of themselves, but with you, I'll never question any ulterior motives. Though I bring insecurities from my past, I do totally trust you. I'm sure the insecurities I bring to the relationship will melt away quickly; as you show me you enjoy me as I am. I look forward to pleasuring you and experiencing you finding enjoyment in me. Ed, your arousal and desire for me is evident, but let me show you this isn't a one-way street." Sandy took Ed's hand and guided it between her legs, showing her arousal and readiness for him, whenever the time became right.

Ed brought his hand to his face and inhaled deeply. "Sweet," he said. He then painted Sandy's lips with her juices, before lapping them up with his tongue and lips.

"Ed, I love the intimacy of sharing my juices on your lips. I look forward to sharing a blending of our love fluids combined. Kiss me, Ed." They enjoyed sharing sensual sensations, till they eventually fell asleep in each other's arms, smiles on both their faces.


When the sun shone through the window, they both awoke, happy to find themselves in each other's arms. Sandy could tell something was on Ed's mind, so she asked. "Ed, I sense a concern within you. Please share it."

"Sandy, do you remember any of last night's dreams?"

"Are you talking about the dreamy experience before I fell asleep or what happened after I fell asleep?"

"I'm talking about the sleeping dreams."

"Well, I did have one vivid one. I don't believe I questioned it while I was sleeping, but, now, I'm interested in understanding it. We've talked about our nightmares. Well, this was almost a repeat of the nightmare, though it was reassuring rather than painful. I saw Mandy's face in the mist, again. Only, this time, I saw the same smile I used to see on her face after a luscious date with you. She just kept saying 'Thank you, thank you, thank you,' in a voice so soft and sweet, the words seemed to melt into me immediately upon leaving her lips."

"Sandy, this is eerie, as we both seem to be having the same dreams. She never left us."

"Then, let's love her, Ed." Holding Ed closely and tenderly, she whispered, "I love you Mandy," and then proceeded to plant a loving kiss on Ed's lips. Ed caressed Sandy's back, as he returned the kiss, but felt Mandy in his arms. Though it might be odd to hold one person and feel another, neither of them even thought to question it. They cradled Mandy between them and loved her.


Ed and Sandy continued to spend most of their free time together. They did sleep apart, at their own homes, as well as together, but the nightmares never returned. They enjoyed each other in public and private. Physically, they progressed from soothing and comforting contact to intentional arousal. Sandy became totally comfortable sharing her love sounds with Ed, not holding anything back. She liked flashing a breast at him, knowing he enjoyed what he saw. She could tell this both by his reaction in seeing her inviting pleasure domes and the way he loved to pamper them, even falling asleep some nights while suckling on one of her nipples. They started exploring and discovering the unique sex differences between their legs. Sometimes they would watch the other masturbate to orgasm, studying the different touches, patterns, rhythms and reactions. Once they had a basic understanding, they began masturbating each other, fine tuning their skills while enjoying being invited to share in the intimacy of total loss of control. This expanded to oral sex, and finally to actual intercourse. Neither were virgins, but they enjoyed the uniqueness of their sharing and the resulting pleasure. They didn't need to compare their partner with anyone else, for they were both totally satiated after every sharing.

Sandy loved clinging to Ed's pulsating manhood with her strong vaginal muscles, even when Mandy joined in on their lovemaking.

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