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Lesley and Logan discover new sport in the woods.


"Oh me too, he gets me so hot I have to, you know what, before I can sleep some nights." She said with an embarrassed grin.

"I have an idea. We both could have him. I mean both at the same time." I said.

"Are you serious?!" she exclaimed. "It's a totally hot idea but... what exactly have you got in mind?"

"Would you go along with it? You, me and Mark?" I asked.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but ya, it's making me hot already!" She said with a sexy laugh.

"Ok that's all I wanted to know. Let me take care of the details, you just be ready for an encounter of the horniest kind." I squealed.

A few days went by since my plan was hatched. It was Sunday night, the restaurant quiets down early and Tasse and I were the only ones booked to work the clean-up shift. I waited till about 12 midnight and the restaurant was now empty. Mark had just locked the doors. There was only one other employee who was still cleaning up the grills in the kitchen. Tasse and I were already finished out front and as we went back to the staff lounge I whispered in her ear. "Tonight is the night baby."

She looked at me with a surprised look and then silently mouthed "Tonight!"

I nodded 'Yes' and whispered, "Follow me and do as I say. "

I grabbed her hand and walk quickly past Mark who was standing at the cash register. "Tasse, hurry up baby!" I exclaimed just as we passed him.

That caught his attention and he glanced our way as I dragged Tasse into the kitchen. I was giggling and grabbing her and pretending to whisper in her ear. Mark was definitely curious about what we were up to. Once in the kitchen I headed for walk-in cooler where we keep all the prepared foods and vegetables.

Tasse exclaimed in a hushed voice "what are you doing?"

"Wait a minute." I said. "I think he will follow us. Just follow my lead. "

I peered out the cooler door hoping to see Mark coming to investigate what we were up to. Finally I heard him coming into the kitchen and he told the bus boy to pack it in and go home. He was heading straight for the cooler, checking the rest of the room to see where we had gone. It was time for action.

I grabbed Tasse and pulled her back into the cooler. "Make out with me." I whispered. I kissed her quickly on the lips and she was taken a bit by surprise but she followed my lead. We embraced and kissed each other. I quickly ripped her blouse open to expose her bra and then reached behind her and pulled her skirt up over that nice round ass. There we were frenching each other and squeezing each others ass as Mark opened the door of the cooler.

We stopped and looked at him. He stood there for a moment, his mouth gaping. Then he said in a hushed voice and his eyes pointed upward, "thank you Lord."

He took a step toward us and I knew he was ready to play. He began to undo his apron and dropped it on the floor. Tasse looked a little scared, this was all happening pretty fast for her. I grabbed her and kissed her again then whispered "It's ok sweetie, this is what you've been waiting for."

I spun her around so her panty clad ass was facing Mark. I pushed her panties to her knees and grabbed her cheeks, spreading them apart exposing her hot hole. Mark took another step and knelt down behind her. He slid Tasse's panties slowly down to her ankles and she anxiously step out of them. Then he traced her legs upward with his tongue till he reached that beautiful Asian ass.

"Ummmm this is better than ice cream baby..." he groan as he began to devour Tasse's ass and pussy.

Tasse started to moan with delight "ummmmm... oooooh it feels so good, ooooh Mark... mmmmmm."

I ripped the rest of her blouse off and unhooked her bra. Her boobs bobbed freely and her nipples were erect and so delicious. I start to suck and tease them to a frenzy.

As Mark tongue fucked her pussy, he had his middle finger firmly planted in her chocolate rosebud. He worked it furiously as Tasse was going wild with the sensations surrounding her body.

She began to buck and squeal.

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