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Sequel. Noah gets invited to his MILF teacher's house.

I was brought back to reality as she came closer and snapped her fingers bringing me back to reality and we continued dancing. Only now I felt we were getting a little closer and her earlier seemingly uninterested looks thawing a little.

Noticing that it was getting a little hot and we had been dancing for quite a while I slowly worked us over to the side and asked if she wanted to go out for a walk and cool off outside. She looked up at me into my eyes and I saw that oh so hot enticing look for just a second before she shrugged and said lets just dance and moved closer to me. I took that as a que that she wanted me but didn't want to seem easy or even available. I held her wrists and shoulder and danced closer to her.

Thank heavens for the music slowing down to late night country music. She slowly moved closer to me and I could smell her perfume in my nostrils, the smell of her hair, her skin mingled with a lemony scent of her margarita. Then I took a chance and moved my hand to her neck and ran it down to her bare skin of her shoulder inside the collar of her white blouse. She leaned her head towards me her eyes closed and then slowly ever so slowly tilted it back and her hair engulfed my hand sending little electric tingles throughout my spine. I tightened my hold on her neck and shoulders and brought her closer me her warmth getting closer and closer and the smell of her skin getting stronger. I let my right hand run down her arm to her wrists and brought them up curling to her shoulders. Her eyes still closed and we shuffled our little dance and my hand then felt a big ring on her finger and I retracted but at that point it was just my reflex and I knew then that I couldn't care less. I let her hands gently drop to her sides and then held one hand behind her on the nape of her neck and the other on her right shoulder softly running up to her neck then the side of her chin and finally up to her cheek as I softly yet surely brought her face closer to me for that Long awaited fantasy to come true.

She allowed me to lift her head half way and then showed a little resistance, so I leaned in and almost melted when the warmth of her breath cascaded over my face like a million little embers of deep rooted passion were let loose on me, as I closed the distance placing my lips upon hers and felt her lips soft yet not reactive I let my lips stay there lingering and slowly planted kisses on her soft lips with our mouths a little open and her breath still streaming into my mouth Soon her lips started to come alive and she started moving them matching my motions. Her lips parted a little and I slowly inched my tongue into her mouth feeling the inside of her lips then ran my tongue over her teeth one after the other, enveloping every part of her mouth with my probing tongue until finally, I found her tongue, as she pushed her tongue out towards mine. I let my hands roll down the back of her blouse running down with one finger on her spine vertebrae by vertebrae all the way to the skirt and held her waist, with a soft, firm hold. Her eyes were still closed as we kissed, embraced on the dance floor like there was no one else around us. Then in one firm pull I mashed her body against mine as we twirled around. My aching hard-on trying to tear out of my trousers as she pressed her lower body closer, against mine.

I didn't feel any resistance but feared she would back out at any moment and it would all be over I could feel her heartbeat and then her large breasts heaving against my chest. Until now I hadn't noticed how large her breasts were and I felt myself longing to feel them. I slowly ground my captive bound hard on in small circles around her and she ground into me our lips locked and her tongue now getting more animated as I moved her upper body closer to me and then moved my hand to her neck again.

This time I let my hand slide down the front of her blouse the first two buttons were undone and I could get to the top of her chest.

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