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Lipstick lesbians try the wild side.

We stay locked together exploring each others mouths for what seems like forever, until I finally break away - panting with pure lust in my eyes.

Those eyes....those beautiful eyes, I could loose myself in those eyes, and I do. I grab the lapels of his jacket and rip it from his body. I have no desire to be nice here, my body and brain have seized control and I am going to get what I want and I hope he is ready. As his jacket falls away, I can see the change in his eyes; see the hunger, the desire, the need. He grabs me, picks me up and again our lips meet in a frenzied dance. He tastes so sweet; I could stay like this forever.

He walks me over to my desk and in the scene reminiscent of the "Postman Never Rings Twice" - I see and hear everything on my desk hit the floor in one swoop. As my back hits the top I can feel the weight of him pressing down on me and fuck what a fantastic feeling! Here we are on top of my desk with views up 7th Avenue and as far as the eye can see, and down 50th Street. I realise everyone around us has a front row seat.....what a thrill!

His mouth is still enclosing mine and I can feel the heat through his tongue, that sweet thick tongue as it plunges deeper into my mouth. Lower is what I am I thinking, across my neck over my nipples and down to where it will arch my back, that is the thought in my mind. And as if he is reading my thoughts a cool rush of air enters my mouth as our lips separate and I feel his tongue attach my neck. His soft lips pressed against my equally soft skin. The skin on my neck comes to life and sends shock waves through my body - all the way to my toes - can this be happening, do I want it to end?

I feel his fingers reach up and grab my shirt and then the buttons fly apart and I see them sail across the room as my exposed chest becomes available. I want him inside of me, I want to feel that stiff cock that is on my leg, probing and thrusting inside my ass - it is there where I will feel the most pleasure. I can see his face in my minds eye as he thrusts inside of me and the pleasure and pain is as readable on my face as a book. "Come on and fuck me" is what is going though my head - but having it end so quickly is not what I have in mind. I want to savour each and every step we take - and of course I want to take complete control.

He has me where he wants me and I don't want that feeling to end but I know that I can't succumb to his desire and let him take the lead that would make the game infinitely less fun - so for now I will let him think he has the upper hand. I can feel his lips as they move down my neck and across my chest. I can feel how well he knows my body and I know that he has done this before - a man with experience - I LIKE THAT!! In fact - I LOVE THAT!! I can feel his fingers as they brush my nipples and immediately they stand to attention. Every brush of his fingertips across those hard little mounds makes my eyes roll back in my head and my breath rush from my body.

My hands slide up the back of his neck and directs his lips to each nipple. I can feel his lips closing around each as my back arches and I gasp for air - the pleasure this man is giving to my body is causing shock waves up and down - back and forth. The room is electric as our bodies' intertwine. You can feel the chemistry, the sex! He sucks each nipple making them longer and harder......please don't let this end. With the sudden rush of air that comes from and open door on skin, his lips moves further down leaving my nipples reaching and wanting the warmth of his mouth.

I can feel his tongue sliding down my torso on to my belly button, where it plunges deep inside making my body rise up to meet the pleasure.

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