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Life in the air force.

"Do you love me?" She whispered. Both men froze as Clara tipped her head back. Jack continued to kiss down her neck, pulling off his shirt. Henry disrobed as well, and quickly started to stroke her clit.

"Henry!" She gasped. "Do you love me?" Henry didn't answer as he ran his other hand down her thigh. He shoved her legs apart and she gasped as he buried his face between her thighs.

"Such sweet sounds." Jack murmured as he twisted her nipple lightly. Clara bucked her hips, crying out as Henry licked and sucked on her clit.

"Please!" She screamed, grabbing onto Henry's hair. Jack kissed her as he held her down, sucking on her neck. "I need to cum, please."

With one final lick of her cilt, Clara came undone with a scream. Henry held her still as she thrashed around, riding out her orgasm.

"Did you like that, princess?" Henry whispered, kissing her thighs. She mumbled incoherently, as Henry positioned himself at her entrance. Jack nibbled on her ear as Henry entered her slowly. She moaned as she was still sore from their last sexual encounter, and Jack distracted her with kisses.

"Please." She whispered. "Please, I'm all yours." Henry pulled out of her, and flipped her over. He thrust into her from behind, as she cried out.

"Do you like that, little one? Do you like your bandit's cock deep inside you?" Henry whispered in her ear. Jack leaned back, his hand lazily stroking his dick as he watched Clara get fucked. Henry pushed her onto her hands and knees, pulling on her hair.

"I'm gonna cum!" She shrieked as Jack pinched her clit. She came loudly, as Henry followed behind her. Clara collapsed into Henry's arms as he slowly pulled out. Exhausted, she rolled over and smiled at Jack.

"What about you?" She asked lazily, rolling over. He shook his head, smoothing down her hair.

"I will be all right, my little lamb. You should clean up, and Henry and I will head out to the general store for supplies." Clara shook her head.

"How about I explore, and you two clean up?" Clara stood up, grabbing her skirt. "Wallet please." Jack groaned as he reached into the pockets of his pants on the floor, handing her his wallet.

"Be safe, little one. Anything goes wrong, come running back to us, you hear?" Clara nodded, now fully dressed. She pulled up her hair, and kissed both her men. Walking out the door, she grinned as she walked into the fresh air.

"I'm going after her." Henry said, after a moment of silence. He pulled on his pants, shaking his head.

"She will be fine Henry, don't worry. I trust our girl." Jack dressed as well, grabbing his friend's arm.

"I ain't worried about her, I'm worried about anyone taking advantage of her. She's a pretty girl, our Clara." Jack started to straighten up the bed.

"She will be fine, but if you're so worried we will go help her when we are done here. Now come help me unload the wagon before we get robbed by bandits." The two looked at each other and laughed, as they walked to their supplies.

Down the road, Clara was humming to herself as she entered the general store. Picking up some dried meat, she laughed quietly as she realized this was the first time she had ever been away from her men.

"What's so funny little lady?" She froze as a hand gripped her shoulder, turning her around.

"Nothing sir." She kept her head down, as a finger lifted her chin. She took a step back as the man in front of her grinned.

"Well, little Clara, didn't recognize you. You've sure got beautiful." Clara gasped as Tommy Mitchell stood in front of her. The man who had taken both her virginities and then discarded her like trash.

"Get away from me Tommy." He hadn't changed at all, still broad shouldered with a sinister smile and cold blue eyes. His smile dropped as he gripped her arm tightly.

"You listen here, Clara. I won't take any disrespect from a little slut like you." He shoved her against the wall, caging her in with his arms. She stepped on his foot, as he headbutted her.


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