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A middle aged couple embark on a voyage of sexual liberation. me now!" You moan deeply as his head breaches you, pushing back against him until his balls rest against your clit. You're moaning constantly now, squealing as he thrusts, and he's shushing you as he pushes his dick deep inside. He glances over his shoulders at the stairs nervously, turning back to you as your nails bite in to his hip, pulling him back. Your head plunges in to the back of the couch as the first orgasm washes over you, your cries muffled in the cushions. Recovering quickly, you push him as he pulls back, turning over again and placing one heeled foot on the coffee table. He takes the other leg and puts it on his shoulder, and I can see your slippery pussy as he plunges back inside. You cry out again, looking in to his eyes, urging him to fuck you more loudly than you should. He tries to quiet you, caught up in the frenzy himself, your squeals growing louder each time his balls slap against your ass. He covers your mouth as you tell him to fuck you harder, begging for his cock. His hand over your mouth is only fuel for the fire, your screams now muffled but clearly audible in the still night. He pounds you furiously, sweat now sheening both your bodies, watching your tits bounce and holding your smooth ankle with his free hand. Your nails dig in to his ass, as you feel him cumming, pulling him and holding him deep inside as he shudders violently, his own moan much louder than intended as he empties his thick cream deep inside you.

Tearing my eyes away, I slip along the wall back down to our room, turning the nob and pushing the door closed silently behind me. I wait a beat, then open the door loudly and poke my head in to the hall.

" that you?" I call out. I barely contain my laughter as his hissed "oh shit! fuck..." filters up the stairs. You answer with a quiver in your voice "Yea...yea it's me...I just came right up..."Stepping in to the hall, I announce "it's OK, I'm coming down for a drink." and make no effort to silence my steps toward the staircase. The door swings open as I reach the steps, and I catch a glimpse of black leather jacket as he runs out and pulls the door closed behind him.

Looking in to the living room, you've made little effort to cover yourself beyond pulling your blouse together over your breasts. You watch as I descend the stairs and slide on to the couch next to you. "That was quite a surprise." I say as my fingers trace over your cheek, pushing damp strands of brown hair away from matching eyes. "You know what to expect most nights when I go out long as I find a willing participant I always bring you a gift." "Mmmmm...yes you do..." my finger trembling slightly as I push your blouse open again. Your skin is flushed from the sex like always, and I tease your nipples lightly as I bend to kiss your full lips. Our tongues mingle for a moment as you cover my hand with yours and coax it slowly down your body. "Never like this though...I thought you stuck to back alleyways or cars..." A soft giggle, one of the hundreds of things I find so sexy about you. "You mentioned the last time that you often wondered exactly how they're made I thought I'd let you see the creampie chef in person this time."

An involuntary moan escapes my lips at the mention of it, and I kiss you hard again, licking your lips and sucking at them as you place my hand between your legs and push my middle finger in to your slit.

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