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Lesbian librarian finds an unusual genie lamp.

Helen was working but was supposed to come see us later. After Hank hugged Dollie and grabbed both tits, pulling them fully out of her blouse, as six or eight old men stared, we had a seat near the stage.

We loved this place. Dollie didn't bother putting her tits back in. Sitting on her nearly bare ass with her skirt to her crotch didn't help keep the attention off her either!

Hank, in his loud voice said "hey bitch your tits are out."

Hank loved to embarrass Helen and Dollie like that. This was sure to attract any one who hadn't yet noticed. Did I mention this was a raunchy neighborhood bar? Dollie was in a good mood.

She countered with something like " well asshole you pulled them out. You put them back."

Thinking Hank was gonna put her tits back in her blouse he reached over, grabbed them and squeezed them, as his customers stared. He sat back smiling, leaving Dollie's tits out in the open.

Hank's place, or most other cheap clubs, never had more than a few strippers with decent tits. Dollie's and Helen's were way bigger than any working there.

Not bragging. If you've been to low class tittie bar you already know this. Most of Hanks regular customers walked over and tossed dollar bills on the table in front of Dollie. This is what they were supposed to be doing for the strippers on stage.

Dollie took the money, quite a bit, walked up to the stage, and tossed it to the girl attempting to entertain everyone. Showing off, Dollie turned back toward the small crowd and sort of jiggled her boobs, shoving them back into her low top. If we'd left then it was a great afternoon. But it was only beginning.

We sat drinking a beer, watching strippers, and talking about kinky old times with Hank loud enough for many to hear. Hank was as ornery as I.

We both knew why, but still we both were questioning Dollie why she was here half dressed to meet two young boys. Dollie could be just as ornery and kinky.

She told us "maybe I'm going to fuck the hell out of both of them!"

Yes, she often surprised me too! I was always encouraging Dollie to fuck others and hoped this was true.

I'm sure my answer was "have fun and make sure you cum a lot."

She may have slapped us a little. Dollie never usually talked like this. But she usually never did most of those things either.

Seems like he was late, Mikey finally walked in to join us. Said he was sorry that Slim had to work. I was actually relieved. We had never planned more than one on one with any games anymore. Even though I sometimes mentioned it.

Dollie jumped up and hugged Mikey. Mikey soon had both hands on Dollie's ttties and again they were out. I really don't know if her tits were being pulled out by any of those men or were just jiggling out. With some of her low tops anything is possible.

As we sat there, Mikey drinking a beer now, Hank again shouted "Goddammit bitch, put them titties back in your blouse or I will."

Dollie was having fun. "I guess you're gonna have to put them in Hankie."

Hank jumped up but Mikey beat him to Dollie's boobs. A quick feel and Mikey slipped them in. Hank was still being ornery.

"Dammit kid you're supposed to play with 'em first."

Mikey said "I did."

"Well fuck" Hank said. "We have to show you kids everything."

Hank walked over behind Dollie. Pulled both tits out again and began fondling them. Dollie was giggling and squirming.

Hank told Dollie "sit still bitch or I'll tickle your nipples and make ya cum."

Dollie said "too late Hank. I'm already cumming."

Hank told me "you and the kid better get this slut in one of those play rooms and get her satisfied. But remember no fucking."

"Yes sir" Dollie said.

Dollie was the first up and headed to the play rooms. Mikey looked scared to death of Hank.

Everyone in there was yelling and clapping. More fun than a bunch of young strippers. Hank whispered to me and Mikey, I think just being ornery again.

"After you guys get done fucking her clean up you gooey mess."

Mikey was grinning even more now.

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