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A storm's brewing.


There was a pregnant pause before he answered, the stiffness in his body showing great amounts of tension as his poised manner resembled concentration. He grinned and stood over my desk, causing me to fall back into the soft, engulfing skin of my office chair.

"Are you really over me, Tasha?"

"Mr. Troy, please..."

"Tasha, answer the question and stop stammering like a dumbstruck little girl."

"No one is dumbstruck!" I felt slightly insulted. "I am simply saying that..."

"Answer the question." My hazel eyes never left his dark brown ones as I watched his figure move from in front of my desk, to the side of my desk, to finally, behind my desk, only inches away from me. I felt that flame within begin to grow with much more ferocity as I slowly began to roll my chair away from him. He looked better than I remembered. His jet black dreadlocks were now long half-way down his back in a nice French braid that started at his crown, much longer than the shoulder length ones he donned in college. His cocoa brown skin was smooth and much more even, his facial hair now more shapely and masculine contrasted to the somewhat rugged look he had before. He was taller and a bit more muscular as well; certainly dressing much more finely that complimented his newfound career and social status. The only thing that had remained consistent being his pearly white teeth that I envied, wishing I could have the ability to smile like I had come fresh off the set of a Crest commercial.

I swallowed, hard, and eyed my briefs. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was hoping they could somehow save me. "Mr. Troy, I have court in a few..."

"Tasha." He spoke my name in a command, his voice reverberating my name in a way that sent my fire to a region long forgotten. I clenched my thighs together as I tried hard to conceal my obvious excitement. It brought me back to when I was in school, laying on his king sized bed fully exposed in nothing but my natural beauty waiting patiently, eagerly as he prepared himself for me. "

"Mikeyl...I have the briefs..."

He shushed me by grabbing the arm of my office chair, slowly sliding it towards his loin. I could not help but notice the obvious erection he had through the perfectly ironed black slacks his body elegantly modeled. I had to catch my breath as I began to go back into memory to the first time I saw his penis. It was not huge like many women say black men's penis' are, but it sure as hell was thick. He was an average seven inches but truly had the width of an untamed stallion, knowing how to work it like one as well. The night I had lost my virginity, he had me in the traditional missionary to begin with, then doggy style to ease some of the pain. Soon after came backwards cowgirl, the rodeo, and other sex names I can't even remember. The man truly was talented in and out of the bedroom, his intellect not being the only thing that makes any woman reach out for their "ticklers" and wish that it were him in between their thighs and not some silly piece of plastic.

"Tasha, I meant what I said." He carefully pried my legs apart, placing them on either side of his body. "I never stopped loving you and leaving you was a mistake."

I remained silent. He continued. "You say you have surpassed me but your body says otherwise. You truly do not understand how much I missed you over the course of these long seven years. I tried emailing you, calling you, texting you before you changed your number, even went to Facebook and Myspace." There was a small pause before he spoke again. "Nothing."

"You...You broke my heart Mikeyl." I finally let it out, beginning to feel myself weld tears in the corners of my eyes. "I thought we had something."

"We did, still can."

"Obviously not if that.

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