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She takes on two rugby teams in Paris.

"Would we live in the chalet if we made this our home? I mean it's wonderful but not particularly family friendly.

"If we agree he will give us part of the property as a wedding gift so we could build a family home," he chuckled, "Then he and Marisol would be close enough to spoil our children rotten. I think not having grandchildren is as hard as it was to know that they couldn't have children of their own. They are both from such big families. I think sometimes they feel isolated out here.

"Then we should," she agreed. "I love it here, and it will be nice to have them close by when you are at work. It will give me another lovely thing to think about while I am away from you. Building a home just the way we want it, with wide veranda's and cosy, shady nooks here and there like in the rainforest itself."

"Sounds like you have already thought about it," he looked at her.

"Of course, I have thought about our future, where we will live, having children, everything," she stopped and looked at him seriously. "Isn't that why we are doing this? Why I am doing this?"

"Yes," truthfully he hadn't let himself think past the fact that he wanted a future with her to the details of it, but he could see in her face this was not what she needed to hear. "I'm just still celebrating that you said yes and thinking about our honeymoon. You know we men can't multitask," he chuckled making light of the situation.

"Maybe I did get a little far ahead of myself, but you are asking me to give up my freedom to make that honeymoon happen so I need to be thinking of all the wonderful things that will come at the end of it," she said thoughtfully.

"I'm not enough of a prize?" he teased.

"You first and foremost, but the wedding, the home, the children all the things that can build on the love we have and create a full picture of our future. If I didn't love you enough to picture that future, I have run away, just like the other girl." She tried again to explain. "I need that picture in my head right now. Otherwise, I may lose my nerve." Josh gathered her into his arms and held her tightly saying nothing for a long moment.

"I want you to know that whatever happens I will always love you, you are the one I have waited for, and I know how lucky I am that you are willing to go through all my family traditions and rituals for me," he said in a low voice choked with feeling. "You are the love of my life, and I can't imagine a future without you in it."

They walked back up to the chalet and showered getting dressed the weight of what was happening bearing down on them both in different ways. There was a knock on the door and shrugging at Peri Josh went to answer it.

"Wah-Wah! Congratulations!" Maryanne burst through the door and began talking rapidly. "I always miss all the good family stuff, but I don't mind missing what happened with Nik. Are you okay? Man that must have been a bad scene," she paused for breath spotting, Peri. "My new sister! Oh, my god! Show me the ring," she grabbed Peri's hand and inspected the ring. "Josh always did have good taste. You did well Wah-Wah," she said over her shoulder not letting go of Peri's hand.

"Congratulations," Lucia said as she followed Maryanne in a moment later. She kissed Josh on both cheeks and smiled. "I am so happy for you both."

"Lucy, I am so glad to see you," Josh picked her up in a bear hug. "Are you staying long, can we find a moment to talk later?"

"You're as bad as Maryanne," she laughed lightly and moved to hug Peri. "Congratulations and commiserations to you," she smiled sadly as she released the woman. "The trial isn't pleasant, and I won't sugar-coat it like everyone else," She said in a friendly way. "I probably know that better than most, but if love gives you wings, then you will fly through it."

"Thanks, Lucy," Peri returned the hug. "You're the only one who hasn't ignored the elephant in the room."

"Yeah that's not my style," she chuckled.

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