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He never expected a workday like this.

"Yes, my second in command, Katrina," she said. "She expects you there at 7PM."

"Yes, Mistress," I agreed, even though I didn't like the idea at all.

Dressed, she nodded, "Good, slut," and walked out, opening the door just seconds after I got my blouse on.

After work, I went home and changed out of my business attire and into something more casual, hoping that going to Katrina's would be quick. Maybe a quick licking and no more.

Thankfully, I was right, although we almost got caught.

I arrived at her place on time and she opened the door and said, "Hurry up, slut, my parents are going to be home soon. So this is going to be a quickie."

"Um, okay," I nodded, following her into her house and to her bedroom.

As soon as we were in the bedroom, she pulled her skirt off and got onto her bed, her bedroom almost the same square footage as my entire house.

She ordered, "Get over here and eat me, slut."

I obeyed, my mouth watering the moment she spread her legs. I was surprised to see a relatively hairy snatch, but buried my face in it and began licking eagerly... partly because I was told to and partly because I knew time was of the essence.

"So eager," Katrina moaned, as I attacked her cunt, which was already wet and her scent quite strong, the pubic hair capturing the feminine bouquet.

I licked for a couple of minutes before I heard a door close.

I stopped mid-lick as Katrina announced, "Looks like my parents are home."

She grabbed the back of my head and asked, "Who told you to stop?"

"But your parents are home," I pointed out, as she grabbed my head and shoved it deeper into her cunt, so I resumed licking, praying she had locked the door.

Katrina's moans got louder and as she got close, there was a knock at the door. "Honey, are you okay?"

"Under the bed," she whispered, as she quickly slipped under the covers as I just as quickly crawled under the bed, terrified of getting caught.

"I'm fine," Katrina called out, and the door opened just as I made it under the bed.

"I thought I heard strange sounds coming from your room," her mother said.

"I don't know," she shrugged, "I was just studying." Which was a badly-constructed lie since there were no books on her bed.

"Oh, okay," the mom said. "Well, come downstairs when you need a break, we bought some ice cream.

"Yummy," Katrina said, "I'll be there in a few."

"Okay," the mother said, and she closed the door.

After about twenty seconds, Katrina ordered, "Hurry up slut, get back here and finish what you started."

I crawled out from underneath the bed and saw Katrina had moved to the edge of her bed. I moved between her legs and said, my eyes still wide, but the adrenaline quite the rush, "That was close."

"Whatever; she's going to catch me someday and then I'll have to seduce her. Now get yourself close and whip up your warm cream," she ordered, grabbing my head and pulling me back deep into her hairy bush.

I resumed licking, devouring her pussy like it was my last meal and in only a couple of minutes she was moaning loudly and then she came all over my face.

Once she finished coming and I finished lapping up her sweet cum, she said, "You can sneak out my window."

"Really?" I asked.

"No, I'm lying to you," she sighed, as she got off the bed and grabbed her skirt. She added, "I sneak out of it all the time," she said.

"Okay," I said, realizing I didn't have my shoes. "Um, my shoes are downstairs."

"I guess you're going home barefoot," she shrugged.

"Okay," I agreed, with a sigh.

She opened the window and I climbed out, feeling like a boy about to get caught by an angry dad.

Thankfully, it was easy and I was back in my car five minutes later... where I rubbed myself to orgasm.

That night, I emailed Olivia:

From: Slut Sarah

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