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Passionate fun with my idol, leads to a long affair.

I couldn't see aunty inside but there was again a sight of disgust. There was uncle on his all fours, with his legs secured tightly in ropes from both the ends of the bed. I saw some reddish skin above his feet, which explained the durability of the bondage, as he must be tied for much longer now.

As soon as I could start thinking, aunty was visible finally with a strap on dildo on her waist that was decorated with moulded testicles in its base. It was tan colored that almost looked like the second skin i.e. like a real penis. Aunty was topless, with her boobs exposed in its full along with her well shapped belly. She had the dildo on her leggings that covered her iron thighs and muscular calves. I got a boner and goosebumps on the follow up due to her elegant goddess avatar.

Aunty had a bottle of some liquid with a pouring cap on the top. She used some of the drops on her dildo while placed the pourer on the top of his butt crack, that made the liquid to flow in just the channel of his butt crack, wetting the entire region in the way. She held his ass cheeks and squeezed it lightly, leaving her nail marks on them. She held her hands on his ass crack and helped the liquid to get more in its asshole and the region around it. She entered her thumb head inside of it horizontally and made the hole to extend its size.

Aunty aimed the 10 inched dildo to his ass hole and entered in the extended size. After fitting it inside, she made her thumb out and held his waist tightly. She started to fuck his ass with more impulsion. Uncle moaned in obvious pain, while she continued shoving inside of him. Aunty got a grip of his cock, and stroked it while penetrating inside of him. Uncle was edged constantly for 10 minutes, followed by some rock hard thrusts inside of his anus by aunty's dildo.

Uncle was crying in pain once she stepped back from the edge of the bed. His anus was widen from the normal due to the abuse it took. Aunty was fully covered with sweat all over her neck and forehead and the frontal region. She still looked mesmerizing with the sweat on her face. She undid his hands and legs from the ropes, and asked him to leave the bed. Aunty had red marks in the rope loops on his skin after getting unbounded.

Aunty sat in the kneeling chair, while uncle stood before her. She placed her back and spread her body on it, kneeling from her back; asked uncle to come upon her. Uncle looked humiliated but still sat on his wife's lap and hanged his legs on both the sides of her hips, ready to ride. The scene explained about who wore the pants in the family. Aunty was a much muscular lady, due to which uncle looked no bizarre on her lap.

Aunty held uncle from his waist and kept kissing him for more than a minute, before making him sit on her strap on and made it get inside of his anus. Once inside, aunty made uncle to ride on her lap while she kissed his neck and chest by pulling him towards her face. With each jump uncle took on her lap, aunty's boobs bounced and waved. I was getting the side view of the scene, it was getting hotter and hotter with each passing minute. She squeezed uncle's ass and drop it on her waist to fuck with more impact.

Aunty left his waist alone, while held his penis from both her hands. She started jerking him off, and uncle had total discomfort on his face. Within seconds, he came with loads of jet of cum. All of the cum dirtied aunty from the front by getting on her chin,boobs and also on her stomach. She smiled with the scene, and uncle continued to ride in the usual pace. She stopped fucking him and removed the dildo from his anus. She brought him closer to her face and planted a wet kiss on it. She kissed him harder for some seconds, before pushing his head towards her chin to clean the cum. She forced his cheek more downwards, on her boob to get it cleaned, and then finally her stomach.

Uncle was allowed to get on his feet.

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