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Sam stood before her closet... I wanted to show her the passion I had for her love for cooking just made me want to please her in every possible way.

After dinner I helped her clean up the kitchen, and I could feel the sexual vibes radiating off of her...or was that just me? Whatever scent she was wearing was driving me crazy...she smelled so sweet and clean. I reached for a plate she had washed so I could dry it, and my arm brushed against hers. The electricity in that subtle touch was enough for both of us to pause for just a moment and look at each other. I couldn't stand it anymore, and I had a feeling she couldn't either. I stopped and ran my finger lightly down her arm, and her blue eyes looked into mine. She let go of the dish she was washing, and I handed her my towel. She wiped the sudsy water off her hands and turned to me.

Her eyes penetrated me with desire, and I could feel every part of my body flush with anticipation. I pushed a stray hair out of her eyes, tucked it behind her ear and slowly grabbed her earlobe between my lips...all in one motion. I felt her gasp and reach for my hips. I slowly nibbled on her ear, moved down to her neck, and then stopped. I looked into her gorgeous blue eyes and could tell she was begging. No words were exchanged...none had to be. I cupped her face into my hands and kissed her lightly on her soft, succulent lips. I was so eager to have this Aphrodite all to myself, but I knew that I had to keep building the intensity in order for it to be the most amazing sex she had ever had. I kissed her again, and then I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and mine into hers. For a few seconds we explored each other's mouths with just our tongues as the guides. I moved my hands down to her hips and pulled away slowly. She opened her eyes and looked so hurt. I grinned and all the tension relaxed in her back...I could feel it just from the grip I had on her hips.

I pushed her against the cabinet and kissed her hard this time....her mouth was so warm and inviting. I ran my fingers through her hair and kept kissing her with all the desire I had built up in me. I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop. She was hypnotizing me, and I couldn't hold back any longer. I moved slowly downward kissing her neck and chest...I could feel her breathing harder as I moved down her body. But I wasn't ready for her to feel it all just yet. I thought I was going to explode, but I had to keep building that intensity for her. I moved back to her amazing mouth and kissed her again, and she was pulling me into her so forcefully that it was hard to keep my composure. I wanted this all to be about her...pleasing her in every possible way.

My fingers started unbuttoning her shirt.

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