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He positioned the camera on top of the wardrobe and turned it on to record. He checked that Bernard was still asleep before creeping back out only to meet Mandy coming down the hall.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him somewhat puzzled.

"Oh I...erm I was going to let him know you were on your way but he's fast asleep so I thought I had better leave him for you to wake up," he replied.

"Oh...ok...erm maybe I should just leave him to sleep then," she suggested in the faint hope that she might get a last minute reprieve.

"No, he wants to see you and I want you to wake him up in a special way."

"What special way, what do you mean?" she asked.

Ted took her coat by the collar pulled her close and said in a menacing tone, "I want him to wake up to find you sucking his cock, I know he would like that."

"W....what? p....please I...I don't,"

"Understand!" he said interrupting her.

She bowed her head in defeat before reluctantly saying, "I understand."

"Go on then," he said directing her to the door, "don't let me down, I will find out." At that he left for work, already over 20 minutes late.

She opened the door and quietly went in, it was quite dark with just a few rays of sunlight coming in between the gaps in the curtains. She approached the bed and shrugged her coat off letting it drop to the floor. As instructed she had on the tiny blue gym skirt and matching panties together with the undersized cardigan. She knew how sexy the outfit looked and seriously wondered if he would have a heart attack if he woke and saw her.

She noticed how loud his breathing was, he sounded so unhealthy and his chest crackled every time he exhaled. Nervously she lifted the covers off him and was surprised to see him completely naked, not a pretty sight, in fact he looked rather creepy. His frail old body looked terrible, every bone was clearly visible through his tissue thin white skin. This was the oldest man she had ever seen without any clothes on and the sight made her feel as if she might be sick.

As she stood against the edge of the bed she looked down at his monster cock laying across his skinny old leg. Even limp it was still much bigger than anything she had ever seen, it was simply huge.

She knew what she had to do and stood for a moment trying to prepare herself. The thought of putting this filthy old mans cock in her mouth filled her with disgust, but she had no choice other than to get on with it.

She bent over the bed and took the base of it in her hand lifting it from his leg. As her pretty young face got closer the smell of it was disgusting, much as you would expect an 84 year old mans cock to smell.

She closed her eyes tight as she nervously placed her sweet lips tenderly against it, the taste was as bad as the smell but she had no choice but to carry on. As she slowly sucked the purple head into her mouth she felt it instantly stiffen and grow. As it got harder and harder she placed her other hand around it too, even with both hands on it they only covered about half its length.

As she started to suck on it old Bernard let out a groan and chewed on his gums as a smile came across his face. She stopped for a moment and waited to see if he was waking up, then seeing he was still sound asleep she brushed her lovely blonde hair back from her face and bent back down to carry on sucking on his cock.

He thought he was just having one of his naughty dreams as he seemed to drift in and out of that state of not knowing if your asleep or awake. He knew he was feeling extremely horny, so much more than usual and the dream felt so real that his cock felt as if it was harder than it had ever been.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," he moaned as his hips started to automatically rise and fall over and over getting faster all the time.

Mandy struggled with both hands to hold his cock back from choking her. It was so big now that her mouth was stretched wide over the end of it as she tried to accommodate its massive girth.

The sensation was so incredible that pretty soon Bernar

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