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Lucky goes on a walk at night with Cheryl.

"Is this more direct, Angel?" Tali said with a wink.

Vis went from burning red and embarrassed from being so obviously caught watching these two sexy vixens play in the pool earlier, to squirming with sexual excitement from their kisses and touches. He placed one hand on each lady's thigh as his lips were caught by Angel.

Minx looked over at the two women teasing Vis and thought about yelling out for them to get a room. Instead she impulsively ran her hand over Sean's ass. Sean was surprised yet quickly recovered and leaned into her hand, very much enjoying her touch. She gave him a quick slap with a laugh. He jumped slightly in reaction.

"Nice ass Sean." Minx said playfully.

Sean put the drink he was preparing for Capt down and turned to face Minx. He put both hands on her ass, and pulled her to him. He caressed her ass, moving her short skirt up exposing her perfect ass to Capt.

"Not as nice as your ass is, Minxy. Don't you agree Capt?" Oscar exclaimed.

Capt moved to join them and standing right behind her slid his hands over her breasts cupping them. Minx went from playful flirting to breathing hard excitement in a flash and leaned her head back onto Capt's shoulder pushing her pelvis into Sean.

"I give you permission to play my little Capt." Minx said breathily.

Capt immediately relaxed and really started teasing Minx, showing her that he had learned very well at her hand earlier.

"Her ass is definitely fine Sean, yet I think her breasts are the more tasty morsels. After all, I feel her nipples hardening so nicely." Capt said emotionlessly.

Capt squeezed Minx's nipples and nibbled on her ear, as she ground her pelvis into Sean's hardening bulge. Her soft moan sent a wave of passion throughout the room.

Eve was talking to Tex about how pain heightened her pleasure. To show him what she meant she had him apply pressure to her nipple. At first he wasn't pressing hard enough so she pressed his fingers together until the feeling was just right, making her quite wet in the process. Eve then described other things that bring her excruciating pleasure. Tex was captivated by the discussion and found he was becoming very excited at the idea of bringing this new information into his sexual repertoire. Eve heard Minx's moan or perhaps she felt it and felt the heightening of sexual force from the couch that held Angel, Vis and Tali. She pressed Tex's hand against her and leaned forward looking directly into his eyes.

"I think you need a more direct lesson." She said with passion.

Wenchie was totally into Salvor which made it obvious that they had many fun times on the Lit threads. They quickly went from wonderful innuendo to playful fondling. Dunchad was just about to get up when Wenchie laid back into him. She looked up into his eyes.

"Where do you think you are going? I didn't get both of you here so one of you can sneak off. This Wenchie needs both of you to satisfy her aching explosive hunger. Unless of course you don't think you are up to the task," she said with a saucy smile.

Dunchad's response was clear to anyone looking, he covered Wenchie's mouth with his own, punctuating his acceptance with passion. Salvor happily started teasing Wenchie's thighs and breasts, heightening the pleasure for all three.

Rydia watched Wenchie lay back and Dunchad bend into her. She figured she'd be able to find him later, thus turned her attention to the yummy two in front of her. She placed her hand upon the laps of each feeling them growing under her palms.

"Mmmmm, now that's the way to get a lady's attention. I wonder what treasures I have here." Rydia said with a lust filled voice.

She unzipped first Max then Carnevil and brought both out into the open for her inspection. Gripping one in each hand, she kept looking back and forth as they came to full erection. Rydia then leaned down and engulfed Max's head, playing her tongue all around the mushroom shape, then let go. She then leaned over to the other and did the same to Carnevil.

"Oh this is glorious, two wonderful toys to play with and to eat.

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