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A boy named Alex is taken advantage of by an older man.

I want him. I need him. I have to have him.

This new tattooed blue alien has a chiseled jaw line that can cut glass. He runs his hand along the line of my flat stomach that fluttered at his touch. I weakly run a finger along his chiseled jaw line lifting my head up to meet his savory lips. My pussy is still crying for more though my body threatens to give out. I want to pass out but at the same time not. It's the reasoning that's the first to go when you become an addict.

Yet instead of impaling me with his long thick blue stalk, this alien sticks his head between my thighs. He licks my shaven pussy lips, saturated with desire for him (and the others). I breathe in sharply as I feel the alien warrior's tongue flick my fat clitoris. He watches me intently with his pale blue eyes as I writhe and softly sigh while his tongue dips between my folds massaging my inner labia.

He kisses my pussy as if it were my mouth; French-kissing it with slow burning passion. My body is a live wire, electric and hot, alive with excitement. I grip the damp sheets and close my eyes as the alien parted my folds with his thumb exposing my throbbing red berry then sucking on it long and hard.

I cry out in ecstasy I don't think I can take much more. He doesn't stay on my rose bud for long as he came back to it every few minutes to work it like a little cock then whenever I'm close to climaxing he stops. Then he inserts a finger. My muscles lock around his finger, trapping him in my molten core.

He kisses my thigh, my skin tingles where he pressed his fiery lips. I push his head back towards my fiery furnace where I ache for his mouth more. I cradle his head as he begins sucking on my stiff clit while working his fingers inside my tight soaked over worked pussy.

I play with my breasts as my breathing becomes more ragged, tweaking my nipples. I bite my lip, arching my back as the alien tickles my g-spot. I'm teetering towards the edge of another mind blowing orgasm. My thighs squeeze his head as a wave of hot pleasure ripples through me. My body is racked with shivers and I fall to pieces. Anymore shattering orgasms and I might die.

Then my whole world fades to black as my mind gives out.


The world is black and I'm floating in nothing. But it's not a cold darkness. My body is tingling with pleasurable hot sensations. I don't think I ever came so hard before in my life. I don't know how long I've been unconscious but when I come to I find that I am still in that strange room.

Either this is the longest running (and best sex) dream I am having or I am waking up to my new reality. Every muscle in my body was on fire. My legs are shaking. I try to move my arm but there's a sharp pain.

I weakly turn my head to see that I have an IV needle in my arm.

"Try not to move too much," I hear a familiar calm voice. I look over to see the same alien I saw when I first woke up on the ship. Namid was it? Namid smiles at me, his pale green eyes so gentle like a care taker.

"Oh god..." I groan. It was all real.

"How do you feel?" Namid asks.

"Like I went ten rounds with a jujitsu master," I struggle to sit up despite Namid's warnings. The room is shaky but after a few minutes I gain some steadiness. However I feel sick and fall back against the pillows. They feel like luxurious clouds and cool against my inflamed skin.

Namid lifts my head up gingerly as he places a glass to my lips and cool water hits my tongue cooling my inflamed dry throat and mouth. He's real this time.

"I was concerned for a moment as most of the Earth females were exhausted after 2 lovers but you managed at least 3..."

"Yeah me," I coughed. "What happened to me?"

"There's a hormone in our species' bodily fluids that activates a female's urge to mate," Namid says. "In our females it was harmless but your body does not react well. As long as we take care not to over exert you and help you with your withdrawal you should be fine."

Heat creeps into my cheeks at the memory of how I rode those ali

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