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Sons scheme to get their mothers in bed.

He told himself to calm down that this was a test. He had to show her his loyalty and trust.

Everything he had just told himself went flying right out of his mind as his Goddess and him came into view on the bed. For no sooner did he see the pair did Ziggy tug her into his arms and kissed her. She went willingly into the man's embrace her hands working into his hair and returned his kiss. His eyes narrowed, he tried looking away and found he couldn't.

She was cruel to make him watch this, his mind screamed as he tugged and yanked at his ropes trying to close out the images before his eyes. He watched as they each striped the other of clothes. He groaned from the sight of her naked flesh before him, and then he growled thru the gag at seeing his hands on her naked flesh. Then Ziggy moved off the bed.

"Tricia why don't you suck on his cock. I know you can make him thoroughly enjoy it."

"Yes Master." Was all she said before pet felt her mouth on his cock, her mouth felt wonderful to his hardening cock.

"Pet do not cum, am I clear? Blink twice for yes once for no." she said when Ziggy returned to the bed. As Ziggy took her into his arms again pet blinked twice.

He saw Ziggy's hands bury themselves into her hair and pulling her lips to his own. Pet whimpered and continued to watch, Tricia's mouth worked his cock over and she was very good as well.

He soon found that as upset as the scene made him it also excited him and knew he grew harder in the girl's mouth. The two on the bed touched each other everywhere. Ziggy suckled on her breasts carefully, pet thought he would go out of his mind when Ziggy went down on her.

Pet began tugging hard on his ropes when he saw Ziggy take one of her feet bringing it to his mouth. Pet pulled, jerked and made as much noise as he possibly could. She looked at him glaring and he stopped what he had been doing. He whimpered when a short time later she came at what Ziggy did to her toes and feet.

Tears sprang from his eyes later when she took Ziggy into her mouth. What hurt more was it turned him on to see her do it to him, he had come close a couple times of blowing his wad into the girls mouth but had managed to keep in control.

He found himself growing harder still when Ziggy turned her in such a fashion that both were now going down on the other in a full 69 position. He struggles and tugs hard against his ropes wanting to be on the bed. He felt what he thought was the rope on his left wrist giving a little bit. He struggled all the harder when he heard her moan as Ziggy stuck his tongue into her pussy.

He growled again still tugging when a short time later she reached down and held Ziggy's head in place to her pussy. She must have heard him, for she glared at him again as he watched her body tense and shudder and then cum all over Ziggy's face.

Pet's eyes bugged out of his head when he saw Ziggy fold her up like she was sitting Indian style and take her. He violently tugged at the ropes now. He felt the left one snap but he was still held firm.

She kept her eye on him most of the time through out it. He knew she saw what it did to him. Everything it did to him, he was groaning fighting back not Cumming more and more. He tried to use his eyes and motioning as best he could what he was asking. To show she understood she shook her head no as she cried out looking at him.

He knew what that cry meant she was building to a climax, his cock twitched in the girl mouth and he was sure he was going to cum himself but didn't except for a bit of pre-cum. She kept her gaze on him as she neared those peaks. He struggled again, the ropes had long ago began biting hard into his wrists, he pumped his hips trying to get relief but all it did was torment as he couldn't move in just the right way.

His Goddess cried out as she came, he saw her body all tensed and flushed her moans sweet music to his ears.

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