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The Education continues with Galena.

My hands splay to his sides, as my mouth continues to travel south. My kisses trail to his stomach, his navel and to the edge of his pants.

My hair falls into my face and he gently pulls it aside. On my knees now I shakily snap open his pants and pull the zipper. I slide his pants from his contoured hips and he steps easily out of them. I reach for his boxers and pull them with the same manner, not looking up until I see him step out of them. I look.

I can't breathe.

His member stands at attention, proud and full. It is alive with sensation and excitement and my body trembles at his feet. The head beads with precum, and with my left hand I reach out and slid my thumb over it. He draws a sharp breath inwards and clenches his teeth.

Gently I lean in, at first running my tongue from base to tip, tasting him. I rotate my tongue over the head, down the shaft and to his balls. I kissed each one, sucking them slightly into my mouth. I moved up to the tip, opening wide to accept him. The head slid in, then the shaft until he is fully engulfed in me. I withdraw just to impale myself again and again.

I suck slightly, running my teeth gently over his taught skin. The thick vain runs along my tongue, and I suck the head and cup his balls in my hand at the same time, loving the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I reached for the shaft with my right hand, sliding my mouth and hand together, squeezing lightly. I jack him, swallow him, taste him. I feel greedy for him and want his cum in my mouth. I look up from my position on the floor. His eyes are closed, and he leans back slightly, his hands still hold my hair.

I begin to pump him harder into my mouth, knowing what this would lead to and not caring. I want to taste him, want him to fill me up, want to take it all. His large cock disappears into my mouth over and over again, feeling as if it was getting bigger. I feel his grip tighten on my head and I know he was close. I increased my speed, adding suction and tongue, feeling him swell in my mouth. I grabbed his ass, pulling him deep, never mind I couldn't breath, and waited for the cream, the stream, the....

Explosion. Deep in my mouth I feel him let go, pulsing his seed into my mouth, down my throat, forcing me to swallow, allowing me to swallow. I eat it greedily, gulping it. When he pulls from me, I lick my lips, running my tongue over my mouth, making sure I had each drop. Satisfied, I stand and was immediately lifted and tossed onto the bed.

Like a panther, he crawls over me, covering my body with his, his cock grazing my leg. I tremble at the thought of him. I was going to cum if he touched me. He delves into my breasts, rubbing his chin between them, his rough 5 o'clock shadow braising my skin. With expert hands he pulls my panties from my legs and runs a hand up to my waist. I breathe deeply.

Moving slightly to the left, he swirls his fingers in the soft down hair at the center of my legs. It is moist and slick, prepped for entry. He kisses me at the same time he inserts one finger into me. I open my mouth to moan only to be kissed deeper. A second finger joins the first, stretching me, filling me, teasing me. I moan again against his lips, breathing through my silent screams.

Into my ear I hear his voice, telling me to let go, let him feel me, let his hands love me. I am almost in tears, overwhelmed by his presence, knowing this was better than any fantasy I had had of him. I never knew feelings like this.

My nipples are hard as erasers and he takes one into his mouth, rubbing the nub with his tongue and teeth. His fingers continue to pulse in a steady and deep rhythm, drawing me up into a level of explicit ecstasy. I want to cum so bad it hurts, but I'm afraid to let go. But I need to let go. Oh god, I want to cum.

I suck in my breath, convinced I had died and gone to another level of pleasure. His fingers stretch me, his thumb keeping time with his hand, rubbing my clit, penetrating my hole. I feel it. I feel it. I feel it.

So does he.

"Cum for me, Mami.

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