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Andrea serves as a waitress for Dean and his colleagues.

She had put some fire engine red lipstick on, red nail polish on, and was wearing a very, very sexy red lace teddy that had cut-outs for her boobs, and red fishnets. It was my very own version of Mrs. Claus, although this isn't the Mrs. Claus that we would have seen in the Thanksgiving Day parade only weeks before.

My mother continued to suck my cock, although I think she knew that I was awake at this point. I tilted my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes thinking about what a great Christmas gift I was receiving. I was about to pop and Mom knew it, but she kept going and actually picked up the pace.

I knew that I was going to be filling my mother's mouth with multiple shots of hot, sticky cum, even if I had fucked my sister only a couple of hours before. I shot load after load into my mother's warm mouth, and she accepted all of it, taking several gulps to get it all down.

"Did you like your present, baby, that Mrs. Claus gave to you?"

"Mom, I mean, Mrs. Claus, that was so incredible."

"I am glad that you liked your first gift, but there are some more gifts that you need to unwrap."

My mother got off the bed and I sat up. She pulled me close to her chest, and instinctively, I started to suckle on her succulent tits. I sucked on my mother's tits, as if I were still the baby that she pretends that I am.

As I sucked on her globes, I placed both of my hands on her firm ass and squeezed as hard as I could, because she really likes when I do that to her. I started spanking her ass and she stared to purr.

After a little while, I had started to get hard again, and mother took notice.

"Come on, now, you need to unwrap your best present. Me!!!"

I took my time taking off the teddy that she had been wearing, because I have never seen one like this before. As I pulled off the cloth, I took my tongue and ran it over her belly button, which made her squirm like a teenager. I continued to take off her clothing, but I used one of my hands to rub her pussy. I have always thought that it is better to give than to receive on Christmas. I decided to leave her fishnets on, because they were very sexy.

I laid my mother down on the bed and spread her legs as far as I could possibly spread them. She knew what was going to be coming next. I didn't bullshit around like I would normally do. I went right down on her and started eating her pussy, which she had shaven.

I took my tongue and moved it in and out of her wet pussy, which made her grab my head and shove it fully down on her snatch. I didn't mind, because her smell was so delightful. I took one of my fingers and fingered her pussy, as I continued to lick away (I read about that in a magazine recently). I have never heard a woman moan that loud before. I am glad that she didn't wake anyone else up.

I kept licking, nibbling, sucking, and fingering her pussy. I knew that I would drive her fucking buck wild if I were to play with her tight asshole, so I took my other hand and played with her hole. I started by rubbing all around it and when I put a finger inside of her ass, which was difficult because my finger was dry, she clenched her legs around my neck. A few moments later, her tart taste was all in my mouth, as she came and came.

Her muscles relaxed and I went right up to her lips and gave her a long, passionate kiss. I wanted her to taste her own juices. She took my tongue and bottom lip into her own mouth, as if she was using a vaccumn. She took her hands and rubbed them all over my body. It felt so good what she was doing, and when she took my cock in her hand, she didn't stand a chance.

I got on my back and had her get on top of me, but I wanted her to face the other way, because I wanted to try this new position that I found out about called the Reverse Cowgirl. I knew that I would last a lot longer and it would be hitting her g-spot, which would make her happy.

She lifted herself a little bit off of the bed and with precision lowered herself back down onto my waiting cock.

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