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The story of my late start in life as a cocksucker (bottom).

I signed the paperwork and the keys were handed over to me just as the movers drove up in their truck. I had given the realtor's office the mover's phone number and while I was looking, they managed to contact the driver on his cell to send him to the right address.

Within three days, with the help of Diane (my superintendent) and her team of friends, I was all moved in and I held a pizza and beer night party in the small backyard in appreciation for their help.

After they left, I was alone again and the feeling of abandonment and self-pity washed over me once again; I fell asleep crying and sobbing.

For those first three months of the school year, I threw myself into my work; I loved the kids and their parents. But every Friday night when many of the small staff went out for a drink, I would beg tiredness and go home alone.

One of my fellow staff was a rather plain woman of about 5 ft 3" to my 5 ft 6" and also very slim. Sheila too was quiet and somewhat standoffish so it surprised me one Friday when I was still my class marking workbooks - thinking everyone was gone - and she knocked on my door. Since I was concentrating on deciphering some of my 6-year olds' writing, I jumped as she spoke.

"What are you still doing here, Michelle?"

She came in and sat on the corner of my desk and we just chatted for over a half hour. She proved to be a very interesting and well-read young woman; she told me she was 36, never married and hasn't had a date in almost as long. She simply hasn't found a nice guy; in fact, I received the impression that perhaps she wasn't all that interested in trying or for that matter, in men. I was surprised at my reaction when she hinted none too subtly that she was a bi-sexual but with definite leanings towards women. I felt so comfortable with her by now; I felt no pressure or bias.

When Sheila mentioned she was hungry, my own stomach started to grumble; as we laughed at the noise, she asked me if I would like to go out and grab a bite. Figuring I had paid my dues for one week, I readily agreed and I followed her car in mine to a small caf__ at the edge of town. Even on a Friday night, it was quiet and the manager hugged and greeted Sheila like a long lost friend. "Where have you been, love", he said. "We haven't seen you in ages!"

He showed us to a quiet table in the corner by the fireplace; it was now late November and there was a chill in the night air. We were soon gossiping like we had known each other all our lives and before I knew it, we had finished two and a half bottles of wine with the most delicious dinner I had eaten in months. Living alone, I wasn't a great cook for one and was usually too tired to eat more than a snack - I had lost 10 lbs since Dave's death eight months ago.

As we finished dessert, I tried to stand to go to the washroom and fell back into my chair in a fit of childish giggling. I was sloshed! Sheila helped me to the Ladies and waited while I staggered into a stall to relieve myself. As I came out, she helped me straighten my skirt and tucked in my silk blouse; the touch of her soft hand on my skin sent a shock though even my dulled senses.

It was obvious that Sheila had imbibed considerably less than me since she offered to drive me to her place which was within my mile of the caf__ where I could spend the night in her spare bedroom and she would drive me back in the morning for my car. At this stage, I wasn't about to argue (scenes of the headlines in the morning's paper "Grade One Teacher Caught DUI" ran through my head) so I agreed. As I slumped into the passenger seat, I think I mumbled, "Are you trying to seduce me?" but fell asleep just as I think she answered in the affirmative.

I awoke the next morning with the sun streaming in my eyes covered with a soft sheet and a monster headache.

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