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Childhood friends are reunited at Christmas.

etc.etc. As he spoke, she commenced her subtle rubbing of his thigh and groin, until she finally placed a hand over his impressive bulge and massaged the huge outline of his cock.

Watching the game play out had me in a heightened state of arousal, I was willing her to take him by the hand and lead him upstairs. SHUT THE FUCK UP LAURA!!

I'm SURE Matt read my mind! He grabbed her slim hand and rubbed it firmer across his snake.

"Well are you gonna take care of this, or what" he asked directly.

Finally! I said, rather louder than I'd intended.

He looked at me and laughed, rising from the sofa dragging Laura with him.

"Come on then!" he urged, leading Laura to the stairs.

I quickly ran around the house, switching lights off and checking the doors before darting up to the bedroom.

"Now don't forget the rules" Laura admonished, both Matt and I nodding.

Chapter 6

With all three of us in the bedroom the atmosphere was ablaze. Matt had waited patiently for me to join them but pounced on Laura's tits as soon as I had arrived.

"Whoa, slow down cowboy" she chided. I understood Matt's keenness to get at them. Her nipples jutted out from underneath her bra and thin blouse, as hard as rivets, and her cleavage just begged for a cock to slam between them.

I approached Laura, taking my place besides Matt. She kicked off her shoes, and then we slowly began undressing her; Matt undoing the buttons of her blouse, whilst I started unzipping her skirt. Her new lingerie came off quickly -- unfortunately, it didn't get an awful lot of wear! Before long she stood naked in front of us, unashamedly, she cupped her tits, lifting one to her mouth and liking the nipple before moving her hand down to her beautifully shaved pussy.

"Come on the boys, show the fox the rabbit!" she purred before she raised her hands to Matt's chest and started to unfasten the buttons of his shirt, pushing it from his broad shoulders once opened. Both her hands travelled to Matt's belt buckle and pulled him closer to her.

I took her cue and divested myself quickly as she slowly unbuckled his belt and proceeded to unbutton his jeans, each button popping from the strength of his straining manhood. When she had popped the final button she grabbed the waistband and slipped his jeans down his tanned, muscular legs. His swollen mast jerked up and out, joyous to be freed.

He stood in front of her whilst she cast her eyes over his faultless body. She took in his huge frame, marvelling at his smooth young skin, his tan, his muscles then greedily rested her eyes on his huge dick jutting proudly from his groin.

"Matt, I hope you don't mind waiting, James has been gagging all week!" she said, gripping my cock and leading me onto the bed without waiting for Matt to protest.

Taking the lead, I placed her in the middle of the bed and moved around to the side, allowing Matt the perfect vantage place. I climbed onto to bed, leaning across Laura, and planted a kiss on her soft, warm mouth then gradually moved down to her nipple. My arse jutted in the air whilst on all fours, swaying gently as I lapped around her nubs. My hand drifted towards her pussy area, coaxing her legs apart. Matt sighed as she revealed her glistening pussy lips and commenced to leisurely palm his giant wood.

As I continued on her tits, my hands ran up and down the inside of her velvety smooth thighs, tickling lightly but careful to not yet touch her lips or sensitive clit. She moaned quietly as I nibbled at her nipple, my hands steadily inching towards he pussy, ready to commence their strumming.

I repeatedly traced my finger nail from top to bottom, along the outer lips of her inviting slit then probed between the folds to reach the opening of her cunt.

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