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Ethan earns a new nickname.

"It's going to be a long night." She said.

I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting.

She told me to lie on the bed while she got ready. And ready did she get! I watched her as she put on a black shiny rubber basque and stockings. Then she pulled out some leather handcuffs and cuffed me to the bed posts. I was almost ready to cum right now! She returned to her cupboard, where she pulled out...MY GOD!! It was a strap-on penis!!

"Wait, Kati, this no, please." I pleaded.

She sat on my chest, the penis millimetres from my mouth.

"Don't worry Julie, everything's going to be fine from now on, I promise."

What was she talking about? Julie?

She pressed the penis against my lips.

"Take it in your mouth and suck it. And you might want to wet it as much as possible, because it won't be lubricated by any other method."

I took the 8" black fake penis into my mouth and wetted it as much as possible. He she pulled it out, unclipped the base of my teddy, and lifted my legs over her shoulders.

"Please don't." I begged.

She didn't answer. She just slowly pushed the penis into my arse. I was in such pain at first, but that pain soon went away, and found myself enjoying myself. She pumped the penis in and out. I came into the teddy.

When she came as well she said, "I'm going to undo your cuffs, I don't want you to do anything stupid now, okay?"

"Okay." I said, really scared of this girl now. My arse was sore, but secretly I felt great. She had done up the clips on the teddy, and I really felt great in it. But I didn't want to keep it on, it was just good in private.

She held me like a baby. "That was nice, wasn't it?"

I whimpered a yes.

She took all my clothes from my cupboard. Before I realised what she was going to do, she unlocked the door, walked out, and locked it behind her. Moments later she was back. She had burned all my clothes.

"Come into the living room." She ordered.

I felt so weak as I walked out of the room. I noticed though, that I was not alone. Chris (now Christine, or Chrissie for short) was dressed in an exact copy of my lingerie, but in red; and John (now Joanna) was dressed in a black copy.

Katka spoke. "Now girls, don't get scared. We all have a big fetish, forced feminisation, and we want you for it. We want to do this for the next three weeks, after that, we'll return to normal and just be normal boyfriend and girlfriend, okay? Think of it as your Christmas present to us."

That didn't sound so bad, like I said before, I'd do anything for them. I noticed the others felt the same way.

"Okay," we agreed. "So long as no-one else sees us this way."

"No." Said Sandra. "We may go out to a restaurant, skiing, or to a club. In which case you'll be dressed as a woman. But don't worry, first, nobody knows you here, and second, have you seen yourselves in the mirror? Apartment from the breasts or lack of them and the bulge from your dicks, you look like women. Take a look."

So we did, and yes she was right, but still we were nervous about the whole situation. But what could we do?


We went back to our rooms. I didn't get any sleep. First Katka pierced my ears; then she painted my toe nails red, and put false red fingernails on me. Then I spent the rest of the night being fucked up the arse.

The next morning saw us being served breakfast by the girls. Katka had left me a black bra, panty, suspender set to put on. Then I put on the short black leather skirt, and the black leather short top, leaving my belly showing. Katka fixed my make-up. I must admit, I did look sexy. Chrissie and Joanna (I had to get used to calling them that, otherwise I'd get slapped) had the same outfits as me, be in red and blue, respectively. They also looked pretty sexy.

"You all have such flat stomachs. I think we should pierce your belly buttons. After breakfast though." Said Klara.

We ate breakfast in silence. It was nice, bit of a paracetamol taste to it though. Then after dinner, we were taken into Katka and I's bedroom.

Katka rubbed something on our belly button, then slid a needle through.

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