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A frustrated bhabhi seduces her loving devar.

Small miracles!

"I didn't mean to wake you."

"Then you shouldn't have been so damn loud." The words were harsh but spoken with a light tone. He stretched his arms, almost mirroring my earlier movements and stood up. He walked within ten feet of me and I found my heart pounding painfully in my chest. I heard a distinct click noise and then the lights shone back to life, momentarily blinding me after being in the dark for so long.

He looked down at me and twisted his nose sourly. "You need a shower Conner." He bent down and caught my arm, dragging me to my feet. I tried to dig in my heels but it didn't deter him in the slightest. He dragged me the short distance to the bathroom and pushed me inside. I tripped but his strong hand caught me again before I fell. He spun me around and pressed my back flat against the shower cubicle. I emitted a quiet whimper as his milky white hands tore the fabric of my shirt, pulling it off and letting it drop into a heap on the floor. He stood back and stared at me, his eyes glowing as they caught the light from the next room, reminding me suddenly of the cats that used to wonder around when I was kid, back before they were considered a common food source.

I took a single step forward, trying to push past him, to gone in my own terror to properly think about what I was doing. It was a mistake, a stupid, thoughtless and utterly futile mistake. He pushed me back so hard that my head knocked painfully against the glass cubicle. His hand wormed its way through my hair, gripping it tightly as he wretched my head back. "Never, ever fight me boy, you hear me? You fight me and I'll rip your fragile little neck in two." He let go of my hair and pushed me back again. His hands latched onto my hips as he traced the material of my trousers with his thumbs. "You need to stay calm son, you stay calm and I won't hurt you."

Bullshit! I thought dazedly as he stepped back and looked expectedly at me. I looked away, pressing my arms over my chest as I tried to hide the sight of my exposed flesh. "The pants Conner." He said to me, pointedly looking down. I followed his gaze slowly before looking back up at him. I could feel the tears beginning to well in my eyes, blurring my vision. "Conner!" he snapped. "The pants, now!"

My hands were shaking so violently that I couldn't make them close properly. I began to fumble with the buttons, desperately trying to open them, terrified because I wasn't moving fast enough. I looked up once, noted the amused expression on his face and felt the last ounce of my strength slip away. My knees buckled and I allowed my self to cry. I was living in a nightmare. I knew he was going to kill me, as surely as I had known my mom would kill her self, as surely as I had known that stupid kid that got her self caught all those years ago would never get up again. I couldn't stand it anymore, the wait was excruciating.

I heard a soft clucking noise above me before strong hands grasped my upper arms and hoisted me to my feet. He smoothed back my hair and wiped the tears off my cheeks, whispering soothing noises as he moved. He undid the buttons on the trousers and slid them slowly down my thighs, moving my legs slowly out of the trouser legs, positioning my limbs where he wanted them. I looked away during the whole thing, trying to picture what life had been like before everything had gone to hell. I was too young though and almost all of my memories consisted of the basic need to survive.

It was a shock when the warm water hit my body.

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