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He has fun with his girl.

"Silly child. Don't ask foolish questions." Bashasha admonished her.

"No!" Kat whirled around to face the small woman. "Why? Why do I have to go to fetch the women, why?"

Bashasha pulled the beautiful blonde with her as she neared the door. "Bah! You know why."

"I don't. Why?" Kat stood at a standstill before the diminutive woman.

"He summons you to see you. To watch you. To undress you with his eyes. To bring you to heel and grovel as you see the woman he has just made love to. You know why, little one."

Kat ground her teeth as she stared at Bashasha. It was true. He always watched her. Those dark, seductive eyes following her. The woman smirking at her. Her scant clothes torn away as he probed her body and raged to take her body and her virginity.

Gameela arched her back as his cock sank into her. She gasped at the largeness of him. She had never gotten used to it.

He grabbed onto her bottom as his cock probed deeply into her body.

Katharine walked into the room and waited behind the latticed screen for Gameela. The long flaps of curtain were silent, as she had made her way into the interior room.

Kat watched with large eyes as Gameela rode the Sheik. Her small brown ass was all Kat could see besides the long back and hair falling around her. The sheik was lying a little to the right of Gameela so when Kat entered he had seen her. His hands gripped Gameela tighter and as he plunged into the woman his eyes were on Katharine.

Katharine could not take her eyes away from him. Just as his cock remained inside Gameela his thoughts, his mind, his soul was with Katharine.

He wanted the blonde's tiny pussy surrounding his cock. Her hips and ass being gripped by him.

Kat could not look away as he pulled back and Gameela immediately withdrew to her knees. She took him in her mouth and tasted her saltiness on him. The Sheik's hand splayed in her hair as his eyes stayed on Kat. His dark eyes watched the blonde in the shadows as the dark haired girl's mouth took his cock.

Katharine watched the Sheik with Gameela and suddenly couldn't help herself. Her hand strayed down her body and underneath her pants and into her panties.

Her small finger delved past the tiny curls and into her tight cunt. She gasped and her eyes never left the Sheik. She was wet and creamy and wanted him. She knew it was wrong, knew she shouldn't give in to this madness. Abruptly she pulled her hand away, but too late.

He watched as the young woman began to touch herself and a sharp intake of breath stopped Gameela.

"Leave, Gameela." He told her.

Gameela looked up hurt and turned to leave and saw the white girl standing there.

"Come here, princess."

Kat could have cursed herself. She never should have done such a rash thing. She was mad to have done it. She hated it when he called her princess, mocking her past life and position.

His dark eyes devoured her as she came close and his dark skin glistened with sweat.

"I'm asked you not to call me that." Kat told him sullenly.

Mohammed grinned. "Lie back upon the pillows." He remained seated and at ease, his manhood still strong and hard.

"No." She shook her head.

"Now." He never argued with her. He side swiped her disagreements and told her in another way the same thing he had originally told her.

Kat lay back upon the pillows. Her blonde hair sparkled on the pillows as she lay upon them.

"I don't love you. I don't even like you." She whispered to him.

Mohammed grinned, "This matters? Your body was made to receive a man, bear children, and much more. What is love and like?"

His hand touched her breasts and her small nipples, which had tightened in response. She could not hide the evidence of her arousal.

Kat turned her head to the side. "How can you understand?"

Mohammed's long brown finger touched her nipple and Kat gasped.

"Your body does not know love, like, hate, lust.

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