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Ethan earns a new nickname.

He got on his quad, and drove off across the yard. I then got myself all together, went inside, up the steps to kitchen and asked my aunt, "OK! What's up? You go to store for over an hour, and come home with just one bag?"

"Jealous?," She smiled back. "Should I be?" I answered back. She walked over to me told me to sit down, she wanted to tell me something. I felt my stomach just fall in. She explained she was to a lawyers, she used the shopping excuse just I would not ask questions. She wanted to file for divorce and she got the ball started. I just smiled at her, we hugged again. As we talked more, she told me though she wanted to get revenge on him, so figuring me and Dave were there, we might come up with something while she was gone. She had beauty and Brains as well, what more could we ever ask for!

I told her Dave and I had a plan, but we needed her help pulling it off. She said "MY GOD,YES!!!! "Let's here it! As I told her of what was to be done. Her eyes began to gleam and this evil laugh, bubbled up from inside her. I called Dave and told him we will go with plan Friday Night. Dave agreed to it, and the three of us could not wait for Friday to arrive.

Friday finally came, and we went through the day as if any other, just knowing what was going to happen that night was excruciating. My uncle is no lightweight being around 5"10 going around 200#, so Dave and I really had to make sure we execute this plan to a T.

Our unsuspecting Uncle came home around 9pm, from report we got from PI that my aunt hired he was with some woman at the office. As he came in I was up in kitchen with flashlight in my hand. Power's Out. I exclaimed as he came up. He answered, "Figure what way to end perfect day."

"That Bad?" I replied, thinking it's only going to get worse for you. As he stared down the hall towards the bedroom, once passing the closet. Dave came out with his trusty wooden baseball bat, and like he had done so many times this summer on the field he cracked another Home Run, with the ball being behind my uncle's knees. Then with quick rap over the head with a cast iron skillet. Our poor uncle was seemingly out at Home. Quickly dragging him into the bedroom, tying him very securely to a chair in the corner and using duck tape over his mouth. He was right where we wanted him. Dave asked my aunt if she was ready for her part in this. We heard a joyous Yes. Dave quickly ran into large bath, drew some ice cold water from the tub. Dumping it over His head. He started to come out of his unconscious state, still groggy, we waited till he came around more. We didn't want him missing a single thing, this night.

With him fully around now, Dave and I gave a sharp shrilled whistle, out of the closet walk our Aunt all in Red, from her 6" heels to her luscious lipstick. A leather skirt about 8" above the knee and a red leather vest, that zippered in front. Revealing her ample cleavage, my uncle did match her as his face was almost as red as her outfit. Dave went first, walking behind her, his hands on her trim waist.

His mouth now gently gliding over her skin kissing her neck shoulders and arms. I stood behind my uncle watching the scene unfold as she turned to Dave and they kissed fully on the mouth. She lifted up his shirt, letting her hands roam all over his muscular torso. Dave unzipped the vest and watched it crumple at their feet. Getting on her knees she undid his shorts slipping them off with ease. Kissing her way up his hairy, firm legs. When she got to his bikini briefs, she simply removed them. Now positioning herself where our enraged prisoner sat to let him get good long hard look. She took his long thin cock into her mouth slowly, achingly, steadily. Inch by inch, till her faced nuzzled into his curly pubic hair.

With long smooth stokes she sucked him, placing a finger to his asshole, teasing it.

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