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Molly thinks she'll never find that special someone.

Teasingly close, they didn't let him touch the water, bobbing him up and down like a yo-yo before letting his feet drag in the water once more. Hearing a shout of "higher" drift to her across the water she watched as the boat lazily drifted forward, the parachute barely moving, and she realized that somehow they were lengthening the rope between them. Once the rope reached its full length, the parachute started going up quite rapidly until he seemed to be directly above the boat.

She watched as the boat started slowly heading toward shore and a conglomeration of other boats perhaps fifty meters beyond the beach caf__. Realizing the ride must be over, she looked where it was heading and spotted two Jet Ski's just heading out, the noise from their motors reaching her just as she looked. She started to turn back to Steve, but stopped and did a double take as for the first time she looked directly at the couple walking toward them on the beach.

The man and woman were walking hand in hand. The man had on a ball cap; it was the only piece of clothing visible between the two of them. They were probably in their 60's or more and as she watched they stopped walking, the man taking his hat off. He was totally bald beneath the cap, but reaching into it he pulled a brightly colored piece of cloth out and handed it to the woman followed by a green piece of cloth that he held while he put the cap back on his head. Flicking the cloth opened, Regina realized it was a swimsuit which he proceeded to step into. The woman also opened what she'd been handed, apparently nothing more than a large brightly colored piece of cloth, and wrapped it around her waist so it appeared to be a skirt. Turning toward the caf__, she watched them both walk in and sit down.
Turning to Steve, she started to ask him about their full nudity, but stopped when she saw him. Bending over facing away from her, he was doing something with his bag. He had spread a blanket on the hot sand, as he turned back she saw he'd gotten a towel out. But what really caught her attention was that he too was fully nude. The gorgeous ass that she'd so admired in the speedo walking away from her at Red Beach was now just as gorgeous, but totally naked and totally tanned.

A bit taken aback, she looked again at the distant couples on the beach. She could see enough everywhere to realize that most were also naked. Of the couple playing in the water slightly closer, she could see that the man was naked, his female companion had on bikini panties only. So much for topless, she thought. Just one step past the water line on the beach toward Steve, and the sand rapidly got too hot under her bare feet to just walk. She immediately started jogging toward him, thankful that Steve had spread a blanket.

Steve had just sat down, unabashedly naked before her eyes. No wonder I didn't see any tan lines, she thought. His skin was equally brown where a swimsuit would be as his chest and back were. Her eyes skimmed across his body, it was all she could do to not openly stare at his crotch. His penis hung comfortably between his legs; she immediately appraised it as the most beautiful part of his body. She knew that flaccid size was more a matter of temperature or arousal than anything; she'd been married for years - she knew what a limp and erect penis looked like. And, although not erect, Joe had never hung like this.

He had no pubic hair; obviously he shaved there. Although not overly hairy anywhere, he obviously hadn't shaved his chest, but she'd seen that on the beach before. I guess that answers the question about whether he was going to wear his speedo again. "You didn't tell me this was a nude beach," she said as she high stepped onto the blanket, the scorching of her feet immediately eased.

Steve looked up at her through his sunglasses, his face showing that at first he thought she was joking, and then realized she wasn't. "I'm sorry, Regina -- I thought you knew. Orient Beach is famous world-wide as a nudist beach..."

"It's Ok, Steve," sh

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