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Two married men thrown together by fate, and a winter storm.

The ice rattled softly against the glass and your swallow audible in the distance. Clunk, the A/C shuts off as you adjust the setting to help warm me, just as promised (a man of his word, I thought in the back of my mind - was this good or bad, I had to inwardly smile, but worry also).

Out of the recesses of my mind I had to deal with the position of vulnerability I was in. Just as I tried to reason with myself and to offer an explanation of why I even wanted to discover boundaries...whack, went the first strike against my bottom. I screamed out, more in surprise than pain. Then it hits again and again, not really giving me time to think, just react. Each time more confident in placement, each time more determined to get a reaction of a bell ring. The yelps kept coming but no bell. After 15 or so strikes the warmth of your hand on my tender reddened flesh felt soothing. Your fingers wandered to the protruding pussy lips. When you touched them I felt the first tell tale signs of betrayal...the fluids had started to flow forth. I'm not sure who was more surprised, you or I. "You must be enjoying this, at least your cunt is" you blurt out matter-of-factly. Surprised and a bit awed by your choice of words "do you have to be so blunt?" I hiss back. "Look, tonight is about response and pleasure, hush up and do as you're told and most of all relax and enjoy." Taken aback by your stern response, I sulked silently, getting madder by the minute.

My self-centered frustration unable to boil; your tongue begun a dance on my wet silken pussy lips. Slowly you separated them with your tongue, seeking out the pleasure nub. Bolts of searing pleasure went right to my head and concentrating on my bruised ego would just have to wait for a while. My bottom end squirmed and raised and fell to help meet the needs of my growing passion. Warm hands parted my buttocks and your tongue drove home straight into my waiting ass. Probing like a mini penis and demanding depths more than it could take, your tongue drove me to a place I had certainly never been and it was one I'd gladly go again. I felt you raise and allow my pleasure to wane for a moment. The tell tale sound of lubrication being milked from our bottle was heard.

My mind wondered if I'd get a vibrator, a finger or a cock in my now primed rear. To my utter amazement, neither came. A medical anal speculum was inserted and was slowly opened. Imagine my surprise. I heard the lube bottle spurt again. I could not think what would be next...but shortly I felt the fluid slide deep into my rectum. I knew there was more about to happen. The speculum was widened more and I felt your finger press around inside and explore unseen territory. When asked for feedback, I simply muttered a deep mmmmmmmmmmm. "I want you to understand, for now, no pussy opening will occur, I need that area tight right now, anal pleasure first. More will come later and you will come more later" you snickered at your play on words.

The soft buzzing hum of a vibrator was initiated. You must have just needed to test the batteries. I felt nothing for a few moments then just beyond the anal speculum opening I felt the top of a vibrator. As if you read my mind "this is the gerbil you have inside and I'm going to push it all the way in to the beginning of the controller and turn it on, leaving it there as I add more for you to enjoy," you informed me. "Do I really have to go through all of this?" I queried. "You must and YOU WILL" I was told.

Once the gerbil (a toy we share with a gerbil shaped plastic case covering a vibrating egg, held in place by a very long flexible thin tube) was deep enough for your satisfaction and my dismay (being much deeper than anticipated) it was turned on to squirm deep inside my rectum, then shut it off again.

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