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Jessica finds a portrait of Marla.

Tall, statuesque and regal, this woman was definitely something else.

"Likewise," I said, and I returned Michiko's smile. I was drawn to this woman from the get go, and for once, the shyness I typically felt around females was gone. Something about Michiko was drawing out the beast in me, and I aggressively pursued her that night.

"Care to dance?" I asked Michiko, right on the spot, and she nodded, and then we hit the dance floor. I didn't really know how to dance but I've read somewhere that when dealing with women, it's all about confidence. I hit the dance floor with Michiko, and we did the bump and grind like there was no tomorrow. The feel of Michiko's supple body against mine, oh Lord!

"You dance like a madman, Al, but I like your style," Michiko said to me, as we faced each other on the dance floor. I was sweating profusely and so was she, and neither of us cared. I was feeling this woman, and I could tell that she was feeling me. That's why I made my move. I leaned in for a kiss, and what happened next stunned me.

"Whoa, there!" Michiko said, and as I leaned in for the proverbial kiss, this seemingly demure young woman grabbed me, and lifted me off my feet. I looked at Michiko Kanamori, stunned by her reaction. I'm not the skinny brat I was back in high school. I'm six-foot-two by two hundred and ten pounds, definitely no lightweight. Where did this gal get her strength?

"I'm sorry," I said, and Michiko glared at me, and a second, I swear, there was something wrong with her eyes. Michiko's eyes flashed yellow, and her face kind of changed, and I took a step back. Shoving her way past me, Michiko all but ran away from the dance floor. Everyone stared at us, and I saw more than a few accusing glares come my way.

"Michiko, please wait! I'm sorry!" I said, and darted after Michiko as she fled the night club. I went into the barely lit parking lot outside, and looked for her. Not finding Michiko, I looked around and was about to go back inside when a sound coming from the bushes startled the hell out of me.

"Go away!" Michiko's voice called out, only it sounded deeper than that of the curvy, exotic goddess whom I just danced with, before she manhandled me of course. I stepped closer to the bush, fully intent on apologizing to Michiko Kanamori for my behavior. I might be a genetic wonder, but alcohol affects me the same way it affects every other guy. In order words, it turned me into a dumbass.

"Please, I just want to apologize and make sure you're okay," I said as I stepped closer, and before I could utter another word, something leapt out of the bushes and knocked me on the ground. I looked up, and found myself looking up at a true horror.

A face straight out of a nightmare, which was both wolfish and human, and somehow feminine, was inches from mine. Bright yellow eyes locked with mine, and a mouth full of curving, yellowish fangs slowly let out a fetid breath dangerously close to my throat.

"What on Earth?" I whispered, and then, something else happened. I've known that I was different for ages, but I never truly knew the extent of those differences. My mother Catherine Etienne-Hassan is one hundred percent Homo Sapiens Aquaticus, a living, breathing Mermaid, and I am half human and half Merman. I'm not one hundred percent human, but I am not exactly like mommy dearest either. I'm in-between.

A startling transformation came over me, and as I looked at my hands, my skin went from light brown to a translucent greenish shade, and I saw scales growing all over me. I was so stunned that I temporarily forgot about the she-beast on top of me, and when I looked up, I saw shock in those golden eyes.

"What are you?" the she-beast growled, and as I looked into the wolfish-yet-still-human visage, and took in the fact that she was clad in a crimson dress, I realized that I was looking at Michiko Kanamori.

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