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The first chapter of the Jeff series.

So it was just me and the three girls, who sat in the living room downing champagne while I worked on the barbie.

I was ducking in and out of the house in just my footy shorts most of the arvo, but I'd catch snippets of conversation.

"Nah, blokes just don't do it for me."- that'd be Simone, notorious rug-muncher that one. Shame too, she's a cute one- bit curvier, long curly red hair, great fun too. Up for anything. Except cock I guess!

"I just couldn't, not with a woman."- and there's Gillian. She's this tanned, leggy, athletic chick but she seemed ultra-conservative. I never could work out how she and Simone had ended up being flatmates for so long.

While the girls popped open more champagne I was in the kitchen, unloading sausages from the tray onto some plates. Mary came in, obviously a bit tipsy, leaning against the counter next to me. "Nice looking sausage you got there Josh." She said, eyeing off my footy shorts.

"Ha, you should taste it!" I shot back, feeling a little bit of a stir in my shorts.

"Maybe later," she cooed, rubbing my chest.

"You nearly ready for lunch?"

"Yeah love, just got to finish up the steaks, give me a few minutes?"

She drunkenly pashed me and grabbed my cock through my shorts, then wandered back into the living room, which I took to be a "Sure, no worries."

On my next pass through to the kitchen Mary came in again to check on me. Only this time she was naked. And clearly interested in some other meat. She pulled my shorts down and started giving me a blowie right there! I was loving it until she stopped, stood up, and beckoned for me to follow her into the living room. I wasn't sure where this was going but I wasn't going to ruin the chance- I pulled my shorts up and sprinted after her.

Walking into the living room, I was greeted to a full-frontal view of Gillian, also naked, legs spread wide, getting her snatch eaten out by Simone. Gillian's eyes were closed and she looked in absolute ecstasy. Simone was dipping her fingers into her own pussy while she went down on her like a bull in heat. Mary walked over and gently tapped Simone on the shoulder. She pulled her face away from Gillian's slick, dripping crotch and saw me. She gave me a huge grin and motioned her head for me to come over. I knelt down in front of Gillian, whose eyes were still closed, and took Simone's place.

I was pretty involved in the act, but I registered that Mary had slide between my legs and resumed the blowjob. When I finally came up for air I saw Simone up above me, standing on the couch, her box pushed up against Gillian's eager face. So much for "I could never..." hey Gillian?

Eventually Mary withdrew from my knob and I pulled away from Gillian's glorious cunt. At that point I realised Simone had disappeared. She came back into the room in a moment though, wearing a strap-on cock. She took Gillian by the hand and turned her around over the sofa. Gillian, transfixed by the fake donger between her legs, readily obeyed. At the same time I looked down and saw Mary rolling a condom onto my old fella, then she turned around and bent herself over the couch next to Gillian. Simone and I timed it pretty perfectly- she slide into Gillian as I entered Mary. The two women in front of us moaned and groaned as we pounded away. While we were in the act Simone reached over and squeezed and worked my muscles. Maybe she wasn't quite the notorious lesbian she said she was. She and I started to look at each other with a bit of lust, but the moment was cut short by Mary climaxing hard. I gently eased my still-hard dick out of her and, whipping the condom off, walked around the couch to face Gillian. I presented her with my old fella while she still bounced back and forth on Simone's strap-on. As Mary recovered she gobbled away on my knob until I felt her shudder too- Simone clearly knew what she was doing.

We all took a moment to recover, then went in for a new position.

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