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In the beginning, there was Frank and Caitlin...

I bowed head gently and greeted them with a loud "Good evening! Wow, what an impressive place. And the artwork... I love it! Who of you is the artist?" Nothing. They all turned to me as the music stopped and no one spoke. ...or reacted in any other way. They stared at me with the blank expressions of the masks.

After a few moments, two of the figures stepped forward and extended their arms. Their hands invited me to come closer. I felt Eve's hand in my back gently pushing me forward as I stepped forward towards the 2 shadowy figures. That was what these people looked like to me in their dark, long robes in these dark, dim-light surroundings. They looked like shadows. Eve stayed where she was. I looked back to her and she nodded her head to signal me that it was okay to go. This whole situation was so surreal! I shook my head in disbelief. Each hooded figure took one of my hands and gently lead me into a separate room. A third shadow walked a few steps behind me. This room was empty except for a simple, naked wooden chair, an old wooden bar stool and a big shelf with BDSM accessories like collars, cuffs, ropes, gags, paddles, crops, whips, dildos, butt plugs and so on... reaching from the floor to the ceiling. The three shadowy figures now stepped closer and gently placed their hands on my back and shoulders in order to gesture me that everything was okay. Very gently, but also totally asexual, one began to unbutton my shirt while the others were still calming me. When it was clear to them that I would not make a fuzz, the second one also helped to undress me, then the third. They were gentle, yet determined. Nobody said a single word or made any other noise. They stacked my clothes on the wooden chair. I wondered how far they would go with this. I was rather relieved when they stopped at my underpants. But everything else was gone. I stood practically naked in my underwear. Then one of the figures went over to the shelf and swiftly came back with a couple of thick leather cuffs. Gently, two of them stretched out my arms while the third one fastened the cuffs on my wrists and also below the elbow. Then they knelt and attached the third pair to my ankles. It was a tight fit, but nothing hurt. Then the two shadows that stood by my side each grabbed one of my arms. Again, not aggressively or violently, but with determination. Their grip was strong enough for me to sense that they were serious and that they expected my full cooperation. They extended my arms forward and all 3 of us watched while the 3rd figure used a steel snap-hook to attach my elbows to each other. The snap-hook left approximately 10cm of space between my elbows. Then they bent my arms backwards over my head and before I realized what was going to happen next, another snap-hook was used to connect the cuffs on my wrists. Suddenly the situation had changed massively. I was locked into a choking posture collar by my own arms. I tried to move my arms forward and slip my head through the narrow gap, but the snap-hook dug painfully deep into my neck. The more I fought my restraints, the more I chocked myself. This was very unpleasant and I began to fight my restraints and even panic a bit. The 3 shadowy figures again managed to calm me down simply by laying their arms on my arms and shoulders in their stoic manner. It took me a few moments to realize that I had absolutely surrendered my fate to them. There was no escape from this situation. But I did not feel nervous or even panic anymore. The cold and calm manner of these shadows did not scare or aggravate me. If anything, I was puzzled, curious and dumbfounded by what was going on here...

The shadow behind me stepped away and walked over to the shelf.

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