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The first step in a new lifestyle.

I grew more and more in her mouth and felt the head of my cock slide down her throat. Still she did not move back and kept her lips pressed against my pubic hairs. Then I felt her imitate swallowing, the constrictions of her throat felt like warm wet waves on my cock. This was again a first for us. It felt amazing, something I had never experienced before was a deep throat. My wife obviously had talents that she was hiding from me.

Slowly Dawn allowed my cock to slide out of her throat into her mouth and then suddenly back inside her completely again. She looked up at me with my cock buried inside her mouth and slowly slid it out again. " Do you like that honey?" she asked. Before I could answer she had engulfed me once again, swallowing me whole. She began moving me in and out of her mouth, all the way in and all the way out, watching me the whole time. Dawn began to steadily increase her tempo until I thought I couldn't take anymore when she suddenly stopped. " I want to get something out of this too, you know." She said.

Dawn stood up and turned around. She bent over in front of me, pressing back against me. My cock started to press against her asshole so I adjusted it to slide into her pussy. " Who told you to move that wonderful tool?" she asked. " Put it back where it was!" She reached around and placed my cock back at her asshole, something I have done before, but not with her. Slowly she pushed back against me. I got to watch as my shaft bent against the pressure, the head of my cock pushing against her asshole, but not entering. Suddenly, it slid inside her, just the head. She cried out, " Oh fuck!" Yet, she still pushed against me and I watched as I slowly slid completely inside her ass. I could not resist the temptation, I grabbed hold of her hips and pushed even harder against her making sure I was completely inside her. I rotated my hips, rolling around, ensuring she would feel every inch of me inside her; I was mesmerized by the sight of my cock buried deep inside her ass. Slowly I pushed her forward sliding out of her ass. When I was almost completely out of her I pushed again burying myself inside her once again. The next time I did pull completely out of her and then teased her, rubbing my cock against her ass. Then I pulled away completely and slammed my cock to the hilt inside her pussy. I instantly pulled back out again and shoved it inside her ass again. I continued alternating between her pussy and her ass, sometimes sliding in slowly allowing her to feel me completely and sometimes slamming it in hard, the roughness sending her into a frenzy. Before too long, I was on the edge of my own impending orgasm. She must have sensed it because she started playing with herself trying to assist in her own orgasm. Fortunately, she made it before I did. Once I felt her starting to come, I started pounding her ass. I watched her ass shake with each thrust. She began to moan louder with each thrust. Once she began to come she didn't stop until I finally shot my load inside her ass. I pushed myself in as far as I could go and let myself loose. Dawn screamed at the intensity of her continuing orgasm as I continued to spew my load deep inside her ass. Finally, I finished, but she came once more as the head of my cock slid past her sphincter for the final time on its way out.

Dawn washed me off and then pushed me out of the shower. I went to our room and changed. I had just finished changing when Dawn got out of the shower and appeared in the room. " That was really nice." She said. " Maybe we should do that again some time. Go watch your football."

The girls, at least mine, minus Cindy came home from church a little while later. Everyone acted completely normal. I got to watch football, and they did whatever they normally do on a Sunday afternoon.

The rest of the week was normal as well.

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