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Mike watches another guy pleasure his fiancee Jen.

Now, after attending a swing party, a beautiful, thick and dripping 27 year old cock is just inches from my throat. I want the heat, the thickness, the taste and the complete submission to this cock to rule my life until it explodes down my throat.

I don't know his name, I don't care to know his name, all I can comprehend at this point is the sheer warmth of his cock in my hand and the weight of it. My loving wife leans in and whispers...go ahead, place it between your lips and feel what you have been desiring for years. At that point, she took her hand off my cock and gently pushed the back of my head towards this rigid tool. At first, the wave of warmth and saltiness was intoxicating, I couldn't believe I had waited this long. As my wife pressed a finger into my ass, her other hand pressed my head deeper onto his tool.

There, it was finally buried in my throat and I didn't want to let go. The fullness, the taste, the complete sluttiness of having this young studs cock lodged in my throat was pure bliss. I could have hung off his cock for hours nursing it over and over again but he and my wife had other plans. My wife slowly pulled my head back and wanted to see me get slowly throat fucked. He obliged...as he slid his saliva soaked cock out of my mouth, I began to lurch forward, please don't take it out I thought to myself. My loving wife noticed and said, don't worry dear, you'll get to suck it for a while, no need to rush. She gently explained to me that sucking cock is an art form and should be treated as such. She told me, don't rush the cum, let him facefuck you for a while and you'll be rewarded with a much thicker and creamier load to swallow.

Taking her advice, I relented and invited him to slowly face fuck me. He took his cues perfectly and started to repeatedly rape my mouth and throat with his magnificent cock. It could have been 5 minutes or 5 hours but it didn't matter as I was completely now hooked on sucking cock. I could tell my suction and complete lovemaking of his tool was starting to have an effect, he was producing a lot of pre cum, and as he pushed in repeatedly, I got the continuous wave of salty pre cum that was putting me on the verge of cumming myself.

I finally got the courage to look up at him and see what his expressions was, and it was so worth it. As I looked up, he was looking directly down on his willing cock whore, me, and mouthed softly...that's a good cocksucker, time for you to be fed. When I heard him say he was going to feed me, I lost all control and wanted to consume every bit that would soon shoot out of this wonderful piece of meat.

My wife noticed my eagerness and said quietly in my ear - your reward is near, I can smell his cum build up. She offered a suggestion for my first time swallow. She whispered, when he tenses up, push the cock to the back of your throat and just swallow it down. The young stud heard her instructions to me and dutifully followed suit by now aggressively fucking my mouth with his cum bloated tool. Now, all you could hear in the room was the slurping of my lips and his balls bouncing off my chin. His breathing was getting heavier and my wife slowly rubbed my cock at the same time in anticipation of seeing her husband swallow my first load.

The young stud firmly grabbed my head, he wanted to make sure I didn't back off, as he began to unload his ropes of semen in my throat and mouth.

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