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Strange Vegetation: Don & the girls are taken by surprise.

y, he asked: "Why home away from home? "Where do you usually live?"

"I am from the village Modus, a day's journey from here. I have not seen it since Midwinter's night twenty one years ago, when they offered me and those of my age to the Goat King for service."

"How long have they ruled your people?"

"Forty years now. There was a horrible fight, and when my village surrendered, the terms were all those finishing eighteen summers were offered to the Goat King at Midwinter's night. One is taken for sacrifice, and the other taken for propagation."

"Propagation? Are there no goat women?"

"No. They need a human woman to breed, and only the Goat King can plant the seed. The others desport themselves as they will, banding together to raid other villages. Occasionally they go to war, sometimes at the bidding of the Lady."

"So, when he called you a cow...?"

"Yes, I've given birth to a score of Goatmen, one every year. Each year it grows more difficult, some day I will die in the attempt if I am not taken by cold or disease or other predator. Sometime when they are done with a cow they make sport of her. I have never seen that."

"And the wolves chasing you?"

"Sport. The Goat King likes his cows to be frightened, exhausted, terrified when he takes them, so he sends the pack to chase us before the act. Please don't worry, he will find another one tonight: his lust will be sated. There are about a dozen of us spread throughout the forest."

"And you all live alone?"

"Yes, once again, by their orders. They do not want us to work together. Enough!"

A crow cawed in the distance, and daylight waned. "It's going to be dark soon, aren't you going to start a fire?"

"We're not permitted fires. I have some roots and greens to feed you, and wine the Goat King presents when a new Goatling is born. After they're weaned, he takes them and I never see them again."

"No fire? This is not right. I will build one, if nothing else."

Lilianth smiled. "My Lord is brave, and the Goat King will probably permit it. With your leave I will gather some sticks and wood."

"You know how to build a fire?"

"Oh yes, we have the knowledge. Someday when my people are free we will build great bonfires once again."

Ian chewed on a turnip and took a sip of wine from a goblet she provided him. Not bad, but not great. Taking Kadosh in one hand, he concentrated on it. His grandfather appeared before him, frowning: "I'm not sure you've done the right thing, Ian, but you are where you are. Modus is your first objective, and I think you know what you'll have to do there."

"Why did they think I was a servant of my mother?"

"The broach will deceive them for a while, but when you show your true loyalty it will not protect you. It will ensure you face her servants on equal terms, at least. I'm not sure Lilianth is trustworthy, but her motives may be mundane rather than evil in itself. The women enslaved by the Goat King go through much pain in their hard lives, and many are desperate. You are to get to Modus as soon as you can, and give them back their humanity."

The old man disappeared, and Ian was lost in thought. It was chilly in the little cottage, but it was clean and well cared for. A rough cradle stood in a corner with some straw for a mattress, and several vegetables hung down from the ceiling, onions, carrots, celery and other such things. There was no table or bed, only a rude mat on top of some rushes in the center of the floor. A basin sat on a stand, and next to it a small tub of water with a ladle.

Lilianth returned with a huge bundle of wood. As she arranged them in her fireplace, she hummed a strange little tune that tugged at the edge of Ian's consciousness. She got her firestarting kit from behind a loose stone in her mantel, and said: "Can't live without fire forever. Light one when I can, usually after my yearly breeding. Goatmen can't abide fire, and forbid the people of Modus from using it. Actually, they forbid all humans under their rule from using fire."

"How awful! They force you to give up your humanity by forbidding you fire,

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