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Teased and tempted by my roommate's hot young girlfriend.

Her body shook, twitching violently with every contact of Mr. Fitzgerald's tongue against her tortured clit. Jane felt her strength drain away as his tongue beat relentlessly against her clit. Driven beyond endurance, she begged him to stop. "No more!" she cried, "I want you inside me. Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

Mr. Fitzgerald stood up. "Turn around," he demanded. Jane forced herself to comply, kneeling on the seat of the chair and supporting herself against the back. "Ooooh!" she moaned as her grabbed her hips and impaled her with a single, powerful thrust. She felt the walls of her cunt stretch to accommodate his thick cock as he drove it deep inside her.

In and out, over and over, Mr. Fitzgerald's cock pounded Jane's pussy and she moaned loudly with every thrust. "Fuck, your hot little cunt sure is tight," he said, increasing the pace and force of his strokes. Jane pushed her hips back, taking him in deeper and savouring the delicious feeling of his cock filling her cunt.

"You enjoying this, Miss Jones?" he enquired,

"Yes! Oh fuck yessss!" she replied.

"Well that's two of us then," he said, pulling his cock out until only the very tip was left inside then ramming it back, all the way in with a powerful lunge of his hips.

"Oh yes," purred Jane, "that's it. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" To her surprise, instead of responding to her urging, Mr. Fitzgerald pulled his cock from her pussy. Jane trembled with anticipation, knowing full well what was about to happen next.

"Let's see how much you enjoy this," said Mr. Fitzgerald, pressing the tip of his cock against the entrance of her tight rear hole. He began to press forward.

"Oh God! Ow! Oh fuck! Ow mmm," moaned Jane as her puckered arsehole yielded to the pressure and stretched to accept his cock. She forced herself to relax as, inch by painfully delicious inch, Mr. Fitzgerald sank his cock into her back passage. "Oooff, mmm!" she exhaled as his hips pressed against her up thrust bum, his wiry pubic hair tickling her tender rear entrance.

"Oh fuck, that's tight," moaned Mr. Fitzgerald as he began to thrust in and out.

"Oh yes!" cried Jane with tears brimming in her eyes, "Fuck my arse. Fuck it! Fuck me! Fuck my arse!"

"I always knew you English girls were dirty little whores," he said, gripping her shoulders with his strong fingers and stabbing his cock deep into her back passage. "You're a dirty little whore aren't you, Miss Jones?" he asked.

"Mmm, yesss," murmured Jane.

Mr. Fitzgerald laughed. "Yes what?" he asked, thrusting again.

"I'm ah... ooohhh... a dirty little whore," she replied, reaching between her legs to rub her clit.

"Yes you are," he agreed, thrusting even harder, "You're a dirty little whore and I'm goin' to cum in your hot little English ass!"

Jane felt her body respond as she furiously rubbed her clit. Her arsehole throbbed, tender from the pounding it was taking but Jane was beyond caring. "Yes," she groaned, "fill my arse with your hot cum."

The pressure began to mount as her fingers on her clit and Mr. Fitzgerald's cock in her arse drove her mercilessly towards her inevitable climax. "Oh, oh, OOOHHHH!" she moaned as the first waves of her orgasm washed over her. Tears of pain and pleasure steamed from her eyes as she gave herself up to her climax.

Lifting his hands from her shoulders, Mr. Fitzgerald gripped her hips tightly, driving his cock in and out with all his force. "Can't hold on, here it comes," he said. Jane forced her hips back, meeting him on the deepest point of his thrust. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh... aaaahhh!" he moaned as he began emptying his load deep into Jane's bowels. Jane fell forward, unable to support herself any longer, letting his cock slip from her arse. A hot jet of sperm struck her between the shoulder blades and she felt it trickle down her spine.

Jane was vaguely aware of Mr.

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