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Taylar's last day proves to be the best.

He laughed as she admitted she had a look at some of the pictures. He finally got it out of her which ones she looked at, and told her not too worry, as he wouldn't tell her boss, under one condition. Kirsty froze, she couldn't afford to lose this job, but what was the condition.

Vic told her to have a good look at the next week's prints, as she was going to pose for some the same. Kirsty almost passed out with embarrassment, she couldn't pose for shots like she had seen, and had little sleep all week, eventually coming to pick up the job on Friday afternoon. As she got back into the van she floored the accelerator, getting to her usual service stop almost fifteen minutes before she usually did.

As she looked through the prints, she was relieved to see that this weeks poses were much less explicit, and thought if it was a choice between losing her job, and having to just pose naked, then she would do it, after all, she liked her body, and was proud of her firm boobs and pert ass. She was a little short, at only five foot five inches, but her hair was cut into a nice bob. She had always been told that she looked younger than her twenty-one years, and had trouble getting in pubs and clubs.

Kirsty was shown into a dressing room as she returned with the prints, there were clothes, well lingerie, already lain out for her use. Vic told her to change into the lingerie, then come through to the studio. When Kirsty came through, she realised Vic wasn't alone, their was a younger guy, about mid-twenties, who was introduced as Gerry, he was Vic's assistant. Kirsty recognised him for something else though, he was the male model that featured in some of her favourite prints, the ones she'd been playing with herself over.

Kirsty was wearing a pale blue lace bra, with matching thong, and nothing else, she was instructed to take up positions by Vic, until he eventually told her it was time to lose some of her underwear. Slowly undoing the bra, she slipped it from her body, revealing to the men, her firm 34b tits, the nipples already erect due to her arousal, she was starting to enjoy posing, despite her earlier fear. By the time Vic told her to remove her knickers, her pussy was wet, leaving a stain on the front of the briefs.

Vic instructed her to open her legs, bringing his camera to within a few inches of her pussy, he couldn't help but notice her moistness, and knew he had her willing body to take whatever pictures he wanted. He told Gerry to get out of his clothes and join her on the set, it only consisted of a couch and rug. As Gerry neared her, she found she didn't care anymore, her burning desire, overwhelming any other thoughts in her mind. As Gerry joined her, he sat behind her naked body, under instructions from Vic, he brought his hands round to cup Kirsty's boobs.

Kirsty sighed as Gerry squeezed her boobs, pulling at her nipples. She could feel his erection pushing against her lower back, and found herself pushing back on it. Vic continued giving his instructions to Gerry, until he had them in a sixty-nine position, Kirsty underneath Gerry's hanging dick, she thought it was at least seven inches in length, and thick as well. Gerry's tongue brushed her pussy hair as Vic gave his orders, eventually his tongue flicked over her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Vic turned his attention to Kirsty, telling her to hold Gerry's dick, brushing her fingers up and down it's length, until he finally told her to put the tip in her mouth. As Kirsty put her tongue on his dick, Gerry's dick seemed to expand, surprising her as she thought he was already fully erect. As it slipped into her mouth she could feel him throb, filling her mouth, making her breath through her nose. Vic told her to take it further into her mouth, while at the same time telling Gerry to lick her pussy.

They were now sixty-nining, both enjoying the taste of one another's parts.

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