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Cal and Claire's story.

"I know she's special," Jean said. "Just give her time, and she'll come around."

"You know I told her I'd always wear a condom, and I even offered to help pay for her birth control. She still just keeps saying 'No'." I could only see Tom at an oblique angle from behind, but it seemed as if he had his hand in his lap doing something.

Then Jean said something I never dreamed I'd hear her say to him. "I'm sorry, Tom. Do you need to get off?"

My mouth dropped open, and I almost fell over. It shocked me so much that I nearly missed the next part of the conversation, which was even more startling.

"Yeah Mom." Tom replied, and I realized he was gently stroking himself right in front of her.

"Okay, dear," Jean said and started unbuttoning her blouse. "Come over here and feel me up. I'll help."

I couldn't believe my eyes as he got up and moved over next to her on the swing. At once it was startling to know I was about to see an incestuous encounter between my boyfriend and his mother, and at the same time it made me so horny I almost couldn't stand it. My pussy started to ache and I wanted to rub it. Squeezing my legs together and moving my thighs across themselves was a poor substitute for the touch and tingle I really wanted.

Looking around I saw the I was effectively screened by a row of bushes. Shyly and with a terrible feeling I would be caught I slipped my hand down under the elastic of my panties. Unsurprisingly I found my clit to be stiff and moist. Rubbing it gently, I put my eye back to the crack in the fence.

Jean had finished removing her blouse and sat dressed only in a pair of jeans and a fairly sexy bra. She had also unbuttoned her jeans so that I could just make out a pair of pinkish panties. Tom sat down next to her and kissed her with remarkable passion. "Thanks, Mom," he said as they broke apart and he gently stroked her bra concealed breast. Jean's mouth was glistening and her eyes were sparkling. That had been no mother/son peck on the cheek kiss.

I had never noticed Jean as a beautiful woman before. Oh, I knew in the back of my mind that she was attractive, but I had never really looked at her closely. In her mid 40s she was still trim, with just a hint of motherly broadness in her hips and thighs. Her breasts were small to fit her figure but her skin and flesh were taut and fairly smooth. If you didn't look at her hands or face you'd think she was a woman of 30, and if you did you would only say 35. Even in blue jeans and bra she was outrageously sexy.

She leaned back in the seat and spread her legs casually, closing her eyes and enjoying it. Tom continued to gently stroke her breasts and occasionally gave them a slight squeeze. With each squeeze or stroke I could just hear a slight intake of breath that was almost a moan. Jean was obviously enjoying this.

A few minutes of this went by and Tom started to reach behind his mother. Without opening her eyes she leaned a little forward allowing him the access they both wanted. "Do you remember how?" she asked in a distracted manner.

"Yeah, I think I can do it." Tom managed to get both is hands around his mothers back and fumbled a minute with the clasp. "There. That's got it," he said, and drew the bra forward and off her outstretched arms.

The skin of Jeans exposed breasts was a pale ivory except for the nipples and the heavily crinkled disk surrounding them. These were both a pinkish brown that contrasted nicely with her creamy skin. The nipples themselves were much larger than mine, and reminded me of the tips of little toes sticking out hard and eager.

I rubbed myself even harder when I saw them.

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