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person on the in case of an emergency form on the girl, and I called

The contact person was her mom and she's kinda worried sick too.

I told her that I was a close friend and that I hadn't heard from her in a week. She told me that her daughter usually called her every day, but that she was a big girl and she had probably met somebody that's why she hadn't called. I'm telling you something's wrong here some things very very wrong!

Look guy... This isn't very normal for some stranger to be peeking around and poking at people's private lives. Unless you are immediate family, I suggest you take a chill pill, and butt out!

I would appreciate it if you'd leave now.

He did.... Of course with a huff, but he insisted that I at least take the girls name down. So I asked him... what's her name?

He told me Nicole Dearborn, she's 5' 9 and she has long brown hair and... I only asked you for her name, I will put this in the report okay.

Now it's time for you to go... and then he left.

But a day and a half later I got a call from the girl's mom.

And this changed everything...

Now I wanted to keep my partner out of this one, Because I was really starting off on a weird foot with this case. So I decided to go take the report myself. after visiting approximately 2 1/2 hours with the girls mom, I selected some pictures to bring with me and I began my investigation. I also paid another visit to our little friend to get more information, This guy was either involved or he was going to be a huge help... I wanted to rule out one or the other.

He gave me some really valuable stuff... This kid had a whole file on this guy she was seen with. He did all of his homework. He told me the reason why he didn't take action was because the guy would friggin kill him if he confronted him. That's why he contacted me in the first place. So I told him to take it easy, And let me do my job.

I promise you. I will get to the bottom of this.

I took some of the information that he had in the file and it let me to a cabin he had obtained in the mountains. I was careful to park three blocks from the place and I hiked the rest of the way. I wanted my entrance to be silent. Upon arrival to the cabin, I waited in the tree line for three or four minutes to catch my breath. I didn't wannabe huffing and puffing and making more noise then I had to.

That's when I heard screaming and moaning and sounds of Sex.

The reason why I know it was sounds of Sex is because I heard audible words such as suck my cock bitch and you can go deeper I know you can and you will. And that's when I heard choking and whimpering. Frankly part of me was a bit shaken up, But part of me was turned on, I had a boner! I moved closer to the front door and kinda towards the kitchen, I looked in all the Windows but I saw nothing. Just an empty cabin. It was a pretty expensive looking place and lots of seclusion I had to give him that. But the voices persisted

I heard the sound as plain as a day... Someone was getting a spanking and it sounded like a female. Then I heard grunting.

What came next is what made me take action. I heard him say that's a tight ass bitch... and I heard her saying please stop please you are killing me. I moved around to the back of the cabin, and that's when I noticed a little window. It was window in the cellar. This guy had a dungeon! I looked around behind me and to both sides and there wasn't anyone around for as far as the eye could see. That's when I noticed the door to the cellar. At first I thought I should kick in the door and go in guns blazing. But I thought maybe I'd better take a more subtle approach. I checked the handle on the door and it wasn't locked. I gave it a real slow quiet turn and a soft nudge on the door and it slowly swung open. They didn't notice me standing there, and that's when the vision filled my eyes.

There was this totally smoking little broad with cum plastered all over her mouth and she was strapped down to this thing like a sawhorse with a leather pad under her, wrists tied to eye loops at the front and

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