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Mom, dad and son attend a work party wearing straw skirts.

We'd take a dip at night to get the nasty bug spray off us, and then dry off and sit by the fire to dry, when we turned in for the night, having the doors faced away from the fire was handy because it gave you a place to go behind the tent, strip out of your bathing suit, put on your undies, fling the bathing suit to the next person to hang up by the fire and crawl into the sleeping bag. That way you went to bed clean, not smelling of bug spray, and your clothes were all clean and dry for the next day.

That works just fine with your boyfriend, but I wasn't sure how it would work for the three of us. It was pretty much a must because with us being there for two weeks, especially with three in the same sleeping bag in the same tent, all the bug spray and everything else, it would get pretty smelly by the time the trip was over if we didn't do this. We'd found out on the first trip that sleeping bags won't dry in one day by the fire. Sleeping on a damp sleeping bag gave me a nasty summer cold.

As the evening slipped by, we'd had quite a bit to drink, and then gotten into our bathing suits and gone to the river with our clothes and swam a bit, getting the clothes washed out, and brought them back to hang up by the fire. We sat around the fire in our bathing suits, drinking for a while as it got dark. I felt even more self conscious than normal sitting there with two guys while I was in a bikini.

Normally I love the attention my bikini causes, but in such a private setting every time it would get quiet I would be all self conscious, almost like I was naked. I think the alcohol was working on me and I don't normally sit around in my bikini with my boyfriend and a friend of his.

Deen's a relative lightweight when it comes to drinking, but he'd had a few and he was the first to decide he needed to crash, around eleven o'clock. He'd been up much too late last night and got up much too early.

He headed off to the tent, then from the darkness I heard "incoming!" as he flung his wet bathing suit to me to hang up. As I hung up his bathing suit on the clothes line I heard the tent zip up and before long I heard him snoring. He must have been so tired, because he never snores unless he's exhausted.

Todd and I sat there talking for a while, about the trip, about his girlfriend, about music and concerts, and anything we could think of. He noticed how dark it gets out in the middle of nowhere, without all those city lights, and how many stars you could see from the darkness.

I said "it's a good thing it's so dark because otherwise I'd feel pretty self conscious about sleeping in my undies next to him." He smiled but didn't say anything.

I was completely buzzed, maybe more. Finally when it was apparent we were both trying to wait for the other to make the first move to go to sleep, I said "I guess it's time to turn in."

Todd said "you go first and I'll hang stuff up and come in once you're safely inside the sleeping bag."

He headed to his tent and got his boxers and then came back to the fire. I finished my bottle and then went behind the tent, took off my bikini and then threw the tops then the bottoms to him which he hung up.

I went into the tent but it was so dark I couldn't find my bra and panties. I was sure I'd put them under the pillow earlier, but they weren't anywhere to be found in the dark. I could hear him starting walking toward the tent, and with me on all fours, ass hanging out of the tent, I decided I better get under the covers before I gave him a view!

I quickly slid into the sleeping bag, just in time to see Todd opening the tent flap and coming in. I could see the silhouette of something pretty big hanging between his legs, and I grinned. Deen was on the left side, on his side facing away from me, and so I slid in the middle of the bag and faced him, spooning him. I knew he didn't mind Todd sharing the tent but I was positive that he didn't want to spoon Todd or the other way around, so I knew I'd get stuck in the middle.


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