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It's okay if he sees me like this, isn't it?

I lifted the sling over her head so the top part was across her shoulders in back and across the top of her breasts in front. I connected the leg attachments to her thighs holding her legs in a wide-open position and placing her in a sitting position. I attached wrist cuffs to her wrists and then to the outside of each leg, allowing her to be able to watch everything being done to her, but unable to reach out to stop or enhance any action.

I picked up the nipple and clit clamp. She no longer had any control. I quietly looked her in the eye and said, "If any line is about to be crossed that you are unwilling to cross, your escape phrase is 'fire engine'. Do you understand?" She nodded quietly.

I reached to her left breast and tweaked the nipple. Gently at first and then harder until she moaned. Her nipple stood out and I attached the clamp and then used the thumb screw to apply more pressure. She moaned more until she suddenly sucked in her breath in surprise as I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and bit down on it. I nibbled all around it until it had grown enough to be clamped. Again, I put the clamp on it and tightened the thumb screw. She sighed. I looked her in the eyes and brought the clit clamp into view, squeezing and releasing it to open and close it. She groaned, "Oh, God..." I dropped between her legs. I'm sure she was expecting the clamp immediately, but following the same process I used with her nipples, I applied my mouth. But not just to her clit. I licked her from her back door to her hole, stopping to taste her lips on both sides of her pussy, and only then did my tongue travel to her clit. I licked it. I laid my tongue flat on it and held it there, tasting her. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. And I sucked her clit until she started rocking and moaning. I stopped. She flinched at the suddenly cessation of feeling and looked down in time to see me mount the clamp on her clit and tighten the screw clamp.

She begged me quietly "Don't stop. Please! Don't stop"

"Shhh! If there is too much noise, I'll use the ball gag, and then how will you tell me if I've crossed a line?"

She laughed and quietly said, "I've created a monster. But...some monsters are good."

I picked up the leather paddle, rolled her slightly to one side and smacked her left ass cheek. I moved to the other side of the table and gave the same treatment to the right side. Her skin tinged a little red. "I like red", I said, and spanked several times again until she was moaning.

I spanked just below her ass and she jumped. Three spanks on each side and she was straining a bit at being spanked on a more sensitive area. But she didn't give me the escape phrase. So, we're all good, and I put the paddle down and reached for the candle. I looked her straight in the eyes as I lit the candle and rolled it around, allowing it to gather wax. I moved closer to her, never breaking eye contact. Carefully, I tipped the candle over her right nipple. It was pinched in the clamp, and as I released the clamp allowing blood to flow freely into her nipple, I dripped the wax. The heightened sensitivity of the released nipple and the immediate warmth of the wax jolted her as I continued to drip wax to cover her nipple.

I slowly dripped wax down her body until I was just above her cleanly waxed pussy. I stopped. I picked up the feather and moved my face between her legs, just inches from her clit and labia. I lightly blew on her. She groaned lowly. I lightly brushed the feather in the junction between her legs and her pussy - first one side and then the other. I gently blew on her, and as I released the clit clamp I dragged the feather up her slit from her backdoor to her clit, releasing the clit clamp as I did so. Soft unintelligible whispers came forth from her.

The feather was wet from her juices.

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