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A Big sister + porn = trouble.

Right through that many guys stopped to introduce themselves and some even asked me to join them to dance. I would go to the dance floor with a guy for a song. Move seductively on the floor and let him rub against me a little or touch me. They all wanted to hang around me but I would find a way to move myself around and get a dance or two with 8 or 9 different guys. I was doing this to decide who I wanted to go upstairs and fuck with. I realized there were 3 guys who were really hot. Rajiv, a guy from India studying here was the hottest. Dark skin, athletic body, great accent and a hard cock that rubbed in my ass often during the dance. He was definitely the better of the 3 guys, and I knew I wanted to fuck him first.

As the party was in full swing, drinks flowing freely, Rajiv and I started to chat and I would touch his arm and shoulders and lean into him to whisper to get close to him, all the while seducing him. Rajiv was no innocent guy and he knew I was interested. He leaned and we started to kiss. Deep passionate kiss while his hands ran under my mini skirt and grabbed my ass hard. He pulled me closer to him and I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. I knew he was ready so somehow I managed to peel away from his lips and whispered in his ears, 'Lets go up and fuck.' That guy was a puppy following me up the stairs.

A room got empty after 5 minutes of waiting. We took that time to grope and kiss and touch each other even more. My panties surely had a wet spot by now. Rajiv also was running his hands over my panties feeling my wet pussy spots on the panty. He had this grin on his face that I wanted to wipe off, but I needed that brown piece of cock so bad. As soon as the room was empty, we both were in the room, on the bed, the door just shut, not locked. Rajiv was tearing his clothes off as I hit the bed. He spread my legs wide to see my sexy yellow thongs and buried his face to smell my pussy.

He pulled those panties off me, held my legs open and started to eat my tight pussy. He was good. Real good with his tongue. So good that he made me cum right there and then. His cock, which was nice and long was hard. We changed position and he lay on the bed with his cock being sucked by me. I tasted his precum and stroked his cock as I sucked. Rajiv wanted to cum in my mouth but I wanted to be fucked first. So still in my miniskirt, I came on top of him, guided his hard cock in my pussy and started to ride him like a slutty cow girl. Rajiv had pulled my top off as I rode him and he played with my tits. He had good rhythm and he was fucking me really well as I rode him. I told him when he was ready to cum, he had to warn me.

Five minutes of riding him, he was ready to cum, so I got off him, took his cock in my mouth and sucked and stroked him till he came. He had a lot of cum that he downloaded right down my throat. I cleaned him up and turned around to look for my panties when I saw another couple standing there waiting for the bed to be cleared. The girl (Mia) was my class mate and I knew her well. She had a new guy with her and we both smiled knowingly. As Rajiv was starting to get ready, I walked over to Mia and said, lets swap partners and fuck them together. The guy (Jack) was excited because he would have 2 pussies to fuck. Rajiv on the other hand was thinking.

Mia, who was as slutty as me, immediately made her way to the limp cock of Rajiv, took it in her hand, licked at it seductively and asked him, 'will this change your mind?' Rajiv was nodding yes like a kid in a candy store. We locked the door this time and I was down on Jack sucking his cock while he sat on the sofa. Mia was busy putting life in Rajiv's cock. We both girls were busy sucking while the guys were busy running their hands in our hair and pushing down on our head. We both took time sucking our guys.

Mia was not wasting any time and was on the bed naked, doggy style asking Rajiv to fuck her.

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