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A stolen moment at the onset of the weekend.

He didn't know what hit him as I rode him like a woman possessed. I don't know what he was thinking about, but I was imagining him pressing me up against the window and taking me from behind. Needless to say, I came quickly.

I didn't have as good as an orgasm as I gave myself last night, but I do love getting fucked. I was determined to give him a good ride. I don't know if you consider it cheating to masturbate to instructions from somebody else, but I don't think he was about to complain about the frenzied pace I was setting slamming his cock into my pussy. At least he was getting something out of my newfound passions. I found myself responding to the sensations with a second orgasm beginning to build. Unfortunately he did not last long enough for that to happen. I felt his cock swell deep inside of me and I knew he was about to shoot. I sat down on him forcing his cock all the way into my pussy and squeezed my Kegal muscles. I was rewarded with one of the biggest loads I could remember him shooting. I just sat there trying to milk him as volley after volley of cum shot from his cock. When he finally tensed for his last spurt, I lifted off of him and spun around so I could go down on him before he lost his hard on.

John never was a fan of eating my creampie so I didn't attempt to 69 him. But I loved the taste of our cum mixed together that remained on his cock after we fucked. I knew he was always hypersensitive after orgasming so I took it easy on him, but I didn't want to waste my tasty treat. He always had to piss after he came as well, especially in the morning, so I wanted to get my bonus before he got up and headed to the bathroom. I probably only got to suck him for about 30 seconds before he began to deflate and I got out of bed. But that was 30 seconds better than nothing. I could feel his jizz dripping out of my pussy so I rolled over on my back and used my finger to scoop it up. As I lay there savoring his flavor, I somehow knew James would taste better. I started to realize I had just used John as a stand in for a stranger. That had never happened to me before. It wouldn't be the last time.

Fast forward a week. After spending time over the next couple days as a couple, it was back to my twelve hour days at the office and back to John's nights in the clubs. We did fuck on Sunday, but I was too tired on Monday and Tuesday after working all day. By Wednesday I was all worked up again and he wasn't around to satisfy me so I was back in the chat room. James was not available so for the next couple of days I had unsatisfying, at least by my new standard, encounters with two Doms and one Domme. The woman was interesting because I don't have a lot of experience with them. She was good at edging me, but still was a disappointment compared to what James put me through the week before.

All day at work on Friday I struggled to concentrate. Although we didn't have specific plans to chat again, I knew James was usually online Friday nights. And he had told me we would chat again. I prayed tonight was the night. Even though I had cum each of the last two nights, I felt like it had been weeks. My need to submit to him was strong and my thoughts kept drifting away from my tasks to remembering the cold glass against my hot body. Finally a little after six I left the office and headed home. About eight John was getting ready to leave and asked if I was coming to the club later. I told him I was tired and probably would just stay home and crash early. But that was a lie. My pussy was already wet and I couldn't wait for him leave so I could strip out of my clothes and get online. I hope James would keep my up all night playing with myself and cumming over and over.
About 9:30 his avatar lit up. My heart soared at the first new words he sent me. "How is my good girl tonight?"

It felt so good to have me speak to me in the possessive tense.

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