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Ezmarelda's delicious purple ass and Sir's blue balls.

y breathing as she got to work was getting to her badly, she had tried to take things slow, teasing but he was too forceful for that, he grabbed the back of her head and had proceeded to pound his cock into her mouth whilst she tried to steal mouthfuls of air yet trying to get more of him inside her at the same time! Her hand snaked up and started massaging his balls, adding to the sensation, egging her on as she started to feel the telltale twitch, knowing that he was about to slide something very different than what she was used to down her throat!

Peters couldn't hold out much longer, he knew she was trying to get this over as quickly as possible but her mouth was beating his resolve... As he felt her hand start to massage him he knew he was going to blow it... And he did!

Stacey smile as she wiped away a creeping bit of cum from the corner of her mouth and stood up, confident, but that wasn't the plan... He calmly informed her that he had thoroughly enjoyed her mouth but that the night was not nearly over yet, she ran... She got about 2 meters away before he had her pinned to the wall, his fingers lazily gliding up her leg, she was going nowhere, if she did he was calling the police, if she complained... He was calling the police, if she dared to anything than fulfil her payment with the use of her body then he was calling the police.

Peters was already getting hard again and to his amazement Stacey was wet... She was dying for it even though her face said she was going to make him pay, she was started to squirm beneath him, her hips trying to get some satisfaction... He could feel her breathing heavily, her body reacting despite herself and he knew this was going to be the most satisfying fuck he'd had in a long time!

Stacey wanted him, she couldn't help it, he was toying with her and it was making her whimper, his fingers were grazing her clit, circling until her hips thrust and then they were gone, making her want to scream with frustration, he started to undress her, roughly... literally ripping her clothes as they fell to the ground, his grip tightened around her and she knew his fingers would leave bruises, she was getting close just from the feel of him close, the power he was exerting and the oh so delicious pressure he was applying to her cunt.

Peters could hear her whimpering, he lifted her up then slammed her straight back into the wall, just giving her enough time to wrap her legs around him as he thrust himself inside her making her scream out from the sudden violation!

Stacey was seeing stars, he had taken her hard unforgiving and she was loving every second of it... The pain only adding to heightening pleasure building inside, she was so close, she wished he would let her go so she could bring herself to climax over him but there was no way! He had something to prove and he wasn't letting her go until he'd done it! Then he dropped her...

Peters laughed at her reaction and she slid from his grasp, he pulled her up by her hair and bent her quickly over the desk! It was nearly time for phase two of this little ordeal... he swiftly re-entered her and proceeded to brutally fuck her while she tried to claw away from him across the desk, this was now for his pleasure... She screamed alternate pleas as her thrust into her, her body not knowing whether it wanted more or wanted him to stop... He didn't care, he slid all the way out of her then slammed right back in, tearing out a strangled cry from Stacey's throat as he came deep inside her.

Stacey could barely feel her legs... She tried to right herself but found herself unsteady and nearly fell to the floor; Peter's caught her just in time and bundled her up in his arms as he proceeded to walk to his en suite bathroom. Still dazed she heard running water before she was unceremoniously dropped into the shower then locked in the room.

Peters locked the bathroom door and walked over to the phone and dialed 999, he then got 2 sets of handcuffs out of his desk draw, strapping them to the legs of his desk, he opened the bathroom to find a still daze

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