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An autorickshaw ride that lasts all night.

If you're too nervous and can't bring yourself to orgasm, then put the panties in your desk and leave them there until the next day and try again. I can't wait until I hear from you!"

She agreed to the dare, and the next time I heard from her, she emailed me her story.

"So I did it," she typed. "I had an orgasm reading your story, right there in my locked classroom!"

I was instantly erect as I read what she was writing.

She wrote, "Wow! That was really intense. I was able to do the dare just like you told me. I put my panties on a desk. They were pink and lacy. I was wearing a pink sweater and a black skirt, and black heels. It was a cold day but I have been sticking with my skirts anyhow. I kept peeking towards the door and windows to see if anyone would stop and look in and see me. I didn't see anyone, but it was so naughty and it gave me such a rush!"

Again, I told her how proud I was of her. We talked about how excited it had made her and how she really enjoyed doing the dares for me. So, of course I gave her another one.

"Your dare tonight is to wear nothing but a shirt. The shirt should be the kind that you sleep in, but barely covers your butt. Wait until its dark. Surf the net; read some stories...get really aroused. I want you wet. The kind of really hot wet that you can feel as you cross your legs. The steaming wet that as your finger slowly slips between the lips of your slides deeply and easily inside of you."

"Oh my!" she typed.

I continued on, knowing that I had her interested. "Go out to your car. Open the door to look inside. Crawl into the driver seat on your knees. Reach over and touch the floor of the passenger side. Let the shirt ride completely over your ass and up your back, exposing you completely. If I was standing behind you I would see your full naked butt, as well as the puffy lips of your pussy."

"Mmmm," she wrote. "This is really daring."

"Now for the fun part,'" I replied, "Next, I want you to sit down in the driver's seat. If you feel safe and really horny, I want you to spread your legs wide. Slide your fingers across your thighs until they reach your pussy, and then...finger yourself until you come again. If you really feel safe, pull the shirt above your breasts. I want you to show as much of your body as you can. Can you do that for me?"

"I will," she wrote back. "I can barely wait until tomorrow."

When I got home from school a few days later, I checked my email and found her reply.

"As for the car dare," she typed, "I did it last night and even though it was cold, I did it anyway! I was wearing my white and pink 'Hello Kitty' nightshirt which I wear a lot and it's really short. I sat in bed on my laptop chatting and getting really worked up. It was about midnight when I decided I was ready for the dare! My pussy lips are thick normally and when I get excited they swell up even more...and I was already soaked. If someone had come by then I'm not sure I could have refused them!

I put on a pair of black slippers and walked out to the driveway. My nipples got hard as soon as the cold air hit them. I was trembling as I opened the driver side door and crawled inside. I got up on the seat on my knees and then leaned over towards the passenger seat to touch the floor like your dare instructed me. I wasn't even thinking about the gear shift being there and it brushed against my pussy a couple of times which I have to say was not an unpleasant feeling! At one moment I realized that if I wasn't careful and my knees slipped I could probably slip right onto it and that thought made me even wetter.

I thought about the picture I must be making for someone if they had happened to walk by. Fortunately it was dark and I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood. After a few minutes, I was really worked up and ready for the second half. I sat down low in the driver's seat, and reclined the seat back as far as it would go. Then I pulled my shirt up over my warm and swollen tits and leaned back and spread my legs wide.

It was probably 45 degrees outside but hones

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