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Therapy in the Spring.

Maggie was caught up in the throes of her sexual excitement, and Flip heard her groans and moans of wanton pleasure, encouraging her to continue her way to Maggie's Nirvana, her pussy.

Flip did not have far to lick to get to the top edge of Maggie's purple shorts that fastened below her navel. Once there Flip ran her wet tongue across this dividing line between flesh and clothing while she held Maggie's hips in her hands.

Maggie thrust her hips upwards that let Flip slide her hand onto her ass cheeks, but as Maggie went back down, Flip pulled out her left hand and went to the drawstring of Maggie's shorts and loosened it, allowing her to take them off.

Flip moved her right hand from Maggie's ass and went to the top of her shorts. Now she had both hands with which to take off Maggie's shorts. The top of the shorts were now loose, loose enough for Flip to take hold and slide them off Maggie's rounded hips, and without stopping Flip continued to take Maggie's shorts down her legs and over her feet, putting them with the T-Shirt and bra. As for Maggie's walking shoes and socks, they came off quickly, leaving Maggie completely naked.

While taking Maggie's shorts off, Flip saw her pussy covered with curly, orange hair as well as her thighs and calves. She was amazed with Maggie's orange hair both on her head as well as on her pubic mound. It made her so distinctive, and with her porcelain skin and slightness of build, she reminded her of photos and pictures of Irish faeries dressed in short, filmy, gauze outfits.

Now, she knelt on the floor at the foot of Maggie's body, looking up from her feet to her head.

"Oh, my, what a beautiful, young woman Maggie is," sighed Flip. "The Fates, indeed, smiled down on me to bring such a lovely my way."

While still held in awe by Maggie's beautiful body, Flip said, "Maggie, slide your body a little to your right so it is at a better angle to me, but keep your head high on the sofa pillow so you can see what I am doing to you."

"All right, Flip. Anything for you," answered Maggie.

Maggie did as Flip had told her and moved her body to the right so that her ass was close to the edge of the sofa, her left leg lying straight and her right thigh on the sofa with her knee bent so that her foot touched the floor.

"That's right, Maggie. Exactly how I want you," said Flip.

With great anticipation Flip drew closer to Maggie and positioned herself between her legs. She then put her trembling hands onto Maggie's knees, and from them she slowly and erotically slithered her hands led by her searching fingers up the smoothness of Maggie's soft, inner thighs. As she moved forward, Flip had to lean forward herself until her fingers rested at the creases of Maggie's legs that join with her lower abdomen. Now her face looked closely at her pussy.

Flip kept her hands still while she took time to study Maggie's pussy, remembering every nuance of it, devouring it with her eyes, and enjoying this first time she would make love with Maggie, thanking the gods for sending Maggie to her.

Minutes passed and she could wait no longer. She also sensed Maggie was becoming restless, too, with the delay. Therefore, to satisfy them both Flip ran her index fingers along the creases formed by her abdomen and thighs, feeling the soft, orange pubic hair that covered her mons. She went up, bent her head forward, and placed her mouth over the inside of Maggie's right crease and thigh. With the oval of her mouth Flip sucked on Maggie's skin, flicking the tip of her tongue over the surface, and when she finished the kiss and raised her head, she left a rosy pink spot on her pale skin, that which is often called a "hicky."

Maggie moaned and waited for whatever Flip had in store for her. What pleasures?

As for Flip, she let her fingers drift down to the bottom of Maggie's pussy and placed her right hand over her vulva and pressed gently on it while at the same time run her fingers through her pubic hair

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