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Sophie doubles her pleasure.

Gently he let his fingers continue their little dance down her back, down to the end of the blouse, then his fingers moved slowly onto her back, he placed his hand on her lower back under the blouse, her skin felt beautiful, warm, Rachel trembled a little at the feel of his hand on her back there, she let out a little sigh, and he knew it was all right, she looked up at him and smiled, and then she moved herself up a bit, their lips met again, again her tongue entered his mouth, and his tongue embraced hers, and they kissed deeply again.

By moving as she had, Lucas's hand had slid lower down her back, his little finger was now actually inside her slacks, and the tip of it could feel the brushing of the fabric of her undies as she moved. Very slowly, very gently, but also very firmly, his other fingers began massaging and kneading and pressing and stroking at Rachel's lower back, his thumb pressing into the flesh on one side of her spine, his middle finger tickling at her lower vertebra, his little finger scratching at the fabric of her undies, going a little past just the elastic band of them, just sensing the hint of the top of the crack of her bum, his little finger inside the undies now just that little bit. Rachel trembled again, she could feel a building deep in her belly, what was he doing to her.
Lucas pressed his tongue deeper into Rachel's mouth, and at the same time changed the angle of his hand, all his fingers now pointing down, his middle finger in that sensitive little inverted triangle at the base of her spine, he let it tickle and massage back and forth, at the end of each stroke it teased into the beginning of the crack of her bum, Rachel trembled more often now, his other fingers continued their rubbing and tickling and soft scratching on her lower back as Lucas increased the pressure of his middle finger, never going any lower into that pretty cleft, but pressing deeper into the flesh, his tongue pressing at the sides of her mouth, flicking at her teeth, playing with her tongue as again Rachel's breathing changed.

Rachel could feel a new sensation building in her, very softly and very quietly, the movements of his fingers on her back teasing and exciting the muscles and nerves in her back, involuntarily she squeezed her thighs together, sighed again, trembled again, Lucas's middle finger pressing right at her tail bone, inside the intimacy of her undies.

Something was happening to her, and she knew what it was, and she wanted it to happen, but also didn't want it to, what would he think, she didn't care , now his middle finger was moving a tiny bit further into her crack, pressing deeper it seemed into her flesh, Lucas felt the tremble of her body against his, his thumb massaged a little deeper into her back, and the kiss grew more frantic somehow, and Rachel was clutching at him.

Rachel tried to move closer to him, wanting more contact now, she no longer wished to control it, and suddenly there it was, small but powerful none the less. She let out a little gasp, felt the tiny surge all through her body, she gasped again, and her head fell against Lucas's shoulder. She had had an orgasm, a tiny one to be sure, but an orgasm none the less, and it had been beautiful, and the first one she had had with another person in-she didn't know how many years. She looked up into Lucas's face, and she could see from his eyes that he knew what had happened, she could see he was happy for her. His hand stayed still on her back now, he was trying to communicate that he was content with that, that he expected nothing more that evening, that he was content with the warmth of the skin of her back, the soft fabric of the undies against his skin, the sweet warmth of the flesh of her bum, most of all content with knowing that he had helped her feel good.

But Rachel had made a decision, a decision that even half an hour ago she would have considered unthinkable.

"Would," she whispered, she had such a beautiful soft voice, "would you like to come inside for a while?" And she sensed the double

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