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Tension builds between the Hunter, the Paladin and the Druid.

Dress in her white silk bra, panties, she dropped to her knees in front of Mike. Her hands slide up his inner thighs and fished out his limp dick from his panties.

Cheryl easily took his soft 4 and a half inches into her mouth. She could taste the latex from the condom he must have used. "At least the bastard isn't stupid and considerate enough to use protection!' she thought.

Cheryl used every trick she knew to get him aroused. Even fully hard, Mike was only 5 thin inches long.

Finally hard enough, Cheryl screamed "Fuck me from behind!" She dropped onto her hands and knees.

He fell between her stocking cladded legs and pulled her panties aside before thrusting his cock inside her wet slit. Mike had never felt this excited with Cheryl before and started pounding her cunt from behind.

It took only 30 seconds before Mike started shooting his load which wasn't that big; mostly air and a couple of small spurts. It was so little, Cheryl never had to worry about Mike making her pregnant.

"That was great Mike!" Cheryl lied. The only thing that really made Cheryl wet and come was what she revenge she had planned for him.

Friday Morning

"That was so hot last night Mike!" Cheryl pretended to still be excited. "I loved making out with you in your panties. What other women's things do you have?"

Mike was caught off guard by the question. "Uh ... None. Um... Just the one."

"Oh!" Cheryl pretended to be disappointed.

Later Cheryl announced she was going out but would be back soon so Mike wouldn't have time to go anywhere let alone fuck with one of his cunts.

Cheryl went to Starkers. "What a skanky place this is!" She thought to herself. She looked around and bought a couple of things for Mike and hurried home before Mike got any thought of leaving somewhere.

"Mike! I bought you some new clothes." Cheryl told him. "Let's try them on."

Mike was still in his dressing robe from the morning even though it was mid afternoon. Cheryl stripped him of his gown. His naked, pale mostly hairless body almost made her puke.

Cheryl pulled out a pink boned satin and stretch beaded lace bustier with adjustable ruffle stocking straps and underwire cups from one of the bags.

"Here, let me help you on with this." As she slipped his arms through the straps. The back lacing allowed for the variance in his body, but Cheryl laced it very tightly; Mike had a hard time breathing. Cheryl had also bought some size "C" falsies which she stuck on to Mike's chest with a superglue that when dry, he would not be able to remove them without ripping his skin off. Under the bra cups, they actually looked pretty good.

Mike stood there in awe. Too stunned to move, too scared to protest, too stupid to do anything but be manipulated.

Next came matching satin and lace panties. The bum area had a little padding to build up the lack of shape Mike had. The crotch area was tied closed by three lacy ribbons, but when Mike was bent over, Cheryl knew his rear entrance would be accessible.

Cheryl then helped him on with his new white seamed stockings with pink polka dots. The tops were lacy flutes and a big white bow where the seams ended. Cheryl clipped the garters on the welts. "He could look pretty cute with a little more effort." Thought Cheryl.

Cheryl pushed Mike face first on to the bed before she started taking her clothes off. She stood over him dressed in a black boned corset. She needed no padding to fill the cups or panties. From one of the other bags, she pulled out a strap-on harness fitted with a veined 8-inch silicone cock.

Mike peeked behind him. "Wha...? What are you going to do with that?"

"Well Mike. Hmmm! Mike isn't really a girlie enough name for you." Cheryl told him. "What about .... Mia! I always like that name."

"Mia!" Mike exclaimed.

But before he could protest further Cheryl went on. "Yes! Mia! Glad you like it."

"Well Mia. I think your girlie ass needs to understand what it means to be taken." Cheryl said. "Like all us girls have to put up with. It will help you become a true women."


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