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Couple gets together despite passed out friend.

What's his name again? Djimon Hounsou. Yeah, that dude is mighty fine and Suleiman Adewale looks almost exactly like him, only a bit younger. I love dark-skinned Black guys. Jean-Louis was mixed, and he was the only light-skinned Black guy I ever dated. The Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice and all that, you know?

Like a lot of Black men out there, Suleiman Adewale has a thing for us White ladies. I can't blame him because, let's face it, us White women are hot. I'm of French Canadian and German ancestry, and my features reflect that. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, curvy but fit, with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. At my old high school, Lycee Saint-Germain, they used to call me "la deesse blonde", which means blonde goddess, for those of you who don't speak the beautiful French language. I look good and I know it. I've got a pretty face, killer body, great rack and an amazing ass. The kind of heart-shaped ass that used to be rare on us White girls until recently. I've got more booty than a lot of Black girls, must be why I have so many Black men chasing me, you know?

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. I was telling you about how I set out to seduce Suleiman Adewale, the well-built stud from Nigeria. I approached him while he sat at a corner on the third floor of the library, reading a copy of Nietzsche's The Will To Power while sipping on Tim Horton's coffee. I smiled and asked him if I knew him from my psych class. I am a civil engineering major and have never taken any psych classes. However, I needed an opener, alright? I smiled as Suleiman looked me up and down, stroked his goateed chin, then said I looked vaguely familiar. I introduced myself, and he shook my hand. I asked him about the book he was reading, and he grinned, telling me he loved Nietzschean philosophy.

I smiled and told Suleiman I was a big fan of Nietzsche too. Truth be told, I knew very little about Nietzsche. He's a long-dead German writer, and the author of some classical yet nevertheless controversial books about human nature, politics and race. One such work is Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Nietzsche envisioned a world where supermen ruled and ordinary people were rendered obsolete. He's inspired every lunatic from Adolf Hitler and his Nazis to the Eugenics-loving nutcases we used to have in Europe and parts of North America. Yeah, I was kind of surprised to meet a Black man who considered himself a fan of Nietzsche, but I supposed stranger things have happened.

I had a nice time chatting with Suleiman, and we exchanged numbers. That night, he texted me and we ended up talking for three hours straight. What can I say? The guy was a bit long-winded but very interesting. He's a sociology major who wants to travel the world and help the poor someday. Hmmm. I know lots of guys and girls with sociology degrees who work at Starbucks, but refrained from sharing that tidbit with Suleiman. Somehow, I don't think he'd appreciate that jab at his choice of major. It's a bit early in the game for me to reveal my sadistic evil self. For now, I had to be charming and sweet. Got to reel in your prey with some juicy bait before you spring the trap on them, like a true predator. I began talking to Suleiman regularly and when he finally asked me out, I said yes and we began dating. It wasn't long before we were hooking up, and that's when I introduced him to my little plastic friend.

A lot of Black guys seem allergic to BDSM, especially female dominance, and I expected Suleiman to be just like the rest of them.

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