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Dave comes to realize that he has mixed emotions.


He looked up from his binder and almost dropped his water when his eyes caught their first glimpse of the brazenly dressed redhead standing in his kitchen. "My name is Michael," he stammered, setting his binder down to shake her hand.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Lora responded, "Your wife is lovely. We were just talking about your campaign and how I can help."

"I'll leave you to it," Denise said, stepping out.

Michael could not help himself from looking Lora over again, "So I've been told you could help with some... radical campaign methodology?"

Lora stepped toward him and moved his binder down the counter top. With ease, she lifted herself and sat on the marble island in front of him, crossing her legs. The material slid up her thigh a bit while she talked, "My role is simple. I'm here to build your personal confidence, but I don't use power poses and motivational catchphrases. I let you draw out that inner power yourself."

He gulped trying to resist the urge to touch her lightly bronzed thighs, "How exactly do I accomplish that?"

She reached forward and took his hands, placing them on her bare leg, "By taking what you want. I am yours. Until this campaign is over, or until you don't need me. I'll stay here at your home and do what you ask. Anything you ask."

Michaels hands shook lightly on her thighs, "Anything I..."

"Anything," Lora reaffirmed. With sensual grace, she spread her legs slightly, letting his hand fall on her thin silk panties. He hesitated at first but let his fingertips gently brush against her. He looked up to meet a soft look in her eyes, and before her could stop, he locked lips tightly with hers. She wrapped her arms around his waist and let him grip her tightly in a deep kiss. Once he broke for a breath, she took hold of his belt buckle and looked to him. He sat quietly for a moment in thought, then gave a slight nod. Lora slipped off the counter onto her knees, and quickly pulled his pants apart and removed his hard cock from his boxers. It sprung out and firmed quickly, and Lora smiled hungrily at the massive rod before her.

With her dress spread across the floor around her, she gripped the base of his shaft with her whole hand and slipped the tip into her watering mouth. By the time her lips met her hand, he was already pushing into her throat. Lora took him as deep as she could several times until his stance began to tighten. She quickened her pace and felt him spasm. Her hand gripped him tightly and pushed up and down the base of his shaft, and her tongue danced around his wide tip until the last moment, when she pulled him completely out and he burst across her face.

As Lora stood up, Michael felt a surge of adrenaline at the sight of her sullied face. His dominion over her filled him with a new energy that was yet unfamiliar. She saw the look in his eye and lay her hand on his pounding heart.

"That feeling," she whispered, "That is what we want to give you, but it's a fleeting feeling. So I'll stay, and provide you with a reminder of what power feels like, anytime you wish."

He leaned back on the fridge, and smiled, "This could actually work..."

Lora smiled back, "Yes it could. Now may I go clean up a bit?"

He nodded, and she left, meeting Denise in the hallway. The wife looked in surprise at Lora's disheveled hair and mess covered face.

"So?" Denise asked inquisitively.

"Like the man said, this could actually work," both the women smiled and strode off to the bathroom.


Throughout the next day, Lora quietly moved into the guest room of their home.

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