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Reorientation: the players take their bearings.

She looked stunning. He stood proudly and almost expected to be applauded.

Ray almost panicked and realized that was because he was so keen to do the right thing. When she reached the table should he just nod and turn a palm to indicate her chair? That was stupid, he'd be standing against a chair and there was only one other chair at the table. Should he just hold her shoulders, delicately and briefly? Oh, her grinned inanely as she came right up to him. He deepened his grin, his mind a blank. She kissed him on one cheek and then the other and was then sat.

"Are you going to join me?" she chuckled. "I thought we were to meet in the bar?"

"The bar? Oh god, I forgot I said that."

She smiled and told him to take a deep breath, that there was no need to be nervous. "I guess you are not used to dining out since...well since you know when?"

"I-I..." He didn't want to lie to her. Miraculously a waiter appeared and they decided on cocktails.

"I apologize for this dress being so sexy. Most of my clothes are still packed away. I'm still working up confidence to move out of my parent's home. I wasn't sure if pants and a top would be acceptable here."

"You looked so stunning when you entered I lost my mind."

"Oh dear, I hope you weren't thinking of having your way with me?"

Ray sat dumbly. How did one answer that?

"I see she said," pursing her lips. "Well, could I say certainly not on a first date and for that matter not anytime soon. I'm in no mood to rush into anything."

"I can understand that and totally agree. You are the one who matters to you; pace yourself."

Annie looked quite startled. "Although you are a divorcee I'm surprised you'd think like that, being male."

"I was fortunate. Pam took me under her wing and was gentle with me."

Annie colored and said, "That was very nice of her but should you be talking to me about such a relationship with Pam? It is adultery."

"Does that behavior make me evil?"

"No. Pam certainly is not evil and would be unlikely to associate with you or even have you working in her offices if she thought adversely about you."

"That's true."

"Ray, I'll be gentle with you. You are wounded."

He looked at Annie open mouthed.

"What, is my eye makeup awry?"

"No, your lovely face is fine. You just surprised me. I'd though you were the wounded one."

"That's an apt description for us both. If this works out well tonight, as I feel it will, it could be mutually beneficial if we continue dating."

"What you and me?"

"Yes, of course. I wasn't planning to set you up with someone else."

Ray sipped his vodka Martini wondering why his level of verbalization was on a part with the cockroaches in the kitchen. Some women including his mom called him debonair, but suaveness had nose-dived this evening. At that moment he knew what it was, he was in awe of her. Potentially she was so right for him and he was acting like a village buffoon. And she threw him a lifeline, a topic he could speak intelligently about even if buffoon mode.

"You described my face as lovely. Was that a throw-away line or was something on your mind?"

Ray gazed at her. "Speaking honestly, you come close to being beautiful. Your face is classically oval and your complexion is near to being olive, most suitable for your long black hair and deep green eyes. To me you are indeed beautiful."

"Oooh, a compliment. And what else have you noticed?"

"Um, how is the cocktail?"

"Good. Come on: don't be evasive. I saw you noting my breasts the other day."

"Please pull them out and I'll attempt to give you a meaningful opinion."

She giggled and said he did have humor. She'd begun to worry about that. She switched to his interest in the arts and then to recreational interests and his replies appeared to be favorably received.

"Do you enjoy sex?"

Ray looked for the arrival of wait staff with their meal but no-none was in sight. He was on his own.

"I can take it or leave it."


He grinned sheepishly and said he'd attempted to give the re

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