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Parker gets rewarded for helping a friend.

Quick shedding her clothes she took her new toys into her bedroom and place them on the bed, while retrieving a bottle of lube from her bedside draws. Already moist her pussy was soon dripping as she rubbed her lubed fingers across her smooth mound and parted her puffy lips, groaning with pleasure as she probed two fingers into her opening.

Picking up the red vibrator Bree positioned it at her pussy entrance rubbing it up through her pussy lips and over her already sensitive clit, then back till the red toy was poised at her quivering entrance. With a shuddering sigh she slowly pushed the toy till its bulbous head penetrated her and a few inches of its shaft quickly followed. So excited she felt the demand for immediate release, Bree was soon sliding the whole 8 inch shaft inside herself repeatedly. Belatedly remembering the vibration controller she grasped it in her free hand and twirled the dial, with a gasped cry she felt the dildo hum into life.

"Ahhhhh.........oh God!" she cried as she felt her first orgasm of the afternoon approaching.

Madly searching for a quick release she began to plunge the toy into herself with abandon as she turned the vibration to its highest setting. Grunting with exertion she furiously pumped her hips up off the bed, meeting the thrusts delivered by her hand till she clamped her thighs together on the toy and cried out with fabulous release.

A few minutes later Bree had caught her breath, yet she found her desire only increasing, her hunger for greater penetration demanding more pleasure from her still-pulsing pussy. Picking up the larger flesh-like dildo she shuddered at the thought of how much pleasure its huge shaft was soon going to be giving her.

Grabbing the huge thing by the shaft Bree started to rub it along between the soft folds of her hot slit, then lined up the big head to her already tingling entrance. Slowly pushing in then relaxing to relive the pressure, and trying again, each time Bree felt her tight young hole begin to give a bit more. Suddenly the fat head and about an inch of the shaft slipped inside. The feeling of being stretched so wide elicited an involuntary groan from deep in her throat, the thought of so much more of this monster still to go making her shudder with need.

Wanting more Bree continued to apply pressure to the base of her huge new toy, forcing her pussy to accept the huge intruder inch by inch. With about six inches inside her Bree stopped to catch her breath and let her pussy adjust to the huge thickness stretching her open. The tingling pain of being split so wide slowly receded as her pussy relaxed and she felt the first waves of an impending orgasm start to flow through her body. Applying more pressure she worked more of the beast inside her, forcing her pussy to expand as it gripped the dildo tightly. Pushing and pulling Bree started to ride the beast of rubber taking 9 or more inches into her creamy hole.

"Ohhhh Fuck!!!" she groaned as her body began to be wracked with a painfully huge orgasm, her pussy spasming around the huge girth of her new pleasure toy.

"Ahhh...!!" she groaned hoarsely with her pussy almost painfully gripping the huge dildo again and again, till her pussy finally relaxed and the long fat rubber cock slowly slid out of Bree, coming free with a gooey pop. Her pussy was temporarily gapping wide open and an empty feeling invaded her core - a feeling she knew she would shortly want to dispel by stuffing herself full of her big rubber cocks again.

With her pussy buzzing happily and temporarily sated, she turned to the double dildo as she felt the need to feel her ass being filled with its long slim length. Lubing her fingers Bree knelt on her bed with her face resting on a pillow and began to probe her tight backdoor, the sensation making her shudder. Grasping the dildo she removed her probing fingers and placed the head of the dildo against her twitching asshole.


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