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The finest profession this country offers.

Without a word, I bent down and sucked the head. He moaned and I acknowledged by taking his whole dick into my mouth. It filled me completely, making me suck on it more. But my dick needed some action too, so I moved my bum closer to him. He knew what to do too. 10 minutes after he had arrived, we were sucking on each other.

Then he pulled me up onto his face. I wasn't sure what to expect next. Suddenly, I felt his whole face against my butt, then something wet attacking my ass. He was rimming me! And it was the greatest feeling! He licked and sucked me so tightly, I thought there was a vacuum pump down there. I moaned loudly and he just licked me further.

Then he stopped as suddenly as he had started. "I wanna fuck you," he said simply.

"How do you want it?" I asked.

"Stand against the bed and bend over."

That was a position I'd never done before but I was game for it. I got into position while he lubed himself up and slipped a condom on. (We had both insisted over chat about safe sex.) I felt a cold glop on my ass, which was the lube, then something pressing against me. I didn't need to be a psychic to know that it was his dick.

But it hurt. Like I said, it'd been a few years since I last had sex, so I wasn't really ready. I groaned in pain as sharp pangs swept from my ass to the bottom of my spine. "Wait, wait," I moaned. He got the idea and just rested there. After a while, he pushed in again, spreading my ass wider. The pain was still there, but I wanted his dick more. I gritted my teeth and felt him slowly enter me.

Soon he was in me, but the pain was still there and my legs were almost buckling. "This isn't good for me," I said. "I think you're too tall for me."

"That's fine," he said in an understanding manner. "Why don't you lie down?"

I did and turned my head around to see what he had in mind. He spread my legs apart, then bent over me with his dick aimed at my ass. Once again, he entered me, but the pain was less now. That was good for me, I didn't want the whole experience to be just one great pain episode. Soon, he was moving in and out of me slowly, letting me get used to his dick. I moaned with each thrust, enjoying the sensation.

"I'm gonna fuck you for a long time," he said into my ear. I muttered something, focusing only on his dick working my ass. By this time, my ass was used to his huge dick and the pain was mostly gone.

He continued fucking me for a while, then he pushed my legs together. "I like your tight ass," he said. "I like fucking your tight, tight ass."

"I'm glad you like it," I said, feeling even more of his dick in me. I moaned and groaned under him and he fucked me even more.

Then I felt something strange. "I feel like I gotta shit," I said.

He chuckled. "That'll happen." And he moved even harder.

"No, really, I feel like if I don't get to a toilet, I'm gonna poop on my bed."

"What's your favorite position?"

"Lying on my back with my legs in the air."

"Let's do it."

He pulled out and I turned around. He was smiling gleefully at me. "I can't get enough of your tight ass."

I smiled and raised my legs. He placed them on top of his shoulders, then moved his dick back into my waiting ass. I groaned as he entered me. It wasn't painful now, instead, it felt like he was filling not just my ass but my whole abdomen. My hands moved all over his chest as he fucked me. His hands grasped my legs and plunged harder into me.

"How long are you gonna fuck me?" I asked.

"A long, long time."

"You're gonna fuck me raw."

"That's the idea." And to emphasize his point, he fucked me harder.

I groaned louder, but it was softer than the sound of the bed banging against the wall. I was glad no one else was at home, otherwise it would've been weird. He continued pounding my ass, relishing in it all.

"You like being dominated, don't you?" he said.

"I like to be told what to do," I said in between groans. "Just nothing too rough."

He fucked me a while, then asked, "Have you ever been fucked on your side?"


"Wanna try it?"


Once again, he pu

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