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Husband returns the favor, all about her...

Pam understood and resorted to masturbation, but it only accelerated her passion for sex. She found after several sessions of pleasuring herself, it left her hornier and lusting for more. Pam needed sex everyday. She watched porn and read stories about wives cheating on their husbands. Pam did have an extra-marital affair. In fact, there were a few of them where she lost control.

Ashley was only twelve, when her mother walked with her to catch the shuttle to school. Pam was in her late-twenties, and she looked to be in the best shape of her life. She dyed her hair blonde to match Ashley's gold locks making them undeniably mother and daughter. Pam usually chatted at the bus stop to a man with an oriental girl the same age as Ashley. This aroused Pam's curiosity, because Thomas was a black man, and Pam was a neb-snoot. She asked if he and his wife adopted the cute child. He figured it was not a simple yes or no question, and that she really wanted to know more about him. He said that he lived with an Asian-American woman who managed a business for his sister, where he also worked part time. Kao was his girlfriend's daughter. "Oh, how nice," she said. It was cool with Pam.

Pam enjoyed their daily chats, and she looked forward to flirting with Thomas. She always did have a fascination for black men. His charming demeanor and deep resonating voice captivated her undivided attention; not to mention the fact that he had an obvious giant dick in his pants did not hurt matters, either. She found herself getting more personal with Thomas by the day. During the colder months, she and Ashley joined him and Kao in his car. After the bus came and went, Pam remained with Thomas, and their conversation turned to more of an adult nature. They talked about sex and the relationships with their partners at home.

He complained of his girlfriend's lack of passion for oral sex, and he wondered if Pam liked to blow her husband. Pam said it was her specialty before she and John married, but lately her spouse was always too tired. The last time she did it, which was many months ago, he fell asleep while she was blowing him. John also had not been fucking her enough, and his short-fuse dick exploded too fast.

Thomas squeezed the lump along his leg, and he showed Pam the outline of a long and thick penis. He said that maybe this one was more to her liking, and he gave her an opportunity to feel it. She had been eyeing the bulge in his slacks and fantasized that big fuck-stick in her pussy. She felt his huge cock and said it was well beyond her standards for size. Her hand remained on it and kneaded his dick thru his pants. They kissed. He had Pam's blouse open, in no time, and played with her bare tits. He worked wonders between her legs. Thomas suggested they go to his house. Pam said that she desired to be with him, but she did not want to cheat on her husband. She could not allow herself to fuck another man.

He opened his pants and exposed to her a thick, ten-inch cock. Pam gasped and said it was magnificent. He jacked up his big dick in front of a dazzled white girl seeing a black cock in person for the very first time. She watched it get bigger and swell in his hand. His intoxicating aroma was an aphrodisiac for Pam, as she leaned for a sniff and exhaled with an amorous moan. Thomas tempted her to feel his hard cock. Pam pressed a trembling finger on the warm, blood-swollen head, and her whole body shivered at the touch. Her shaky hand slid over the full length of his engorged penis and caressed his huge balls. Thomas got her to concede that it was not cheating as long as they did not fuck. He convinced her that all else sexual was okay. She did not really agree with that rationality, but she wanted at least to play with his big cock and needed any excuse to do it.

She wrapped her palms around the thick shaft and stroked his hard dick.

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