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She has an encounter with male model.

I open my eyes and see nothing. I am still in the clear. I stand up and walk around the theater, across the front and up the other stairwell. I go in and out of rows, enjoying the feeling of being completely naked in this public place. I figure the other part of my plan will kick in very soon. I go back to my seat and sit down. As I watch the movie for a few minutes I hear the theater door open. I put my hand on my dress and get prepared to throw it on very quickly and make a run for it.

I am relieved when Mike comes out from around the corner. Mike is a friend of mine that fucks me sometimes. I told him about my biggest fantasy and he said he would help me fulfill it. He disappears around the corner again for a minute. When he comes back out he is being followed by two guys, then two more. The five men start walking up the stairs toward me. I can't believe I am about to get gangbanged in this theater!

Mike said he knew a few guys that would be into this. I took his word they are not scumbags and that they will treat me right. Mike walks up and sits next to me, giving my dress and sandals to one of the guys. He kisses me hello.

"Destroy them," he says to his friend.

The guy he handed my dress to takes the dress and rips it into a few pieces. He then rips the thong part out of the sandals. I am not going to be able to wear either out of here. The guy takes them, goes down the stairs and out of the theater. He returns empty handed.

"I threw them in the garbage," he says.

I am now completely nude with no access to a stitch of clothing, about to get the fucking of my life. Mike unzips his pants and pulls out his dick. I lean over and start sucking, looking up at the other guys. They have taken their dicks out and are stroking while watching us.

After a bit I stand up and grab Mike's hand. I guide him out into the aisle and then down the stairs. When we get to the area between the stadium seats and regular ones that I masturbated in earlier I stop and start undressing Mike. I get his clothes off and sit him on the ground. I climb on top of him and take him all the way into my pussy in one thrust. As I straddle him up and down I look at the other guys and they are getting naked.

After a few minutes I turn around.

"I need one in my ass too."

One of the guys steps up and gets on his knees. I lean forward and he lubes me up with spit, fingering my ass to loosen me up.

"Already took care of that earlier, just do it."

He follows orders and inserts his dick into me. He goes slow and inches in more and more. Once he's in he starts to rock in and out slowly. He and Mike start alternating thrusts slowly. Another guy walks up and stands next to me. I start sucking his dick. The other two stand near me and I start stoking their dicks with each of my free hands. I have a dick in my pussy, ass, mouth, and in each hand in the middle of a theater!

The guy in my ass pulls out and walks around toward my face.

"No hands," he says.

I smile and open my mouth. He steps forward and I deep throat him, sucking him hard as he pulls out, to make sure I taste as much of my ass as possible. I give him a few licks and sucks for good measure. As I'm doing this another guys replaces him in my ass. Mike continues to fuck my pussy.

"I want to stand up," Mike says.

The guy behind me pulls out of my ass and I stand up. Mike stands up and I turn to one of the guys that I was jerking off with my hand and jump on him, putting my arms around his shoulders. As I straddle him while he stands he guides himself into my pussy. As he does this I feel someone enter my ass. I have never been DP'd while standing and it feels spectacular!

The guy in my ass pulls out and is replaced by another.

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