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Jill's life takes a hard right turn.

I could never-really-lose my virginity." The fact that she wanted to remained unsaid, but clearly heard.

Tess smiled at her, reassuringly, not smug-maybe a little smug-then kissed her shield again. "There are ways."

Five minutes later, Tess had stripped down to a set of lingerie she either wore all the time or had put on planning to seduce Kara. It was a pearly white, bodice and gartered stockings, all running over her like a liter of creamy milk had been poured over her body and now it dripped off her skin, about to leave entirely. The only bit of black was the dildo she wore around her waist.

The large phallus seemed like an extension of the room's darkness, except for the small bits of Kryptonite that studded its length. Tess had assured her it was just enough to weaken her flesh, not enough to do any harm even with prolonged exposure. Kara still felt tipsy, like Chloe looked when she'd done a few shots.

Kara sat on the desk, the keyboard and monitor having sunk into it through extravagantly mechanical means. She still wore her Supergirl costume. Tess had insisted she keep it on. All but her white panties, which Tess had taken with her when she went to get the strap-on. They were still unaccounted for.

Kara looked down at what jutted from Tess's crotch. It was a lot to take in. "You sure whipped that out-up in a hurry."

Tess shrugged, which was close to bashfulness from her. "I had it built for Clark."

"But Clark's... with Lois," Kara broke off.

Tess inclined her head to one side. "Hope springs eternal. But I'd through with crushes. Why would I want some blur..." she enunciated the word wickedly, "when I can have a Supergirl instead?"

Kara blushed. Tess got closer, as if to eye the roses in her cheeks, but then took hold of her knees and pulled them out of their ladylike togetherness. She stepped into the void of Kara's open legs.

"Think they'll have to start calling you Superwoman after this?" Tess asked, lifting the hem of Kara's skirt with her strap-on.

"Please, Tess, I can't wait. I've waited long enough."

"Then don't wait," Tess said, and smiled so brightly Kara just had to kiss her.

They kept kissing as Tess circled a hand on Kara's waist, wrapped the other around her cock. Their bodies naturally pressed together-lips connecting more fully, breasts meeting. Then Kara felt her at her entrance, the tip of the dildo a subtle intrusion like her own fingers had been. But more weighty now. Ominous.

And Tess left it there, still distractedly kissing Kara as she reached down, pulled open a desk drawer. Kara's eyes widened when she saw the gun inside, but Tess reached beside it, to a bottle of lube. She brought it up and uncapped it. "Hand."
Kara held hers out, letting Tess pour a dollop of the lubricant into her palm. Tess kissed her again before they went on. "I want you to rub it on my cock. Until it's dripping, Kara, you understand?"

Kara reached down to the dildo, still against her mound, and began jerking it off. Every motion zigged the tip of the dildo against her pussy, producing a scintillating electricity. Tess kissed her, again, again, and again. As if hungry. She devoured Kara's lips as she took her hands by the wrists and brought them behind her back, to settle on the globes of her ass. Kara could've mewled. It felt amazing.

"I'm not going to fuck you," Tess said. "Not yet. You're going to bring me inside. You decide how fast I go-how hard. But just so you know, once I'm in, I'm not stopping."

Kara vibrated with need. She could feel the Kryptonite's sticky warmth, bringing the sweat out of the pores on the insides of her thighs, humid moisture crawling up her belly and down her legs. She cupped Tess's ass, let the woman kiss her some more, then pulled Tess closer. Inside her.

Kara felt a heady pressure against her sex, growing and growing, but it did not enter, did not hit the spot inside her where she truly needed it. Nervousness, fright-she couldn't bring Tess inside and that made her groan with frustration.

"Harder, Supe

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