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You have to try things on to see if they fit.

We could go there and talk. The only problem is that a couple of the guys will be there. But they won't bother us. We can even go to my room and talk. It will be much quieter up there."

"Let's go." Debbie's panties were beginning to moisten up.

It was a short walk. Tim even held Debbie's hand.

"Well, here we are", as he opened the door for her.

She could hear the loud music, men talking and laughing.

Debbie stepped through the door and into the living room where Tim's friends were sitting. All heads turned and there eyes were on her. Everyone got quiet. Tim stepped in behind her and they all greeted him.

"Fellas, this is a friend of mine, Debbie. Debbie, that fella is Jim. That guy's Jamal and last but not least is Bubba. Bubba keeps order in the house. If there's a problem he takes care of it."

"Hello Debbie". They said almost in unison.

"Hi guys, it's a pleasure meeting you all." She thought to herself "I hope these guys don't think I'm here for a gang bang. This may have been a mistake coming here. Good lord, they're staring at me like I'm fair game for all of them."

"I invited Debbie over to listen to some music up in my room. Maybe hang out for awhile."

Tim guided her towards the steps and Jim said, "Have a good time, Tim."

Once in his room he closed the door. "Debbie I apologize for what Jim said."

"Tim, don't worry about it. Boys will be boys. I would be very disappointed if you didn't at least kiss me. I remember that kiss in the basement that day at the house. I wanted much more from you. But with Frank upstairs, I had to stop you."

"I didn't know that." Tim said as he closed the gap towards Debbie. Pulling her closely he lowered his mouth onto hers and they kissed. She parted her lips, giving Tim immediate access to her tongue and mouth.

Tim's hands were all over her body. He lifted her top off and just stared momentarily at her breasts. He lowered his mouth to her little tit and gave it a nice long suck, to the point of Debbie letting out a gasp of pleasure.

"AAHH, not too fast cowboy. I want this night to last. Take your t-shirt off Tim." She waited, then started lowering herself down in front of him, raking her fingernails down his chest as she went. Debbie stopped at his belt and undid it. Then she unbuttoned his pants. Now she knelt in front of him.

"Tim, you don't mind me undoing this, do you?"

"Heavens no." "This is going to be better than I ever imagined," Tim thought. "Any other girl was always a romp in the sack. Debbie knows just what she's doing to me. What a tease. I hope what they say about older women is true, they make a good piece of ass."

Debbie slowly tugged his zipper down and slid his jeans to the floor. Tim kicked them off.

Next she pulled his underwear off, exposing a very large and hardening cock. "This young man has a very nice piece of equipment," she thought.

She dug her nails into his sac and pulled down. Tim let out a low groan. Next she stroked his cock, slowly. Then ran her fingernails up and down his cock, finally scratching his cock head with her nails.

"Ouch, "he said, "Debbie that hurts. My little guy is very sensitive at the end."

"Tim, there's nothing little about your "little guy". And how about I kiss it and make it feel better." And she brought her mouth over the head of his cock softly suckling it. She slowly stroked his cock shaft with one hand and softly pulled and massaged his sac with the other.

"Debbie, that is fantastic. You really know what you're doing and you do it so well. Oohhh, that feels so good," Tim said as he was beginning to teeter, having trouble concentrating on his balance and the extremely good sensations in the head of his cock.

"Tim, I want you to sit down on the edge of the bed. Now, just watch. Don't touch your cock and don't touch me unless I say it's okay."


Debbie stood in front of Tim, rolling her nipples and getting very turned on by it. She stepped up to him, raising her knee and ground it into his groin. Hubby always loved it when she did this to him.

"Now, kiss and suck on my

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