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Two more join and give a show.

Daddy's Girl is the forty-eighth song by American artiste, Becca Jones, issued as a single from her fourth studio album 'Playtime.'

The song is sung from the perspective of a New York girl, Daisy, who falls hard for her dad and ends up drugging her mom into death-like sleep every night so she can seduce her sex-starved hubby easily. Strangely, there has not been much criticism spat out against the hit song, or its X-rated lyrics. Becca uses a lot of curse words, insulting and acting eerily slutty. Some words she chimes are:

Eight inches deep

I tell daddy my cunt is

Eight inches deep

Ten inches long

I tell him his dick

Is two inches oversize


Grab that banana, my sugar daddy

Shove it deep into my ass

Snatch that lollipop, my sugar mummy

Stick it in my ass

And lick it there


Name: Mia Michaels

Age: 27

Active Since: 6 years ago

Net Worth: $600,000

Claim to Fame: Porn Actress

Mia Michaels is an incest porn star, who acts in sex videos with her twin brother, Aiden Michaels. She shot her way to fame after nude pictures of her, photographed by Aiden, hit the internet in early 2009 and got her small town buzzing about the naked girl whose was posing topless on social networks.

At the time her nude photos began circulating widely, Mia got fired from work. She was working at MacDonald. Her boss, who still refuses to be named to this day, feared her bad reputation would hurt the shop's business.

"I have always known Mia to be a sweet, decent girl. I didn't think she was capable of doing something as daring as this. When folks begun talking, telling me that one of my employees was posing nude on the internet, I did not care much about it. I watch porn after all. I masturbate and fuck the lustiest girls who model the streets out there.

"When word started spreading that my shop had now become a porn factory, I had to do something about it fast enough. Parents were telling their kids and neighbors to stop walking into my shop. 'They will lure you into filming porn,' was what they were always saying."

Kicked out of employment, and taunted and friendless, Mia did not have anything to do. She left no stone unturned in town, seeking employment restlessly. No one was willing to employ her. Everyone thought she would poison their healthy reputation. "People ridiculed me for being a porn girl. No one acted porn in my town. It was unheard-of. People here are overly religious. Porn is nothing but the devil's play field in their holy eyes. I was called Satan's daughter and crappy names like that."

Lonely, penniless, and miserable, Mia took to acting porn with her big brother, Aiden.

"This became my employment. I wasn't tolerated to do any other work, fine. I began making porn with my big bro. We barely cashed in on anything in our early days. Two years later, our efforts were slowly proving to become fruitful. Porn productions all over the US were emailing and calling us. I felt proud for the first time in my life being a porn star who acted incest."

Mia and Aiden have now started their own porno site: mia&aiden.com. They sell their endless titles here, offering freebies and lots more exciting stuff. They recently brought to life their first ever porn house, Mia & Aiden, recruiting brothers and sisters who are eager to do incest porn for a living.

"It is fun fucking my brother-day in and day out. I haven't made out with any other guy aside from him. For the present, I am comfortable doing this with him. My advice is if your young or big bro is hot enough, go ahead and fuck him. In case you didn't know, brothers fuck more carefully than strangers will handle you. A brother will always acknowledge his responsibility, and never abandon you. You have a more connecting tie after all, something that is more natural and deeply intimate."


I am Rick Simpson.

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