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Kelly goes streaking, gets caught and spanked.

My legs were spread wide open for the entire world to see; for my brother-in-law standing right next to me to see. Between my legs and equally naked was my old college boyfriend Rick. My boyfriend before I had met Jeff. In the video, I was giggling as I watched Rick stroking his very hard manhood while rubbing its pre-sum soaked tip up and down the pink slit in the middle of my thick, black bush. "Stop teasing and put it in me!" I heard myself say on the video from so many years ago. Then Rick buried his hard cock right in my dripping slit.

I reached over and clicked off the media player with a trembling hand. I refused to look Keith in the eye and asked him, "Where did you get this?"

"I found this media file on your laptop when I borrowed it a couple of months ago. I've been waiting for an opportunity to tell you about it ever since. I thought you might want to get rid of it before Jeff sees it."

My mind was reeling. That particular night back in 2008 Rick and I had just come back from a party. We were both drunk and I remember him pulling out his phone and shooting video of us having sex. In fact, at some point, I helped him and grabbed the phone so that I could shoot video between my breasts of his cock pounding in and out of me. If I had allowed the video to play to the end, it would have shown Rick pulling out of me and then painting my body with about five long ropes of cum. He was a heavy ejaculator and that was one of many things that turned me on about him. But that asshole must have downloaded the video onto my laptop and I was unaware of it. I am still using that laptop today for my work!

I must have been fifty shades of red at that moment and panic was beginning to set in. "Show me where you found this on the laptop so I can delete it!" I said in haste and then added, "Do you mind if I erase your flash drive?"

Quickly Keith reached over and unplugged the flash drive and palmed it saying, "Yeah... about that."

I looked at him in confusion then he said, "Maybe we could work out a deal?"

Even more panicked I looked at him questioningly, "What do you mean?"

"I won't show this to Jeff; or Lisa for that matter," he exclaimed as he held up the flash drive next to his smirking face, "If you agree to do with me what you did with this lucky guy on the video." Then he reached under the T-shirt I was wearing and used a fingertip to rub my bare clit.

My body responded, my clit tingled with excitement and I jumped back in shock to move away from his touch. "You cannot be serious!" I yelled at him in surprise. "I just got married! You're married to my sister! I cannot cheat and neither can you!"

"No one will need to know," he said gesturing with the flash drive, "And this, will simply disappear." Then he tucked the flash drive back into his waistband and stood there waiting for my response.

Thinking I could maybe guilt him into giving up on this I said, "You are not only my sister's husband but you are 17-years-older than me. This is sick!"

"That only makes it more exciting. We are related and I am many more years older and more experienced. Haven't you ever fantasized about being with an older man? Doesn't the idea of doing something inappropriate; taboo even, excite you just a little?"

In fact; it did. I felt myself growing very wet down there and my nipples were actually numb with excitement. I knew they would be super sensitive as well as other erogenous areas on my body.

Seeing I was conflicted, Keith stepped forward and boldly placed his mouth on mine. I surprised myself by parting my lips for him and kissing back; our tongues immediately probing each other. I put my hand in his waistband and pulled out the flash drive.

"I have more than just one copy," he said between kisses.

I dropped the flash drive on the table and said, "Are you going to keep talking or are we going to fuck?" Then I put both hands in the waist band of his shorts and began to push them down until a very large erection sprang out against my T-shirt.

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