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Studies turn into Sex Ed.

have done?"

"The little you brought didn't last long between us...I'm starving."

"There should be some stuff at my mate's place you can have. We should get going. I told Megan I would be back with her about three o'clock this morning."

"Sorry to put a small dent in your love life there Jerry my man, but if you want me to survive and get the goods over to the buyer you need to keep me alive, fed and somewhere a little more comfortable than this."

Looking around him panic building, Jerry suddenly blurted out, "Where's the girl? What have you done with the girl?"

"Not what you think."

"If you've hurt her...."

"Calm down. She's upstairs passed out on the floor. A little drunk but she's ok."

"You know what Patrick; you really are a complete bastard."

Walking up the stairs Patrick turned around and stopped, "and you're not?"

"I don't go around kidnapping women, tying them up and then getting them drunk to take advantage of them."

"Unfortunately I never got to take advantage of her. She passed out before I got the chance."

"So what are you going to do with her? You're not going to hurt her? Snake has got a contract out on you and anyone who helps you, which means me, and as you've roped her in, the girl."

"He's not going to find out about the girl, I'll keep her with me for the time being until we can get away and then phone the police to let them know where she is. She'll be fine and we'll be safe and sound, and you and Megan can start your new life with the knowledge that we enlightened a nice boring life with a little excitement."

"Fuck off you bastard, you're almost as twisted as Snake."

"That my friend is why I'm getting out. I don't want to go the next step down the line into his depravity and if I stay much longer I know I will."

"Maybe there's hope for you yet. All you need is to meet someone nice like my Megan."

Turning around and walking up the rest of the stairs Patrick murmured under his breath, "I think I just have."


The two men sat in Jerry's car, the unconscious woman curled up in the back, "He lives in there, top flat. Should be quiet and its outside of Snakes area of control. Just lay low there whilst tomorrow I'll go meet up with Darwin Ztotsi and complete the deal."

"You'll be careful. How well do you know this Ztotsi?"

"I used to work for him up North for a couple of years in Manchester. Top bloke. He's looking to spread his wings and start up down South. This deal will help him. Breaking into Snakes area is his number one priority and there's bad blood between him and Snake. Something to do with an armed robbery on his manor that Snake pulled about three years ago."

"I remember the one. Post office, a woman got hurt. It's one I planned for him. One of the men panicked and let off a shot. She got it in the arm."

"Police blamed Ztotsi's gang and fit a couple of his men up for the job including his brother-in-law. He's wanted to pay back Snake ever since."

Turning in his seat Patrick looked back at the sleeping Rachel, "We need to get out of sight, let's get her out the car and into the flat." Climbing out and reaching in to pick up the girl Jerry lifted her whilst Patrick went up to the main door opening it and checking to see if anyone was about. Waving for Jerry to come he held the door open as Jerry carried the limp body in and towards the stairs.

"Its second floor, door on the right."

Running up the stairs Patrick knelt in front of the door and looking back at Jerry asked him, "Alarmed?"

" mates a civilian. Should be a piece of cake to open."

Taking two pieces of strong wire Patrick manipulated the key hole until he heard the soft click and stood to open the door for Jerry to pass in, then closed it behind them.

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