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He was all muscle. He had baby blue eyes and I know me and my wife could drown in those!

I said, "Come on in and make yourself at home!"

Bob was holding a bag and handed it to me and said, "Lets go put this in the fridge to keep cool."

I took the bag to the kitchen and Bob followed me. He helped me to pour the wine into wine glasses and we put them on a tray and I carried them to the living room where Jessica was talking to Sue. They were laughing and when we handed each one their wine glass then Sue turned toward me and said, "Jack, do you mind if we get a little more comfortable and get things started cause Jessica has made me more comfortable than I realized I would ever feel around a female."

I said, "Sure you can."

Sue stood up and walked over to the stereo and put on some sexy music and then both Sue and Jessica started dancing as they started removing their clothes! WOW! They were doing a striptease for us, so both Bob and I decided to just sit down and watch what they were going to do. They started rubbing their hands down their hips so sexy and was swaying their hips seductively toward us and each other. Every time they would sway their hips toward us they would seductively remove a article of clothing but would tease us by showing skin and covering back up, but then all of a sudden they would take the article of clothing off. Neither one of them had panties or a bra on and their tits stood out proud with their nipples hard as erasers. Both actually had a dress on and they were soon naked in front of us!

But the one exception was Jessica was in front of me and Sue was in front of Bob. They started doing a lap dance on our crotches and we were so hard that it was getting uncomfortable with our pants on and we started squirming. Jessica noticed her husband was uncomfortable first and leaned over me and unbuttoned my pants then unzipped them. She started sliding my pants down over my legs and I looked over at Bob and Sue was doing the same thing to him. Then they both reached for the bottom of our shirts and pulled them over our heads. Neither one of us had underwear on so it did not take long to undress us.

Jessica straddled me and started doing the lap dance over my hard cock and started rubbing her pussy on my cock and she was very wet. In fact she was soaked. I could feel her juices flowing like she had came. I could smell her arousal and it had a effect on my senses so much that if something did not happen soon then I was going to cum right then and there without any stimulation except for her rubbing herself across my cock. She must have sensed that cause she then dropped to her knees and took my cock completely down her throat in one gulp. I gasped and exploded! I shot my gravy into her mouth and it was so intense that she had to take her throat off my cock and wrap her lips hard around the head of my cock cause I shot hard 7 times which was a record for me and then it started dribbling out of my cock and down her throat. She did not miss a drop at all.

As I was trying to get my breathing under control, I looked over at my wife and seen she was having trouble taking Bob's longer cock down her throat and was gagging so Jessica scooted over to them and was showing Sue how to relax her throat muscles so she could deep throat him. She would take him down her throat and suck on the base of his cock and I noticed she would stick her tongue out and lick Bob's balls! When I saw that my cock stood up again and I was shocked at how horny that made me. I was so engrossed that I did not realize that Bob had leaned over and I felt his mouth engulf my cock! I gasped!

I said, "Oh fuck! Shit! Damn! That feels so good!" His mouth was so hot on my shaft and he was working it like he was fucking me.

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