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A sub male gets a chance to show what he has learnt.

Caught, she seemed a little embarrassed. "You know, I've seen more dicks in the last few days that ever before in my life. I just have never seen one that was uncircumcised. It really has a different look. It's actually made me realize that I prefer yours. I know that I like the way yours feels!"

"Are you trying to excite me into embarrassment again?" I asked. "I felt a little uncomfortable the other day when you got me hard then made me turn over in front of the others."

"Sorry," she smiled with a wink. "I was just showing off to Brenda what it is that can get me off. I'd already told her how you are with your tongue."

I was glad the motor had roared to life. If she had continued to tease me that way I'm not sure I'd be able to keep things under control.

The other 2 couples were setting their gear up and after untying the boat, Brigitte stepped aboard and we pulled away for our first dive site. Brad and Carol and embraced the clothing optional lifestyle. While first reluctant participants it seemed that Carol was now fully involved. In fact she had shown up for dinner the night before carrying her sarong over her shoulder. "I wasn't sure if we were eating outside again," she remarked. "I thought clothes were just for inside meals."

Peg and Josh were so dark after these few days in the sun. They both had dark tans from the outset, the advantage of living in Florida and having a private property where they would sunbathe nude. The only white skin I could see on either of them was the "winkie", that flash of white skin where the back of the leg meets the butt. I'd noticed this on others, including my wife. The natural crease keeps this spot from getting the same amount of exposure.

I stood at the back of the boat as we made our way our of the cut and into the open water. Liz and Peg were stretched out on the benches and I appreciated the way each bounce of the boat was translated through the deck and resonated through their bodies. Liz's luscious tits swayed provocatively with the motion. Peg's had a similar movement although less prominent given their smaller size. Peg had commented on how she wished she had larger breasts but Liz was quick to point out the downside in terms of finding clothing that felt comfortable and difficulty in some activities like running.

"One of the reasons I enjoy diving is because everything feels weightless. It can be uncomfortable having to deal with all the weight up front but more than that it's the binding by my bras. I've really enjoyed this week without having to feel like I've got to strap myself in." The water was a blue and clear as every other day we'd been out. Because the islands of the atoll are low and coral, and because there had been no rain for the last couple of weeks, the visibility was exceptional. It was easy to see all the way to the bottom and as the boat came to a stop and we tied up to a mooring pin, we all gazed over the side to check out the view. Brigitte started with the dive briefing.

"This dive site is great for checking out active reef life. It's well protected so there should be little current. As you can see just looking through the water there is a reef plate at about 30 feet. Between these coral heads are several grooves that extend down to about 50 feet with sandy bottom. Our dive profile will be 50 minutes at max depth of 55 feet. I'll be jumping in and anyone or everyone is free to follow on a little tour. This is an easy dive site so if you would prefer you and your buddy can go off by yourselves. Just keep an eye on your depth and time as well as air consumption. If your navigation is uncertain it is easy to make a slow safe ascent to the surface, check our where the boat is and then descend to make your way back. Because the reef plate is at such a shallow depth it's a great way to do a safety stop and still have something to look at. So who's going on a tour?"

The other two couples said that they would follow along but Liz spoke up before me saying that we'd go do our own thing.

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