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Can something positive come out of so much negative?

I stood... awash in helpless awareness that I *meant* what I continued to chant... that despite having had not one satisfying orgasm in the last five months, despite having had my dick imprisoned in a steel tube which Mandy was now threatening to keep on it forever, I was addicted to the cruel treatment Mandy and Katherine so enjoyed administering. My love for Goddess Miss Murphy, aka SexyCallie, was real. And she WAS my goddess. And I WOULD serve her forever... no matter the cost.

"Now, slave," said Mandy. "I'm going to take this gag off of you. Don't stop repeating what I told you to say. Now we'll be able to hear it clearly. Not that that really matters, but we do need to get to your mouth, because you made a mess in PussyKat's cup, with your disgusting goo. She doesn't want that stuff in her cup, do you, PussyKat?"

"Ew, no," Katherine grimaced.

"So we're going to take your gag off, and you just keep saying what you're saying, but also, since you know you're not allowed to have your balls emptied without cleaning up your mess, drink down every drop of your cum."

Mandy removed the gag, to hear "Goo are eye goss. Ah ngung goo ang gership you, and will serve you forever. You are my goddess. I love you and worship you, and will serve you forever..."

"OK, PussyKat," she said, "Pour that filth down this little slaveboy's throat." Katherine did, and in between swallows, I continued chanting, but I also grimaced, and coughed a bit, trying not to gag. As bad as licking up my own cum from a plastic tarp had been, this was worse, because all of the cum went into my mouth at once, overwhelming me with its salty sliminess.

Both women laughed, and then Mandy said, "Keep chanting." I did, and they walked off together, into the kitchen. I stood repeating the mantra a few more times, and then Mandy walked back into the living room with a bowl of water. She set it down near her laptop, squatted on the floor to work at the keyboard momentarily, and then stood, with the bowl, and brought it to a spot on the floor near me. "OK," she said. "You can stop. Thirsty?"

"Yes, Miss Murphy."

She undid the rope which held my collar against the post, and then uncuffed my wrists. "You can have a drink of water," she said.

"Thank you, Miss Murphy." I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to the bowl, and lapped from it.

"Hungry?" I nodded. "Katherine, do we have another bowl we could put some food in for our little slaveboy here? Perhaps you could just dump our leftovers from dinner into one?"

"Sure," replied Katherine.

"OK, would you mind doing that while I take him to go potty? I'll have to teach him his new way of peeing, you know, haha. No more standing at urinals for him, and I can guarantee he won't miss your toilet bowl and splatter his piss on your bathroom floor, hahaha."

I was so exhausted from what they had put me through that night (after spending a full day on tedious clerical work, no less) that it didn't fully hit me what Mandy meant. But once she fastened a leash to my collar, and led me crawling into the bathroom, I realized that with the chastity tube on my dick, I would have to sit down to pee. I also realized that Mandy was apparently serious when she had spoken of leaving the cursed contraption on me!

After allowing me to relieve myself, Mandy led me back to the living room, where a bowl of food had been placed beside the water. It contained salad, scraps of garlic bread, and cold lasagne, dumped together. I was indeed hungry, so I was grateful, but was only allowed to use my mouth, to eat it from the bowl like a dog. Mandy said I had ten minutes, and then we were all going to "bed".

The ladies did sleep in actual beds (or a bed) that night, but my sleeping arrangements were different.

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