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Studies turn into Sex Ed.

"We sure could have used you at the game today Heather."

Heather put a finger to her lips and shushed. "Quiet, I'm trying to study. I'm sure you guys did a fine enough job of losing without my help."

Harriet smirked. "For your information, we won."

Heather's eyes opened widely. "But the Gray's haven't won since . . ."

"Yeah, well we won today, and if you go to practice and play, we might even win against the Reds next week." Harriet threw her gear down in the corner and collapsed on the bed. "Stick a fork in me. I'm done."

Heather pinched her nose. "Phwew, smells more like rotten to me, but what do you expect from a mud witch."

Harriet groaned and stretched out, before getting out of bed. She was tired of the mud witch comments. She wasn't a witch, she had no magic. "Mud witch huh? C'mere, I'll make you a mud witch too." She advanced on Heather, dirty arms and grubby hands outstretched.

"Get away from me Hotter." Heather's hand came out from underneath her blanket with her wand. "I'm warning you," she menaced.

"Don't point that stupid thing at me." Harriet bluffed, but immediately backed off. It was no fun playing with these girls. They had no sense of humor. Besides, the memory of Heather causing the desk to bang up and down in the class was still fresh in Harriet's mind.

Thinking it was better to just avoid a bad situation, Harriet picked up a towel and fresh nightclothes then made her way to the shower. She disrobed and stood in the marble stall, complete with some very frightening marble golems. They took some getting used to, but the showers at Frogwart's were the greatest.

"Nasty filthy girl. What have you been doing, wallowing in the muck?" One of the marble golems said.

"Get out. Go wash someplace else. We keep a clean stall around here," said another.

"You know better than that little monkeys," Harriet said. "Let me have it--nice and hot."

The golems opened their mouths and hot water burst forth, almost blasting Harriet out of the stall.

"Argh, you little bastards, not that much!" Harriet grabbed onto the ears of the nearest golem to keep from falling.

"Ouch! Do as she says, the horrid witch has me by the ears!" groaned fat-faced golem.

The water flow slackened and Harriet relaxed under its soothing blast. "Soap," she said and foamy water poured out of the golems mouths.

Harriet lathered herself up in the rich later. Her sore muscles felt ten times better already. The water felt better than good; the water felt erotic. Harriet opened her legs as the water beat a steady rhythm on her sex. "Ahhhh," she moaned, tugging lightly on a soap-covered nipple. Then she heard a slight snigger.

"Aigh!" she cried, realizing where she was. She cringed at the lurid looks from the golems as two of them pointed their water spray at her blossoming sex. "Stop it. You're doing that on purpose you marble perverts."

"Awww, you almost had her Ralph," said one of the golems.

"Come on witchie, ride my face," laughed the golem, sticking out a very long marble tongue. "You know what the say, once you've had a golem, you'll never- aigh! My eyes!"

Harriet poked the golem's eyes in a fashion that would have made Larry, Moe and Curly proud. Then, she held up her two fingers in warning. "Nigh! I'm warning you boys, I know how to use these things."

It was enough to convince the golems. "Now keep them peepers closed, or I'll let you have it again."

The golems closed their eyes, while Harriet began to shave. Even though she no longer needed the medication, she kept her sex cleanly shaven. She had tried to let it grow back out, but couldn't bear the itchy feeling of the stubble. It was a little difficult to keep hid from her other classmates, but so far, she had been able to.

She caught a Golem peeking through one parted eyelid, and reached out and pulled it back down. "That means you too Ralph."

"Awwwww," the Golem pouted.

Harriet rinsed the soap off. "Enough, I'm finished," she said.

The water slowed to a trickle, as Harriet dried off with a towel.

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