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He continues his training.

Continuing down, I grab your breasts with both hands, cupping them to my mouth. I suck them hard and rough, then ease off to a gentle suckle. As you relax from the initial onslaught, I latch my teeth on to your rock hard nipple, biting just hard enough to make you gasp out loud. I always enjoy playing with your breasts, and I give them plenty of attention. I'm tempted to get out the nipple clamps, but I think I'll leave that for another time.

With my hands still on your breasts, I begin to kiss my way down your stomach, licking your belly button as I go past. My hands slide their way down your side, following the curve of your waist and the flare of your hips. I continue my oral ministrations down to your beautiful pussy. I kiss and lick all around it, but stay away from it for now. My hands are caressing your thighs, and my lips follow. I love the feel of your long, strong legs, and spend several minutes kissing and rubbing them.

Finally, I can't hold out any longer. I have to taste you. I grab a pillow and have you lift your butt off the bed to place it to give me better access. I lay down between your legs and begin to gently kiss you down there. I wrap my arms around your thighs and pull myself in closer. My tongue comes out, licking your loveliness, fucking you with my tongue. I slide my face lower and push my tongue down between your cheeks. Your body practically convulses as I lick that most forbidden of places. I wonder if you're thinking that my plan is to fuck you there. You'll find out in time. I make my way back up to your pussy, and several licks pass over your clitoris. You squirm in response. Soon, I shift my focus to your clit exclusively. Pulling an arm from around your thigh, I slip one finger, then two, into you. As I nipple and suck on your clitoris, my fingers are pressing into your g-spot in a steady rhythm. I can feel and hear your orgasm building, and prepare myself by holding your thigh even tighter. I want this to be as intense as possible, and don't plan on stopping or even slowing through your orgasm. The pressure within you builds, and suddenly releases, your body thrashing around, your arms and legs pulling at the ropes. I slow my attack as you begin to settle down, gently withdrawing my fingers and kissing and licking around your pussy. I kiss my way back up your body, up your neck, and nibble your earlobe. I raise my hand to your lips, running my wet finger over them, then kiss you deeply.

"How was that, baby?" I ask.

Breathlessly, you reply "Good!"

"I'm glad you liked it, but we haven't fucked, so we're not finished yet." As I'm laying on top of you, I can't help myself, and I have to enter you. It's not really part of my plan, but I have to feel you. As turned on as I am, I know I can't last, so it's just a few slow strokes before I have to stop. I lean back down to whisper in your ear. "I bought a new toy for us while you were gone, honey. Want me to try it out on you?"

I can hear curiosity in your reply. "Yeah? What kind of toy?"

"I could tell you, but I'd rather show you by using it with you. I'm pretty sure you're going to like it." I reach down into the bottom drawer of my nightstand and pull it out. It's called a Feeldoe, and we've looked at them online before, but that's as far as things have gone. Until tonight. You give a little start as I begin by rubbing the head of it up and down your pussy. All of our previous fun has left plenty of lubrication, and I slowly work it into you. In and out, back and forth, deeper and deeper it goes. I wanted to buy something that was close to the size of my cock, but this seems a little bigger. That size might be a problem for me later. Not now, though, as you seem to really enjoy the slow, relaxing pace. For that matter, so am I. It's quite a turn on being able to see it disappear inside you.

I return to whisper in your ear again. "This a very special dildo, baby. What do you think so far?"

"It's nice, but I'd much rather have the real thing" you reply.

"Believe me, I would muc

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