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Mouse & Alice go to the theatre.

First her left, then her right foot disappeared into the wall - passing through the plaster as though it were not there. Her knees followed suit before Aife was able to get off the floor. She jumped to the wall and tried to reach in where Zeigh's legs disappeared, but when she did her hand smacked against the cool plaster. Somehow only Zeigh was allowed through the surface of the wall.

"What the fuck?" Aife cursed. Since she was not also passing through the wall, that gave her a point of leverage. She braced her feet against the wall and grabbed a firm hold of Zeigh's torso.

The door to the room opened and Madam Murus stood frozen in fear with an open box, wooden matches sliding out onto the floor.

Zeigh was still screaming, but had latched around Aife's shoulders. Thankfully, she was losing no more ground to whatever was trying to pull her into the wall.

Pale light began coalesced over Aife's head as she struggled and from the forming shape darkness hollowed out the space of what seemed to be two eyes staring at Aife.

"Mine!" the ethereal voice screamed. But Aife only fought harder.

"No, She's fucking mine!" Aife screamed.

Suddenly, whatever had a hold of Zeigh let go and the two women tumbled back across the pillows. Zeigh jumped up and headed for the door, but apparently some part of her slave robe was still embedded in the wall and when she reached the limit allowed by the robe, her feet flew up in the air and she fell to the ground again. That did not stop Zeigh though. She slipped out of the robe and ran from the room naked, down the hall and out into the street.

Aife emerged from the building carrying Zeigh's slave robe which she had to tear along the lower hem to extract from the wall. Zeigh was on the opposite side of the street with her arms wrapped around a street lamp, screaming "Don't make me go back, Mistress! Don't make me go back!". Madam Murus was standing by the door with her hand over her heart.

Aife ran across the street searching any passers-by for any sign of opportunistic individuals and pinned Zeigh's mouth closed with her palm as she wrapped the remains of the slave robe around her. She looked back across at Madam Murus, who simply waved as though she were shooing them away. "Er... No charge for today!"

Aife kept looking around to see who was watching. A clutch of Metal Nomads. A cluster of leering, loitering men. She cursed and grabbed Zeigh's leash, jerking it, causing Zeigh to stumble a little along behind her as she moved quickly down the street.

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Maisie had been installed in a heavy wooden upright chair. Her ankle cuffs were shackled to the front legs of the chair and her arms were chained behind to a point near the hard seat. She was unable to move much, but at the moment that was completely fine with her. She was exhausted. Sleeping in the bottom of a small swinging cage, did not allow her to rest too well. But, more likely, it was the two workout sessions that she had been forced to endure already this day that caused her exhaustion. Now, salt caked in the spots of her naked flesh where sweat might collect and drip.

She had actively determined that she would strive to exercise and eat whatever her captors provided simply in order to maintain her strength. She needed her wits to look for opportunities to help her lover, Piper. She no longer cared about her own fate. She would martyr herself for Piper. She would do anything.

It turns out, Divinica's goals aligned with her own. Once pulled from her cage, she was given an extremely healthy breakfast. Next they made her work out for an hour quite vigorously. Her wrists and ankles were locked to handles of some strange exercise machine designed to simulate the activity of climbing a ladder. By the end of the hour her arms were totally shot. She was allowed a rest, then another protein packed meal, followed by another painful hour jogging naked and barefoot on a treadmill.

So, now, she was co

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