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Sue becomes a present for Santa.

"Why not." Ren agreed as the bell over the store door jingled and they both glanced at the entrance to see who had entered the store.

"Fucking hell." Brad growled when he saw Rory and 'Tanaya head towards the counter.

"Thought you said Rory was an okay bloke." Ren muttered.

"He is but she's trouble with a capital t. She came onto nearly every man but him last night at the pub." Brad said darkly.

"What? And left out you?" Ren asked with a grin knowing it was probably true.

Brad grunted but didn't reply as he made his way towards the door.

"Hey there Brad," Rory called as he spotted him.

"Hi, last night seems to have agreed with you." Brad remarked when he saw the grin on Rory's face.

Rory glanced at 'Tanaya and back at Brad, he was well aware of the tension between them. "Yes, last night was pretty good. Best part started after we left the pub." Rory said with a masculine chuckle of appreciation.

Brad glanced at 'Tanaya who was watching him, she blew him a kiss and he turned away angrily, muttering inaudibly.

Ren watched the interplay with interest, when he glanced towards Rory Ren couldn't help noticing that Rory was watching them with amusement.

"You looking at the leather work as well? They got the good stuff out the back." Rory said as he looked at the goods on display.

"You've seen it all?" Brad asked with interest.

"I check out everything that comes in with each shipment. I've picked up several nice pieces in the last few months." Rory told him.

'Tanaya made her way around the display to look Ren up and down openly, she smiled at him as she placed a hand on the point of his left shoulder. "You're not a dumb blonde I hope," 'Tanaya murmured in a sexy voice as she ran her hand down his jacket sleeve.

"It depends who you ask." Ren told her.

"Well at least you're not unfriendly like your mate there." 'Tanaya remarked as she moved towards Brad.

"Come on 'Tanaya, not everyone enjoys your games," Rory told her lightly.

'Tanaya pouted but walked back to Rory instead of teasing Brad further.

"You looking for something special in leather?" Brad asked.

"I'm after a pair of saddlebags to go on my bike but I want the paintwork pattern from my bike on the leather as well. So far I haven't been able to find a leather worker who is willing to do one-off pieces for individual customers." Rory explained.

"I'm going over to the tattoo parlour." 'Tanaya told Rory as she headed towards the door and out onto the street.

"I do leather work now and then, mind if I have a look at the paintjob on your bike?" Brad asked.

"Sure thing. It's out the front." Rory said as he led the way out to his bike.

Brad and Ren stood by the bike as Rory proudly showed off the intricate design painted on the petrol tank of his bike. Brad squatted on his heels as he studied the design and finally gave a nod before standing up and walking around to the other side of the bike to look at the design on that side.

"If I got some Polaroids of the design I'm sure I could do a pair of bags for the bike. I think I could even get stain to colour the leather similar to the design." Brad said after careful consideration.

"You reckon?" Rory asked hopefully.

"I'd be willing to give it a try." Brad said.

Ren left the two men to hash out the details of the bargain and climbed onto his bike, he was just about to kick it to life when 'Tanaya walked across the road and stood straddling the front wheel of his bike.

"Why don't you and your friend head back to our place with us?" Tanaya invited in a husky voice.

"I'm sorry but I'm just not interested." Ren told her evenly.

'Tanaya smiled and glanced across at Brad where he was still talking to Rory. "You may not be but perhaps your friend will be." She said with a quick glance at Ren.

"What does your man think about you playing the field?" Ren asked curiously.

"He knows I do and he doesn't mind. Sometimes he even joins in the fun." 'Tanaya said with a grin.

Ren shrugged and sat back on his bike and watched as 'Tanaya stro

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