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Party at The Meadows - Pt. 2 of 4

Her voracious pubic mound stopped amid its ravenous upward thrust and she worked herself up on her elbows to check on her little precious. Linda sobbed convulsively, tears running down her nose and moistening her mistress' pubic bush. Mary looked down at her with glowing compassion as she let a hand stoke her head caressively.

"Dear girl" she murmured with a slightly concerned voice, "you must tell me if I'm too demanding... if I'm too selfish... you hear!"

Linda released her grip around her lady's hips for a moment to dry off some of the tears. Then she sighed deeply through her nose before she let her tongue sink back in deep, accompanied by an elated "Mmmmmm..."

Mary continued stroking the beautiful girl until the feelings got too intense for her again. Feeling confident about this being another of her little darling's emotional outburst - simply caused by her intense submissive passion - she let herself sink back to fully enjoy the skilfully working tongue. That had proved to be the best way to comfort her anyway.

Soon the girl was completely calm, and a kind of placid silence descended. The two of them just lay there, dwelling in the sensation of perfectness, happiness and burning passion; waves of emotion and compassion undulating back and forth between them. An exceptional kind of love, shown by their exceptional kind of contact. Lips upon lips - tongue between lips... a mouth working skilfully and patiently with the ultimate goal of providing maximum pleasure for both of them. A pleasure to signify the bond that now tied them inexorably together.

Even though Mary had high expectations to the girl's progress, she was still amazed how she managed to read all her bodily signals. Linda had learned to control her mistress' orgasmic build just last night, and still she was already finding the right level from the very beginning of their love-session. No instructions necessary. She couldn't have done it better if she could have worked on herself! Something that should make it easy to lay back and just enjoy immensely, without a single thought unsettling her numbed mind. Only that the simple recognition of this extraordinary progress made her so raging horny that her sensitivity mounted uncontrollably every time the very fact of it passed through her mind, making the girl's task a difficult case of aiming at a moving target!

Mary had decided to stay put for quite a while still, but the mental heat produced by all of this just made the whole situation unbearable. She urgently needed a release that could bring her emotional havoc a bit under control.

"Linda... dear... I... could you bring up the first one please? I - I'll need that to be able to enjoy our day properly. This - this is just too much." She sighed deeply before she continued. "You know... you have learned it all. In just one full night of training. It's amazing. You're just perfect already. And I'm so happy and proud that I'm ready to explode! If you take us up, it will be better... afterward... ooooohhhh!"


The sweet tongue changed its movement almost unobtrusively, searching out some slightly different spots to incite additional erogenic sensations; without homing closer in on her clit at all. This was something Mary never actually tried to teach her. It clearly must have been an idea she had developed herself, figuring out how to keep up the intensity as she slowly started the build to ecstasy. And it definitely worked! Mary felt intense waves of heat flush through her belly as the new stimulation took effect. It made the upwards spiral an entirely different experience, bringing a kind of unpredictability to it that was entirely different. And it was her own bodily responses that got unpredictable. Her ability to absorb and consummate the different sensation. Something that felt as though it came from the inside out rather than the normal clitoral build towards the point of no return.

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