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At the end of a long day, something happens.

.. and if he wouldn't manage to repel their common strength? If the two girls together would overpower him, wrestle him down, a man at his best age... then, the situation would become even more humiliating. So, he decided that the best way to handle the situation was to wait and see what opportunity might appear.

The pram changed direction, made a turn to the right and Michael heard the sound of gravel under the wheels... before it suddenly stopped. Melissa leaned over, patted him with her thick mitten and told him kindly to wait as they would be back soon. He made an annoyed sound and she smiled teasingly towards him. Very disrespectful! He would have liked to take her down and make her beg for mercy... but he was not in that position right now... It would have to wait... but he believed though, that the day would come, sooner or later... and he would not let her defeat him.

After a couple of minutes the pram hood dropped down and a very tall, totally strange woman, looked down at him. She was Caucasian, in her forties, big with long blond hair down her shoulders, large hands, and dressed in a tight rib-knitted yellow sweater dress, woolen... which very visibly exposed her impressive bosom and her wide hips. "Hello Michael", she welcomed him while studying his imprisonment closely.

Once again he was in a situation struck by embarrassment and inferiority over having been captured. Elaine and Maria had challenged him, mentally and physically, and overpowered him; made him defenseless, played with him like cats with a mouse. He had in any situation never got a chance. And now he was very effectively put in unbreakable restraints, which made him totally dependent of their mercy. Also, he had no possibility to oppose against the girls playing "going for a walk" with him. It kind of scared him as he could see undisguised satisfaction in their faces due to him overpowered and in their hands. What would they do with him if they got the chance? He felt his power slowly leaking out, making him weak and vulnerable. But at the same time there was an odd excitement, by the fact that he was completely unable... taken, captured. He had to process these mixed feelings.

"He has cute eyes, and he is very nicely encased. Has Maria done that?"

"Yes Aunt Laurie, together with Elaine", Melissa answered.

"Oh, I see. So, they share him?", Laurie reflected.

"Yes, they do."

"Oh dear... that might mean difficulties for this young man. By the way", she changed subject, "The hood is finished, would you like to bring it home?"

"Yes, absolutely", the smaller Rose interjected, "Actually, that's why we came by. Mommy sent us to ask about it."

"Just a minute, I'll go and get it", Laurie answered and turned around, for Michael to get a glimpse of her massive behind before she disappeared out of his sight.

She soon returned with a fluffy pink mohair item, same pink colour as Michael's overall. "Look here", she said to the girls and held it up, but she also let Michael listen and partly watch.

"You see, I have actually knitted two separate hoods and fit them together; one inside the other, both with the brushy side out, meaning it is very fuzzy even on the inside. I have used super thick yarn to make it really bulky and heavy, and I have knitted very tight to make it durable and strong. And as you see, no openings for wyes or mouth, none at all. This hood is for safe storage. At the upper part, between the two layers, I have inserted a thin opaque fabric impossible to view through. And on the lower neck part I have knitted these broad clasps, six of them, fitting perfectly to this leather collar which is to be considered as part of the construction".

She showed a perhaps two inches wide, very nice, black leather collar with a metallic, also black, buckle.

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