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He became aware of a stillness in the air, a stillness born of expectation, and he could see the other animals of the forest and the river had all stopped what they were doing to watch the dance of the water and the fish, and he too grew aware of the fantastic beauty that spread across the water as the fish took the line and ran across the universe. An infinite parade of prismatic explosions shook the water as the fish continued its dance of death, and the man looked on with a tear forming in his eye when the water suddenly grew very still.

The man looked at the water, looked at the fish as it gave way to the current . . .

But the fish was not dead.

The man watched the fish swim slowly toward the near bank. He could see now that the fish had turned from silver and brown to a bright pulsing red, and the water around the fish glowed with purpose. The fish approached the water's edge and circled there slowly, waiting. The man turned toward his net and creel and was astonished to see a tiger lying in the sun on the rock next to his gear.

The tiger looked at the fish, then turned to look at the man.

The man stood perfectly still. In fact, he was aware that he was holding his breath, and that his hands were trembling. The fish took the lure from its mouth and swam away, pausing only once to look back at the man.

The tiger was, the man saw, looking again at the fish as it moved back into deeper water. When at last the fish had disappeared from view, the tiger turned to look again at the man. After a time impossible to measure, the tiger laid down and put his head on its outstretched paws while continuing to look at the man. Sometime later the tiger moaned, and the man looked closely at the tiger's face and front paws and saw seven porcupine quills lodged in the animals flesh. The man saw pain in the tiger's eyes, and great suffering.

The man bent down to place his rod on the ground, then stood again and looked at the tiger's eyes. He kept his hands in front so the tiger could see them, and he walked slowly toward the animal. He could feel the animal's pain as he drew nearer, he could feel it in the marrow of his own bones, but he could also see the tiger held no fear of the man; indeed, the tiger seemed to hold the man in his eyes as one might look down upon a promise broken long ago - almost in another lifetime.

The man walked to the tiger's side and knelt to examine the quills just under the tiger's left eye. The flesh was puffy with vile yellow fluids; these oozed from four of the quills here; when the man looked at the three quills in the tiger's right paw, he saw that fresh blood ran from the wound onto the rock. Still the tiger seemed unconcerned with the man's presence, though the man knew the tiger was more than aware of his every move.

The man reached for his case of flies in the pocket of his vest, and he slowly unzipped the case and took out the forceps he kept there. He knelt beside the tiger and placed his hand behind the tiger's ear and rubbed its head; the tiger responded by flicking its tail and letting out a heavy breath through its nose. It continued to look up at the stars.

The man took the forceps in his hand and moved it to the quill closest to the tiger's eye. He took the quill in the metal grip and tentatively pulled; the barbed lance moved but would not come out. He reached into another pocket and pulled out a small knife, and with this in his hand he leaned back over the tiger's head.

On seeing the knife, the tiger let slip a deep throaty growl that seemed to issue from the earth itself, but it did not move.

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