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They fuck his wife while he fucks theirs.

Show me something that will give me the slightest reduced risk of injury on the slopes and I'll buy it.

Don had some insulated brown coveralls in his SUV, and he wanted to wear those for skiing! I'm going to have to kill him; there is just no other choice. I wanted to take Don to the shop while the rest started skiing, but they refused. They all wanted to put in their two cents worth regarding Don's choices for clothes and equipment. I was pissed because I didn't want Don to have any choices; I wanted him to select what I told him to.

Well, perhaps it was a good idea that Freddie and my girls were there. Freddie was our own ski expert and had actually been in quite a few competitions, so she chose the equipment best suited for Don. I made sure, though, that my girls and I picked the colors. Nobody else was going to dress up my….., Don. Shit! I don't stand a chance with him, why do I keep thinking like that?

I had already arranged a special instructor for Don, an older retired gentleman named Bill. He worked at the lodge, but not for the lodge. He's a great teacher for beginners. I think he is a retired banker. Bill worked with Don for two hours and then we made sure Don took a break. Learning to ski when you are tired is how accidents happen.

Vanessa took over his instruction then for the next two hours. I was just as good a skier as Vanessa, but she is a better teacher. Then we all took another break. For the last two hours Freddie taught Don and she had him going down some moderate slopes by the end of the day.

I have a storage locker at the lodge to store my ski equipment in, so we all dropped our skis off there. We decided then that instead of heading straight back to the city tomorrow we would try to get in some more skiing. Freddie pointed out that we didn't want Don to forget everything that he had learned.

When we got back home we snacked on some more of Don's fabulous cookies and headed upstairs to shower and wash all the sweat off. An hour later we were all back downstairs, except for Don. Robin ran upstairs to check on him and found him sound asleep, still in his ski clothes, so she woke him up and chased him into the shower. She came back downstairs with a big grin on her face and seemed quite pleased with herself when she reported on her actions.

"I went upstairs and he was laying half on the bed, still wearing his ski pants. I tried to wake him up and he just kept sleeping. I pinched his nose closed and all he did was open his mouth and start breathing that way. So then I took off his socks and tickled his feet, but he just moved his foot away. Finally I got mad. I grabbed his big toe and bit it! He jumped up in bed screaming, "Whoa, toe!" Daddy jerked his foot back from me, rolled over and fell out of bed. I think I'm grounded for a month!" We had it under control for her entire speech, until her last sentence. Then we all lost it and Robin was grinning like she had just won the Olympics.

While Don showered, Freddie and I started dinner. Don had brought up a huge cooler chest packed with Dungeness crab this time. He must like fat women, because I didn't see any way we could eat them all! We steamed them and had them with some baked potatoes and asparagus, yummm. Unfortunately, Megan and Robin didn't like the asparagus, too bad, all the more for us!

After dinner we just goofed off for while. We watched a little TV and played some video games. I was starting to get better at the video games and I beat Robin a couple of times, but Kathy cleaned all our clocks.

Dance lessons resumed that evening. Instead of just counting steps again, I tried Don with some actual music. I put "Moon River" on and took Don through a few steps. Then that stupid moron went and did something dumb. He pulled me close and whispered to me, "This was always one of my parents' favorite songs, especially my father's. It makes me kind of happy and sad at the same time whenever I hear it. Happy to remember all the good times with them and sad that they are gone."

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