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A young man with a nylon panty fetish moves into a B&B.

Her body was very tone, with legs that could make any man, or woman, miss a heartbeat or two. The dress also showed an ample amount of cleavage. Despite her small frame her chest was a natural 36DD, something that also was noticed by most. All things considered, he felt lucky to be the one special man in her life.

As his dream continued, and he moved closer to her, the sheer sight of her in that dress aroused him. In real life the sheet rose to acknowledge this to anyone that was there to see. When he reached her, she fell to her knees to begin kissing and licking his manhood. It was an unbelievable feeling. His eyes, closed with pleasure, began to open to look down at her. What he didn't realize was that he actually was opening his eyes. With them half open and still covered with sleep, he looked down to see her, framed between his two legs.

She was smiling, but with her eyes, as her mouth was filled with him. "Good morning," she said, sliding her mouth away from him. Good indeed he thought. Still half asleep, he reached out to touch her, only to be stopped. While in his dream world, she had bound his hands to the bedposts. He fought at the belts that held his wrists tight and she let out a small giggle, as he found his struggle useless. She knew how he loved to touch her, but she loved the idea of teasing and controlling him. He asked to be untied, but was refused as she shook her head with that cute little smirk on her lips.

She then leaned down, placing her lips on his balls while her fingers slowly grazed over his erect cock. It was as hard as she had ever seen it, and stood out from his body a god seven inches. She licked and sucked his balls while her hands ran up over his stomach and chest. Then her tongue, wet and warm, ran up the length of his shaft, stopping to suck on his swollen head. She took his length into her mouth as she moved her head back down his shaft. Her lips were wrapped tightly around him. Encouraged by his moans, she began moving up and down on him, her tongue circling him while her lips hungrily sucked at him. Their sex life together was great, but not as frequent as either of them liked. She could feel him getting harder and knew what that meant. But he couldn't cum yet; she had more things planned for him. So she slid her mouth off of him, as he opened is eyes and looked toward her curiously. She didn't say a word, simply offered him a sheepish grin.

Pushing his legs back together, she straddled them, pressing her wetness against him. She always got wet from sucking him, loving how hard she could make him. She began to slide up his body, teasing his cock, rubbing her soft, wet pussy against him, but not letting him inside her. She slid further up, placing her knees on either side of his chest. Again he was reaching out to touch her, only to be stopped by the restraints. He wanted to touch her breasts, feel her hard nipples...and she knew it. So she began to rub them, first circling her nipples with her fingertip, then pinching them. Then she took her breasts into her hands, squeezing them together, pushing them toward her mouth and sliding her tongue out, slowly licked her nipples. Teasing him this way drove him crazy, and she was enjoying every minute of it. Following this, she slid her right hand down her body. She paused at her clit, lightly rubbing it before placing her finger to his lips to allow him a small sample.

She knew how much he loved to taste her as often as he could.

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