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Kelly meets a stranger who takes her home.

I looked up my dad's old friend Harold and asked him what it was. He told me it was a night of pornos and dirty jokes and sometimes even some live entertainment. Now just because I was still a virgin did not mean I had no interest in sex and let me tell you I had a whole lot of interest in attending Charlie's smoker.

I got to Charlie's house so early that I ended up helping him set up some folding chairs and to put up a screen for the movie. He told me we were in for a surprise tonight but refused to tell me what it was. By the time it was ready to start, I was filled with anticipation yet nervous of someone learning of my ignorance of sex at the same time. I just hoped no one would find out I was still a virgin as that would be mortifying. I had a seat right on the front row and no matter what, I knew I would be getting my twenty bucks worth.

To set the stage I need to tell you this was in the early sixties long before the Internet or even HBO so even to see a movie of a woman's tits was something rare and certainly, nothing I'd ever had the privilege of enjoying. This was not just a movie of a woman's naked body; this was a movie of a woman being fucked. I had to squeeze my dick to keep myself from cumming in my drawers. All the guys were yelling and saying dirty stuff about the screen but I was concentrating not wanting to miss a single second.

When the movie was over and the lights turned on two women came out of Charlie's bedroom and stood in front of the screen dressed only in their underwear. It was so exciting to be only a couple of feet from two almost naked women. One named Judy stepped forward,

"Hoped you boys liked the show but that was just the warm up. Me and Ellie are going to give you a live show like you never saw before. After the show if you're interested you can join her and I in the back for your own private little showing and you can have anything you want but it will cost you extra."

The two girls started to make out and then they took off each other's brassieres. After they kissed each other's tittys for a while, they got down on the floor the one on the bottom laid right in front of me with her legs spread wide open and I could even see a little wet spot on her panties. When she put her legs together, I thought I might cry but it was only so the one on top could pull her panties off. Then after taking off both of their underwear, she threw them in the audience and I was so disappointed that I didn't get to catch one. The girl on top them put her fingers on the other girl's pussy and spread it apart and I was looking right in the center of it. I kept leaning closer to get a real good look and the girl on top glanced up and saw me staring. She sat up and spoke privately to her partner and then she stood, came to me and grabbed my hand,

"We need a volunteer from the audience."

She said as she pulled me into them, it was then I noticed she had her pussy sitting right on the face of the girl on the bottom.

"Hey boy you ever kissed a lady's pussy before?"

I was in a trance but I managed to shake my head no,

"Well now is the time to learn boy."

She firmly but gently pulled me to the floor and then with her hand on the back of my head pushed me into the girl on the bottom.

I was in a surreal world and I didn't care who saw me I wanted to kiss this girls pussy. Her flaps were so soft and wet and her scent was like a perfume to me. I ate her like a starving man, I could not get enough, but finally the girl on top pulled me away. I had her wetness all over my face but I wanted more.

"OK boy, now tell me the truth have you ever fucked a woman before?"

Once again a just shook my head,

"Well today is your lucky day, drop those drawers."

I had my pants around my ankles and was back between her legs in the blink of an eye. The girl on the bottom guided me into her slit and I came in probably three strokes.

As soon as the last stream of jism left my pecker, I realized I had just fucked this woman in front of a room full of my fellow employees.

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