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Joe and Bethany finally have lunch.

They looked like lovers who had known each other for years they way their mouths drew each other in. He had never seen his wife so aggressive in kissing, as she was clearly pushing back against him with an open mouth saying 'I want this too' with her body language. Her hands went to the side of his face and back to his shoulders quickly as the rest of her body struggled to keep up with the intensity and passion of her mouth, lips, and tongue. It was the most intense make out scene he had ever witnessed, and it involved his wife with another man, a stranger just minutes ago.

After a seemingly endless barrage of all-consuming and powerful kissing, her lover left her mouth for a tastier feast along her cheek, neck, and ear. He was hungry and anxious for to sample more of her body. Hubby could clearly see the animalistic nature of it too as a glistening trail of saliva coated her entire face as he moved along devouring her. She looked emotionally invested in the moment as her arms dropped to her sides in submission and she threw her head back inviting more attention.

His hands made their way down her back as his lips nestled into her neck. He was admiring the buxom shape of this married woman's body before feeling the plump goodness of her ass cheeks swell beneath his strong black hands. He lightly bit down on the flesh of her shoulder while confidently kneading and squeezing the gorgeous fleshy mounds on her backside.

Hubby watched his wife's hands fumble between them as she felt her way around his crotch and started rubbing his ever growing penis from outside his pants. Hearing the sound of the zipper come down in a quiet room took the married man by surprise. Time stopped momentarily as his wife was looking dead on at their guest while biting her lower lip with serious 'fuck me' eyes, the likes he had never seen before. He gasped uncontrollably as the thought of what was coming.

Her hand came free from the inside of the man's pants holding the now fully erect and colossal black cock everyone in the room was anticipating seeing. She grasped it mid shaft and still was unable to touch her thumb to her other fingers, it's girth was quite apparent in her dainty hand. A few well placed veins ran the course of the shaft making it look even more like the hulking muscle it truly was.

"Those balls could use a sucking Mama. Why don't you get a nice load warmed up for yourself?"

With one hand still clasped around the shaft, she dropped to her knees and lifted the large fleshy sack with the other. His testicles and scrotum were hanging loose and low away from his pole. She was truly amazed by the bulk and weight of the twin orbs. They filled the entirety of one hand and she could actually feel them writhe in her palm. His testicles were generously sizable, and they were squirming in their sack, certainly swollen with sperm and ready to release. Her tongue reached out abruptly to work a wet path across the wrinkled surface and down below to the lowest point. Then, almost as if she were drawn to them, she bent her head and opened her lips as wide as possible welcoming his nuts into her warm mouth. She had to strain her mouth to open at full capacity in order to allow one testicle inside. She began to suck and roll her tongue about it, closing her lips and pulling at it gently. Releasing the first, she sucked in his other testicle to tongue bathe and nuzzle it as he looked on with a warm satisfied smile. Thinking it would please him even more, she attempted to get both balls in her mouth at once, but could not easily accomplish the feat until she gently pushed them into her mouth with the aide of her fingers. Even then, the dark skinned satchel and its globes filled her mouth to capacity and stretched her cheeks.

She could fell both of his sperm factories begin to draw up tight along with his sack.

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