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Former professor and student wake up to good and bad news.

With my chest immobilized both hands secured I realized I was pretty helpless.

"What's going on here?! Why am I strapped down?"

"So your ego doesn't get in the way of what you need Tommy. Trust me it's better for you in the long run. We're going to head to my place now so just relax." She quickly unzipped my pants and freed my hard on and began firmly stroking me. There was nothing I could do to stop her but that hardly seemed important any more. When she took her hand away momentarily I my head began to clear a bit but as I saw her removing her hand from under her dress she then began wiping her fingers on my nose and lips and shoved them into my mouth instantly enveloping me with her powerful scent and taste almost causing me to cum right then. Every breath filled with her essence as she returned to stroking me as I could think of nothing but her smell, taste and wanting to cum.

Keeping me in a state of extreme arousal the whole time she drove I had no idea where we were when we pulled into the garage. All I knew was that it felt great and I really didn't want her to stop. She hopped out of the car and as the blood returned to my brain I started to realize things had gone further than I had originally planned. She was incredibly beautiful and dominant but I knew I wanted something more casual than what she appeared to have in mind and some of her views on control were a little bit frightening.

Vickie had learned early on in life the effect her sight, smell, and taste could have on men and reveled in the control it gave her. In how powerful it made her. She knew if she got a hold of the right man she would be able to satisfy herself and turn him into her little sex slave. Addicted to pleasing her and all the tastes, smells, and sights that made her who she was. She would be his goddess and his drug and he...he would worship her and become so addicted to her that he wouldn't be able to leave even if he wanted to. She had learned from the last one how important conditioning would be and how to keep him horny all the time so she could get him hooked early on.

She opened my door and reclined my chair all the way back when I felt her slip something constricting around my exposed member.

"Vickie," I began to protest, "I'm not sure this is what I'm looking...I really wasn't ready for anything like this yet" part of me wanted this but another part knew I was getting in over my head.

"Oh poor Tommy you're all out of options. You gave up your ability to choose the moment you got into my car. Well the moment you let me get my hand down your pants actually. Your poor little cock was in desperate need of an owner and I was in the market. Your family doesn't know you're here or that you met me. None of your friends know I exist or where you are. No one's expecting you over the next few days so...I'm just going to have to enslave you mind, body and soul. By the end of the weekend and a bit of reprogramming your only purpose in life will be to serve me."

"You can't do that though I won't..." my words stopped as her hand squeezed my balls painfully tight.

"I know what I can and can't do. I know what turns you on and by the time I'm done with you, you'll love being my slave. I taste great Tommy and before long you'll be begging to taste me on a regular basis. The upside is that you won't have to pay rent any more since you'll be living here. Then again that won't be much of a concern as I'll be managing our finances from now on."

"I can't do this...I won't let you..."


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