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Everyone needs a little every now and then.

Jake looked down. "Seriously dude. What are you waiting for? Suck my cock, man!"

I looked around one last time.

Little D was massaging his cock through his pants.

Tommy had removed his pants and was stroking that can-shaped cock.

Mark was staring open mouthed, incredulous.

I looked up at Steve, who's eyes were wide. I closed my eyes in bliss as I finally sucked Jake's cock into my mouth.

I heard the general intake of breath as the guys realized that I had put their friend's penis in my mouth. Then general cheers and comments that continued throughout the night.

"Jesus Christ! He's really sucking it."

"Fucker's suckin Jake's cock!"

Unfuckingbelieveable, man. Unfuckingbelievable"

I pulled off of Jake's cock and licked him from his base to the head. I could no longer pretend I didn't like this. It was obvious.
I held his balls in my hand and started fondling them. I licked each side of his cock and slid my open mouth from the base to the crown making it slick with my spit.

I engulfed the head again. And then I started bobbing.

"Holy shit, he fuckin likes it, man!"

"Look at him suck that dick"

"Jesus, Jake, how big is that thing?"

I bobbed and timed my mouth with my hand. My other hand pulled his hanging balls tight away from his body. I was getting into a rhythm . Jake put his hands on my head. Before he could push me down, somebody slapped my face causing me to turn away and let Jake's cock slide out of my mouth.

I looked over about to ask what the fuck when I saw that no one had slapped me. Steve had hit my cheek with his massive cock. He now whipped it back up and hit my chin with it.

I jerked my head away instinctually as I grabbed his cock and stared at it. It wasn't at thick as Tommy's, thank God. In fact, it was about the same width as Jake's. It was also about the same length as Jake's - but Steve wasn't hard. Holy shit, who knows how long this cock is gonna be when he's hard!

The other guys were impressed too.

"Holy shit, Steve" said Tommy. "You steal that thing from a fuckin porno?"

I put the dark head in my mouth and then slid off and ran my lips to his balls. I love the feel of a log soft cock in my mouth though, and wanted to lick it all so I could slide it into my mouth. I licked my way to his pubic region. It was covered with a mat of short curly hairs. I started stroking his shaft and managed to squeeze one huge testicle into my mouth. I turned my head back and forth and sucked his testicle while gently squeezing my tongue against it. I kept stoking that beautiful dark cock.

Meanwhile Jake was rubbing his cock against my face.

I let Steve's ball pop out of my mouth and did the same to the other, still pumping and squeezing his hardening cock. I let that ball pop out and leaned back, trying to get a real look at this huge black cock I was sucking. It was now about three inches longer than Jake's. Like Jake's beautiful cock, Steve's was uncircumcised. I was sucking and stroking a ten-inch, uncircumcised black cock. If my sweet wife from Alabama could see me now...

Jake pushed Steve away and forced me over to his padded ottoman. It was about four feet long. Jake had me lay on my back. I knew what was coming. Before I could slide my head off the end, though, I heard little D say "Let me in there, you fuckers. Move those deformed fuckin baseball bats and let us normal guys get in."

I suppose the guys were chuckling.

All I saw was his chubby nude body come close and his balls cover my view. I saw that he had a fat full hairy scrotum and a short fat little cock surround my a thick thatch of pubic hair. It occurred to me that his cock was like a miniature of himself.

Little D squatted over me and placed his balls over my face. He slid his hips back and forth, dragging his fat balls over my face. His scent was strong and smelt strongly of sweat. After originally being bothered, I found myself enjoying licking this thick scrotum and balls.

I felt tugging on my legs and realized that someone was taking my pants o

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