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The dinner party continues.

Any minute now, the gas entering the room would be filling their lungs, growing stronger with each passing second, with every breath they took.

Hissssss ...

Beverley, Helga, Sadie, Justine

Justine was closest to the door, so she began to feel the effects first.

'Is it me,' she said, 'or does this room get really stuffy when someone's been smoking in here?' She smiled, despite herself. For some reason, all she wanted to do was laugh. She had no idea why. Justine didn't like smoking.

'You know I hate the smell of smoke,' she said, grinning. 'I wish you guys wouldn't,' she said to Helga and Beverley. 'It's a filthy habit -' she said, the words ending in a chuckle.

'We've got a right,' Beverley said.

'We won't after July,' Sadie replied. 'They're changing the law. You can't smoke indoors.' She too began grinning.

So did Beverley. And Helga, last of all.

'What are you laughing at?' Helga asked Justine.

'I dunno -' Justine said, chuckling again. 'It's just something -' the chuckle returned, this time developing into a giggle. 'something -'

'Whatever it is,' Beverley said, 'Sadie thinks it's funny as hell!' Sadie was indeed already giggling. Justine was creasing up with laughter as Beverley began to chuckle herself.

'Hey look!' Helga cried, giggling as she pointed to the door. 'Is that -'

Beverley turned round, looked at the shape in the corridor. She saw what looked like Mr Tilley, standing in the doorway, naked, visible through the glass. She and Helga gave out a loud whoop of laughter before dissolving into hysterics.

Beside them Justine and Sadie were already there, the nitrous hitting them with much greater efficiency on the back of the Batch 19 gas.

All four nurses giggled and whooped as the door opened, and Dr Tilley walked into the room carrying the bottle of Batch 19, the open feed hose in his hand, pointing it at each in turn until, gradually, their laughter subsided and all four began to lapse into the half consciousness of the hypnotic gas.

'Nitrous oxide,' he said, through the mask. 'Nitrous, combined with nicotine and Batch 19. Seems to work okay. Nice.'

Shutting off the gas flow, he bent low over each nurse, whispering the Asimov into each one in turn.

'And that's how you got them all together,' Sarah C. said. 'And that's why they were all working with you when David and I came calling.'

'Yes,' Dr Tilley said.

'Sir, approaching the destination,' Helga suddenly said over the intercom. No indication that she felt anything at all about having been subjected to the gas.

'Thank you, Helga,' Dr Tilley replied. 'Now, about you and David.'

'You'd ensnared Judith and Hannah,' Sarah C. said. 'You tried out your gas in that dance, turned it into an orgy. But that wasn't enough, was it?'

'Not nearly,' Dr Tilley replied. 'I needed to improve on my formula.'


'There was a limit to Batch 17 and Batch 19,' Dr Tilley said. 'They could only stimulate a libido that was already inclined to the sort of behaviour I sought.'

'Which is?'

'Loyalty,' Dr Tilley said. 'The semblance of willing obedience. To make a person feel like they're doing something because it's their choice.'

'Fooling them into doing something they wouldn't do if they weren't under the influence, in other words,' Sarah C. replied. 'Mind control.'

'Sort of,' Dr Tilley said. 'But I prefer the term corruption.'

Batch 23

'The other, older versions of this drug can only stimulate behaviour in someone who's already unconsciously inclined to that sort of behaviour,' Dr Tilley said.

'I understand, Doctor,' Sadie said, her eyes wide and calm as she drank in Dr Tilley's every word.

'Keep rowing, Sadie,' Dr Tilley said. 'It's a lovely day, and you really want to show off your body to the best ability.'

'Of course,' Sadie said, continuing to row the little row boat along the boating lake. Like the others in the boats following, Sadie was wearing only a skimpy little bikini.

It was a lovely, warn summer, and the sub was shining down upon the little party as they rowed along to Lovers' I

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