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He stumbles upon a ritual that changes him.

I had no answer to that.

The night before the shoot I packed the various outfits and then suddenly thought I had never posed before other than for holiday snaps and had no real idea how to do it. Marcus had said that he would organise everything and decide on the positions and that between us we would select the outfits that I would wear. It was how I should hold myself, my posture, eye contact with the camera and breathing in to expand my chest, and reduce my tummy that I realised were all mysteries to me.

Thank god for the Internet, I smiled googling how to pose for glamour shots.

After an hour so cruising around loads of sites, I felt better. I had learned that I needed to lift my head up more than I would naturally, that I should make eye contact with a corner of or just above the camera, that I had to hold myself very upright and push my chest out and not stand with crossed legs.

Additionally I found out something else. Well not found out, but suspected. Although the group of girls I was in at university had messed around with groping and snogging and I had experienced female induced orgasms, it was so many years since I had done anything along those lines that I considered myself now to be dead straight. Looking at the gorgeous and highly sexy girls modelling on the sites, I began to doubt that a little. I found my arousal rising as I looked at bare breasts, naked bodies and girls touching themselves. Also I realised I wanted to see more.

I googled bisexual porn. A number of video sites came up, but they all offered two men and a woman and in the few I glanced at the men got it on together. I have to admit that I have always had a yen to see men together and seeing them kissing and sucking each other's cock did make me tingle, but was not what I wanted to see just then.

I googled lesbian porn and got loads of sites. I flicked through a few and although the girls were gorgeous there was no story and it really was wham, bang and thank you ma'am with the girls getting down to it without any build up. Then I found a site that had a search facility so I tapped in lesbian seduction. Bingo, just what I wanted. It was a MILF as they called her seducing her friend. It was a slow build up with them starting with a drink and slowly moving onto sex. However, it was a good ten minutes, before they kissed and that went on for another ten or so. As the seducer caressed her friend's breasts, opened her top and slowly attended to her, unfortunately surgically enhanced, boobs my temperature must have risen and my heart must have been pounding so hard I was surprised the neighbours did not hear it.

As they slowly and tenderly undressed each other I found myself following them and I was down to just my panties at the same they were. I got so excited when they manoeuvred their legs and bodies so that they could press their pussies together and simulate fucking each other. We had a wonderful, three-way, mutual orgasm.

As I recovered from that, I could not help wondering just what the hell was going on with me?


"Great Cat, you have got some lovely stuff that should be very photogenic. You said that wanted everything in black and white, didn't you?" Marcus asked shortly after I arrived at the studio.

He was wearing a white tee shirt and blue track pants with two white stripes down each leg

He had emptied all my 'outfits' onto a table at one end of the room. It was quite a strange sensation to be with a man, especially one I did not know, as he sifted through my panties, bras and other intimate apparel. Strange, but also mildly exciting I realised with a worry.

"Well let's make a start, shall we?"

"Sure, what shall I wear?"

"To get used to the lights and camera and for that to get to know you, just as you are will be fine."

I was wearing blue, denim jeans with heels and a white button up the front shirt.

He stood me against black backdrop alongside a chaise longue and started shooting. He fired out his directions.

"Just move around, turn side on then back on, put your hand on your hip, now in your ha

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