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He finds friend's wife irresitable, and dangerous.

I felt Helen convulsing from the start of her own climax as the first load shot deep into her, felt it growing stronger as I drove on, frantically thrusting, ramming myself into her, balls and cock pumping out everything I had. Then, when I was virtually drained, as though it was trying to urge the last few, reluctant spurts out of me, I felt her arse rhythmically flexing tightly around my greasily pounding shaft.

To say that we collapsed in an exhausted heap would be an under-statement. All three of us lay, panting for breath, occasionally shivering as after-shocks of what we had each experienced ran through our still sweating bodies.

When my heart had got back to a more normal pace and sufficient strength had returned I got up, took the covers from the chair and, as I snuggled back down between the two of them, pulled them up over us all. We lay there for a while, chuckling and giggling as we fondled whatever part of whomever we could reach, but gradually even those pleasant activities slowed and, weary but very, very happy, one by one, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 19

Barbara's Story

Something woke me, at first I didn't know what it could have been but then, as the memories of what had taken place earlier came flooding back I reached out and then found that there were only two of us in bed. It only took a moment to work out it was Barbara that was missing and at first I assumed she had needed to go to the bath-room but when I did hear sounds, I realised they were coming from the kitchen. Slipping out carefully, so as not to disturb Helen I padded across the darkened room, found my bath-robe and, closing the door behind me, went down the hall.

She was making coffee, a light house-coat hid her exciting body but in spite of that and even in her sleep-tousled state, she managed to look quite gorgeous and when she heard me enter, she looked up and gave one of the most unimaginably brilliant smiles.

"Hi! Like some coffee too?"

"I'd love some Barbara. What woke you?"

"Oh I think I was just too excited to sleep." she said and, having finished what she was doing, she turned, came towards me, flung her arms around me, hugged me hard and said. "Wasn't it simply the most wonderful experience you've ever had?"

"By a long way Barbara. I could never have imagined anything could be as good as that."

"It was good for Mum too, wasn't it."

Remembering that Helen had been able to satisfy one of her private fantasies I gave a small chuckle as I said. "Oh yes, it was certainly good for her too." I paused and then added. "But I'm especially glad it was for you, it must have helped to get rid of some of the things that have been making you feel bad about yourself."

She went quiet, still clinging to me, but obviously deep in thought and it was quite a while before she actually answered. "Yes. Yes you're right about that. Being able to share you with Mum seemed to unblock something deep inside me. I know it's silly, but that's caused so many problems during the last few years."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Yes I would actually, talking would probably help even more. I've never been able to tell anyone you see, certainly not Mum, not all of it anyway. With you it would be different somehow, I trust you. But it's a very long story and it"s very late."

"None of us has to be up early tomorrow and in spite of all the energy I used I don"t really feel at all sleepy. So if you want to talk why don't we take the coffee and some biscuits into the lounge-room."

"If you"re sure, I"d have to start at the beginning and that's a long, long time ago now. Could you stand that at this time of the morning?"

I looked up at the clock on the wall, it was just after two o'clock, yet I felt quite fresh and coffee and a smoke would help even more, and of course I very much wanted to hear Barbara's story and doubted there would ever be a better chance.

"I feel fine now, and I guess the adrenaline from all the excitement is still be running. So coffee, biscuits and story it is."


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