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Woman in wheelchair writes quasi-BD erotic fiction.

We currently have seventeen couples that belong to our club."

"Where does the name black stable come from than?" I asked.

Julie giggled with a devilish smile. "The club is run by a group of black men. They are a bit on the wild side. They make all the rules and have the couples sign contracts when they join."

My wife Erin asked. "What do they do? Do they watch the couples swing or something?"

Julie and Rick both laughed as Rick hesitantly explained. "Uh....You see. The black men have these poker games to see who is going to have the most chips for bidding on the women that night. The lucky guys will get to bid on the most attractive women in the club."

"You mean Julie is put up for auction to have sex with one of these black men?"

Rick and Julie just laughed. Rick went on to tell us more. "Julie usually gets auctioned off pretty quick. They have these private rooms where they take the women. The rules of the club states that they can do whatever they so please with them. Sometimes us guys are allowed to watch and sometimes we have to wait it out."

I kept listening to Rick explain the club to us. "You see, they have these pool table and video games to keep us entertained while the women are busy servicing the black men. They even have this huge TV we can watch when there is a game on. There are some nights they'll video what's going on in one of the rooms and play it live on the TV."

"Your kidding." my wife asked.

"No." Rick replied. He went on saying. "When a new couple join they always put her and her black bull up on the TV so we can all watch the fun."

Julie butted in saying. "Rick said all the guys were focused on my body the night they put me on that screen. He said all the guys were chanting and egging my black stud on as he fucked me."

Erin and I looked at each other with stunned expressions on our faces.

Julie continued talking and telling us more. "I guess you two are shocked after telling you about our club."

Erin replied. "Julie. I would have never expected you and Rick to be involved with something like this."

Julie smiled as said. "Yes. I know."

Erin and I were very stunned to learn that our best friends were involved in a swingers club. The most shocking part was that it was an interracial club and the husbands could only watch. After Rick and Julie went home that night, Erin and I laid up half the night thinking about the things Julie said took place at their private club.

Several weeks had passed since Rick and Julie spilled out their guts to us about their club. We sort of kept our distance from them lately knowing their Saturday nights were going to be reserved for their club meetings.

Julie called one Friday afternoon wanting Erin to go out shopping for new clothes with her. I guess they had lunch together and Erin came home well after dinner. I cooked something up in the microwave that night. Erin came home telling me she had stopped off at Julies' club to leave off some party supplies and she met a couple of the black men that ran the club.

Erin said they didn't seem like bad people. They were really friendly to her and even invited her to come to one of the parties. I was a little shocked that Erin even told me about it. Later that night Erin and I had wild sex for the first time in weeks. She later confessed to me that she always had a fantasy of being made love to by a black man.

She had asked me if I'd ever be turned on watching another man make love to her and I replied that I wasn't sure. I'd read stories on the internet about fictional couples getting involved in interracial parties where the husband always watched. Thos stories turned me on a lot but I never considered watching my own wife making love to another man.

I lay their in bed thinking about what Erin had told me about her fantasy and couldn't help to wonder if her and Julie had been discussing us joining their club. We both woke up sometime during the night and had our second round of wild sex that night. I don't think that ever happened since our first year of marriage.

The next morni

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