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Heather and Tina are displayed at the Lodge (part 1).

She would've loved my personality." Nick rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Adam I don't think being a Dom classifies as a personality." Adam punched Nick in the arm. They continued to talk and bully each other before Nick took his car and left the shop. Damn he's a lucky man I wish I could meet someone like that he thought as he watched his friend drive away.

"Nynia if you don't tell me what happened I'm gonna beat you senseless with my stick!" Nynia laughed as Jerome tried to wheedle information out of her. She wasn't the type to kiss and tell and she definitely wasn't ready to give Jerome something to fantasize about. She smiled to herself as she remembered last night and of course this morning. Nick had fucked her one last time before they saw each other again tonight.

"Nynia tell me!!!" Jerome yelled at her. She had to look around the store to make sure no one heard him before she slapped him in the arm. "No Jerome he's mine and mine only. Plus I don't think Raul would like to know that you're fantasizing about someone else." Nynia was in Victoria Secret looking for something sexy to wear for Nick tonight when her telephone rang.


A deep husky voice answered her. "What are you wearing baby?"

Nynia laughed before she responded to Nicks' crazy question. "I'm wearing granny panties and rollers in my hair."

"Damn I'm hard now." They both laughed at his comment. Nynia couldn't help the happiness she felt about Nick calling her.

"So what do you need cowboy?" Nynia asked playfully.

"Well first of all I need you and second my family wants to meet you tonight." Nynia froze in place from the shock. "Don't worry sweetheart they know you're black, but my dad is adamant about having "the talk" with you. Trust me it isn't what you think." Nynia didn't know what to say. She wasn't ready to meet his family, but they sure as hell were ready to meet her.

"Come on sweetheart I'll be there to protect you and when you become uncomfortable all you have to do is tell me and we'll leave."

Nynia nodded her head before she realized he wouldn't be able to see her. "Yeah sure Nick, but what should I wear?"

"Well if it were up to me I'd say nothing, but just wear something casual like jeans and a t-shirt."

Nynia said bye to Nick before she turned around to Jerome with terrified eyes. "I need something to wear to see Nicks' family." Jerome glowed with happiness at Nynias' problem. She looked at him suspiciously before he dragged her off to the trail of stores.

"Nyn you look fine, I'm just glad I came in time to make you take off that dress. Of course you can wear it for me later, but they'll look at you crazy if you're wearing anything, but jeans." Nick looked down at Nynia and had to hold back his moan. She was dressed in a simple pair of jeans, but due to her body they looked like they were poured onto her body. She had on a short-sleeved white shirt that hugged her breasts to perfection. Nick knocked on the door and heard loud footsteps coming towards the door.

Nynia stared at the door in horror at the sound coming from the other side. She tried to calm herself down, but it was difficult knowing that this family wouldn't like her. The door swung open to reveal an older version of Nick. He smiled down at her and she saw the same dimples. She only had a second to admire the man before he picked her up and squeezed her into a bear hug. She looked over his shoulders to see two identical men come up behind him. They had dark hair and blue eyes with the same smiles as the older man and Nick.

"Sweetheart about time Nick brought you over here. We need to have a talk, but that can wait 'til after dinner." The man sat her down on her feet, but she was soon pulled into the more arms. The two other men each took turns picking her up and hugging her.

"The man who hugged you is our father Russell. And I'm Lucian and this is my ugly twin Damian." All three men smiled at her and she turned around to look at Nick a question in her eyes.

"Don't ask me honey.

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