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Iris violates her step-brother in the hotel bathroom.

than men can give them?

Anna's shoulder stilled, her arms relaxed. Or was her hand again encouraging Marge's fingers on her G-spot? They must have been; for a third time I had to restrain her almost violent convulsions, clasping one hand over her mouth to keep from waking the neighbors.

Anna rolled off me, curling up in a ball, fetal position, still moaning, like a small child. Marge discovered my aroused cock, and it disappeared between her lips. I didn't come as quickly as Anna had the last two times, but almost, and better - more - than I expected.

Marge hummed and rose up and crawled up over me, giving me a kiss and good taste of what I had given her. We both chuckled comfortably and reached out and rubbed Anna. She rolled back towards us, extending her legs and murmuring:
"That was unfair. At least you two did it again."
"Marge did, thank you," I replied.
"Didn't seem like you really minded, and I wanted to," Marge remarked, adding:
"Besides it looked so frustrated; couldn't let it stay that way."

We all chuckled. Marge reached over me and fondled one of Anna's breasts. We all moved around on the bed, and they both rolled closer with a thigh over mine and my arms under their heads, and we fell asleep. One of them must have pulled the light covers up over us when we changed positions later in the night.

When I woke up in the early morning, my arm comfortably around one of them, I did have an erection, but only because I needed to go, and had to disturb them as I got up. When I returned from the bathroom, I was a little surprised to find that they had rolled together. When I raised the covers, they rolled apart and complained that they also had to go and got up.

Back in bed together, the two of them together, since I had moved over, we all chuckled, agreeing that we couldn't - shouldn't - try to do that again. I was surprised when Anna then said something about it being a pity that Sans-culotte didn't have a female companion. Marge seemed to have understood her remark better than I did, asking with a snort:
"You want to help him?"

There was a short pause before Anna replied:
"Wouldn't you? I guess I was thinking of that."
"Why not?" I responded, adding: Marge also thinks he is nice."
"But I wasn't thinking about that."
"Why not? Either of you? Hm-hm-hmm! If we don't want to do that again?"
"You want us to?" Marge asked.
"Hmm! That didn't sound like you objected to the idea."
"Hmm? Maybe not."
"I would," Anna replied after a moment, adding:
"If you both didn't mind; I'm your guest."
"But not with any obligations," Marge replied.
"If you want to," I agreed: " ... but I'm not going to tell him."

We all chuckled. I snorted and added:
"Maybe just that you both think he needs a companion."

They chuckled again, but it sounded like they understood my implication that I had no problem with thought of one of them sleeping with him. I didn't, but mostly out of curiosity if it could happen, There was another brief pause, then Anna asked Marge:
"Have you ever slept with a French man?"
"No. You think they're different?"
"Hmm? Probably not, just - you know - Latin lovers."
"Sounds more like Italians or Spaniards."
"I guess so."
"Before you ask, not one of them either."

I had to chuckle at their conversation, and again, when Marge added:
"Oh, once - no, twice - with a guy in college with an Italian name, but he wasn't any better than the others, just macho talk."

Anna and I both snickered. I suggested:
"Couldn't expect his "pap__" to tell him how to be one in bed."

Anna and Marge chuckled. Then she replied:
"And the macho talk wasn't that good either - with hindsight. Hm-hmm! I expect Sans-culotte's bite would be better than his bark."

We all chuckled and then decided to get up, agreeing that we needed showers. When they both looked at me, I avoided the question of which one might take hers with me, remarking:
"I'll watch you two first."

They glanced at each, snorting with nods and slight smirks, and preceded me to the bathroom.

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