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A naked delivery girl tells her story.

Again, she prayed that she got home safely and did not harm anyone in the process. She was more responsible than this, normally.


Lauren walked to her bedroom to lie down, staring at the ceiling; she began to breathe deeply trying to understand all the emotions floating through her mind. "What did that mean," she thought as her mind wandered to Esau.

She could feel it as though he was there now, his breath on her neck, his tongue slightly tasting her chocolate skin, his moan into her neck as he presses against her. She squirmed as she felt his hands rolling over her shoulder and over to her plump breast, his fingers teasing her erect nipple. Lauren bit her bottom lip in sheer delight as his tongue now traveled the route his hands had just taken. She fought against his name begging to escape from her lips in a sexy moan.

Her back arched in anticipation of his mouth engulfing her breast, and she was pleading to be touched, teased and satisfied. Beads of sweat began to form on her body as his muscles flexed around her. She suddenly tensed up, as what she wanted touched finally happened. His tongue fluttered over her nipples, and then he sucked her breast into his mouth pulling her nipple with his teeth. He ducked and nibbled and licked as his fingers traveled further down her stomach to her mound. His rough fingers shimmed through her neatly trimmed pubic hairs as she felt his moan through her breast. She felt herself opening her legs to allow him direct access.

Her body began to shake as a pressure began to build up in her core. This is why she needed him: he did things to her body that she never felt before. Each simple stroke on her body pushed her to limits she had never before experienced. She knew he wanted her to moan, she knew he wanted to hear her call out his name. He slid his fingers across her slit, teasing her opening, switching from one breast to the other, he pressed her slit open and with one slow ravenous stroke he entered two fingers into her wetness. After the endless torture at the peak of her orgasm she opened her eyes...

Lauren's body shuddered from the pure pleasure radiating from her body. She shut her legs tightly as soon as she got the feeling back in them. She felt how wet her panties were and realized it was only a daydream. She began to hyperventilate as so many emotions fluttered through her.


"Esau?" He turned to face her, and she looked so innocent. He placed her hands on her waist and was walking her backwards.

"Esau?" Her back hit the bannister. He leaned in to kiss her and after their lips met she pushed him back.

"Esau!" she looked at him shocked.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking," he said, snapping back to reality. "I just wanted to kiss you all of a sudden. Please forgive me." She smiled and dismissively waved her hand in the air between them.

"It's forgotten," she said. As she opened her mouth to say something else, she just burrowed her forehead.

"Oh God, I have crossed the line with you, haven't I?" he said apologetically.

"Well, actually, I was just thinking..." she said teasing, "You are a great kisser, and I might not be able to forget as easy as I thought." She smiled and then kissed him.

He pressed his body into hers and slipped his arms around her waist.

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